Famous People

As a psychic reader in Brisbane, I’ve been blessed to meet many amazing people ‘on the job’. Here are some of the famous folk whose hands or numbers I have read: 

Alexis Cartwright, Founder, Transference Healing
Anna Bligh, Former QLD Premier – see her reading
Brian Weiss, Past Life Regression Teacher (he joked about having ‘old soul’ hands because they were so lined!)
Dan Millman, Author, The Life You Were Born To Live – his reading
Dave Stringer, Mantra and Kirtan Musician – read more
Deva Premal, Miten and Manose, Musicians – 
see their readings
Elizabeth Gilbert, Author, Eat Pray Love – see her reading
Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences – see his reading
Jack Delosa, Founder, The Entourage – see his reading
Jung Chang, Author, Wild Swans – see her reading
Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl – see her reading

MPs (current and ex-Australian politicians)
Natalie Cook, Olympic Gold Medallist – see her reading

Rachael Bermingham, Co-Author, 4 Ingredients – see her reading
Robin, Terry & Bob, 97.3FM Breakfast Show – see Robin’s reading
Tanya Targett, Journalist & Media Trainer – see her reading
Toni Reilly, Past Life Regression Therapist – read more