Famous People

As a psychic in Australia and during my science and charity career, I’ve come across many amazing Souls. Here are some of them, including their celebrity numerology and celebrity palmistry:

Profile – I’ve researched them
Reading, blank or read more – I’ve met them
Find your lifepath

In alphabetical order by firstname:
Adriano Zumbo, Chef – profile (27/9 lifepath)
Agatha Christie, Author – profile (33/6 lifepath)
Aiki Flinthart, Author – reading (39/12/3 lifepath)
Alexis Cartwright, Transference Healing (29/11 lifepath)
Amani Haydar, author – review of The Mother Wound (5 Destiny name)
Anna Bligh, ex-QLD Premier – reading (28/10/1 lifepath)
Avicii, DJ – profile (44/8 lifepath)

Barron Trump – reading (13/4 lifepath)
Ben Zabel, ex-Big Brother – reading (33/6 lifepath)
Bianca Girven, Domestic violence victim – profile (31/4 lifepath)
Bob Hawke, Ex-Australian Prime Minister, reading (33/6 lifepath)
Brian Weiss, Past Life Regression Teacher – he joked about having ‘old soul’ hands because they were so lined! (26/8 lifepath)
Brie Larson, Actor – profile (29/11 lifepath)

Celeste Barber, Comedian – profile (31/4 lifepath)
Charlie Chaplin, Director – profile (detailed, includes name numerology and age turning point analysis! 37/10/1 lifepath)
Cyntoia Brown, High profile clemency case – profile (38/11 lifepath)
Dan Millman, Author- reading (26/8 lifepath)
Daniel Andrews, Politician – reading (32/5 lifepath)
Dave Stringer, Musician – read more (36/9 lifepath)
David Suzuki, Environmentalist – he’s a sceptic (28/10/1 lifepath)
Deva Premal, Miten and Manose, Musicians – readings (Deva is a 23/5 lifepath, Miten is a 37/10/1 lifepath and Manose is a 27/9 lifepath)
Donald Trump, Politician – reading (31/4 lifepath) Also see this Trump Family reading

Ed Kavalee, Comedian – reading (35/8 lifepath)
Ellen Degeneres – profile (32/5 lifepath) she sees 11:11
Ellie Burscough, Business Coach – interview (38/11/2 lifepath)
Elvis Presley – profile (27/9 lifepath) He was a huge numerology fan
Fiona McGary, Comedian – interview (23/5 lifepath)
Frances Abbott, Bodybuilder – profile (29/11 lifepath)
Franziska Iseli, Entrepreneur – reading (26/8 lifepath)
Freddie Mercury (and Queen the Band) – reading (34/7 lifepath)

Gloria Estefan and Family – profile (32/5 lifepath)
Hanssøn, Singer and Astrology – interview (33/6 lifepath)
Hay House VIPs
Hong Curley, TCM Expert – reading (31/4 lifepath)
Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences – reading (31/4 lifepath) and interview
Jaimi Lee Kenny, daughter of Lisa Curry – tribute post (38/11 lifepath)
J.K. Rowling, Author – profile of Harry Potter (32/5 lifepath)
Jack Delosa, The Entourage – reading (30/3 lifepath)
Joe Biden, Politician – reading (20/2 lifepath)

Jude Law, Actor – profile (33/6 lifepath)
Jung Chang, Author, Wild Swans – reading (27/9 lifepath)
Justine Damond, Life Coach who was shot by police – profile (32/5 lifepath) 

Kamala Harris, Politician – reading (23/5 lifepath)
Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl – reading (31/4 lifepath) and interview
Kaye Vlachos, Intuitive Mindset Coach – interview (26/8 lifepath)
Kerry O’Brien, Journalist – profile (36/9 lifepath)
Lee Carroll (Kryon Channel) – 11:11 writeup and reading (26/8 lifepath)
Liz Gilbert, Author, Eat Pray Love – reading (41/5 lifepath)
Lola Coca, Radical Musician (37/10/1 lifepath) – interview
Lorna Jane Clarkson, Entrepreneur (28/10/1 lifepath)

Marie Kondo – profile (32/5 lifepath)
Mark Zuckerberg – profile (32/5 lifepath)
Markus Zusak – reading (33/6 lifepath)
Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump – reading (29/11/2 lifepath)
Mia Freedman, Editor, Mamamia (20/2 lifepath)
Michael Beatty, Journalist (33/6 lifepath)
Mitchell Coombes, Psychic Medium (31/4 lifepath)
MPs (Various politicians/ their teams)

Nat Cook, Olympic Athlete – reading (33/6 lifepath)
Nic Gibson, Mental Health Speaker (26/8 lifepath)
Nik Wallenda, Tightrope Walker – profile (33/6 lifepath)

Quaden Bayles, Child Activist – profile (10/1 lifepath)
Rachael Bermingham, Co-Author, 4 Ingredients – reading (25/7 lifepath)
Richie Benaud, Cricketer – profile (20/2 lifepath)
Professor Robert Kelly, Viral Video Star – profile (37/10/1 lifepath)
Robert Ripley, Entrepreneur – profile (24/6 lifepath)
Robin Bailey, Terry Hansen & Bob Gallagher, 97.3FM – reading (Robin and Bob are 30/3 lifepaths, while Terry is a 26/8 lifepath) Robin is a big fan!
Robin Williams, Comedian – profile (26/8 lifepath)
Roger James Hamilton, Social Entrepreneur – reading (39/12/3 lifepath)
Rosie Batty, Domestic Violence Campaigner – profile (29/11 lifepath)
Royal Family – see my 2020 Predictions I also created a 2021 forecast for Harry, Meghan, William, Kate, The Queen, Prince Philip and more.

Salvatore Battaglia, Perfect Potion – reading (26/8 lifepath)
Sam Loch, Athlete – profile (35/8 lifepath) 
Samantha Gash, Athlete
Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith, Creative Alchemy – interview (31/4 lifepath)
Tanya Targett, Media Trainer – reading (27/9 lifepath)
Tia Yoong, Pulse Acupuncture – profile and Youtube chat (30/3 lifepath)
Tina Arena, Musician – profile (26/8 lifepath) includes 11:11 info
Toni Reilly, Past Life Regression Teacher – read more (23/5 lifepath)
Tony Attwood, Aspergers Expert – read more (28/10/1 lifepath)
Trump Family Numerology – reading
Yarraka Bayles, Aboriginal Activist – interview (28/10/1 lifepath)
Dr. Yumiko Kadota, Doctor Activist and Yoga Teacher – review of Emotional Female (41/5 life path and 11 Destiny name)

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