Famous People

As a psychic in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and during my science and charity career, I’ve come across many amazing Souls. Here are the famous people or celebrities, whose palmistry or numerology I’ve looked at:

Profile – I’ve researched them
Reading, blank or read more – I’ve met them
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In alphabetical order by firstname:
Adriano Zumbo, Chef – profile (27/9 lifepath)
Agatha Christie, Author – profile (33/6 lifepath)
Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing (29/11 lifepath)
Anna Bligh, ex-QLD Premier – reading (28/10/1 lifepath)
Ben Zabel, ex-Big Brother – reading (33/6 lifepath)
Bianca Girven, Domestic violence victim – profile (31/4 lifepath)
Bob Hawke, Ex-Australian Prime Minister, reading (33/6 lifepath)
Brian Weiss, Past Life Regression Teacher – he joked about having ‘old soul’ hands because they were so lined! (26/8 lifepath)
Brie Larson, Actor – profile (29/11 lifepath)

Celeste Barber, Comedian – profile (31/4 lifepath)
Charlie Chaplin, Director – profile (detailed, includes name numerology and age turning point analysis! 37/10/1 lifepath)
Cyntoia Brown, High profile clemency case – profile (38/11 lifepath)
Dan Millman, Author- reading (26/8 lifepath)
Daniel Andrews, Politician – reading (32/5 lifepath)
Dave Stringer, Musician – read more (36/9 lifepath)
David Suzuki, Environmentalist – he’s a sceptic (28/10/1 lifepath)
Deva Premal, Miten and Manose, Musicians – readings (Deva is a 23/5 lifepath, Miten is a 37/10/1 lifepath and Manose is a 27/9 lifepath)

Ed Kavalee, Comedian – reading (35/8 lifepath)
Ellen Degeneres – profile (32/5 lifepath) she sees 11:11
Frances Abbott, Bodybuilder – profile (29/11 lifepath)
Franziska Iseli, Entrepreneur – reading (26/8 lifepath)
Freddie Mercury (and Queen the Band) – reading (34/7 lifepath)

Hay House VIPs

Hong Curley, TCM Expert – reading (31/4 lifepath)
Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences – reading (31/4 lifepath) and interview
Jaimi Lee Kenny, daughter of Lisa Curry – tribute post (38/11 lifepath)
J.K. Rowling, Author – profile of Harry Potter (32/5 lifepath)
Jack Delosa, The Entourage – reading (30/3 lifepath)

Jude Law, Actor – profile (33/6 lifepath)
Jung Chang, Author, Wild Swans – reading (27/9 lifepath)
Justine Damond, Life Coach who was shot by police – profile (32/5 lifepath) 

Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl – reading (31/4 lifepath) and interview
Kaye Vlachos, Intuitive Mindset Coach – interview (26/8 lifepath)
Lee Carroll (Kryon Channel) – 11:11 writeup and reading (26/8 lifepath)
Liz Gilbert, Author, Eat Pray Love – reading (41/5 lifepath)
Lorna Jane Clarkson, Entrepreneur (28/10/1 lifepath)

Mia Freedman, Editor, Mamamia (20/2 lifepath)
Michael Beatty, Journalist (33/6 lifepath)
Mitchell Coombes, Psychic Medium (31/4 lifepath)
MPs (Various politicians/ their teams)

Nat Cook, Olympic Athlete – reading (33/6 lifepath)
Nic Gibson, Mental Health Speaker (26/8 lifepath)

Quaden Bayles, Child Activist – profile (10/1 lifepath)
Rachael Bermingham, Co-Author, 4 Ingredients – reading (25/7 lifepath)
Richie Benaud, Cricketer – profile (20/2 lifepath)
Roger James Hamilton, Social Entrepreneur – reading (39/12/3 lifepath)
Robin Bailey, Terry Hansen & Bob Gallagher, 97.3FM – reading (Robin and Bob are 30/3 lifepaths, while Terry is a 26/8 lifepath) Robin is a big fan!
Robin Williams, Comedian – profile (26/8 lifepath)
Rosie Batty, Domestic Violence Campaigner – profile (29/11 lifepath)
Royal Family – see my 2020 Predictions for yahoo! (Harry is a 37/10/1 lifepath and Meghan is a 31/4 lifepath – I predicted them stepping down)

Salvatore Battaglia, Perfect Potion – reading (26/8 lifepath)
Sam Loch, Athlete – profile (35/8 lifepath) 
Samantha Gash, Athlete
Tanya Targett, Media Trainer – reading (27/9 lifepath)
Tia Yoong, Pulse Acupuncture – profile and Youtube chat (30/3 lifepath)
Tina Arena, Musician –
profile (26/8 lifepath) includes 11:11 info
Toni Reilly, Past Life Regression Teacher – read more (23/5 lifepath)
Tony Attwood, Aspergers Expert – read more (28/10/1 lifepath)
Yarraka Bayles, Aboriginal Activist – interview (28/10/1 lifepath)

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