Freddie Mercury’s Mystical 7 Life Path (plus Queen the Band’s Numerology)

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury! You would have turned 74 on 5 September 2020 if Spirit hadn’t taken you so prematurely. Thousands of us will still celebrate you via Freddie For A Day (FFAD), the annual fundraiser for the Mercury Phoenix Trust – fighting AIDS worldwide.


I wasn’t a big fan of Queen until recently, when Freddie’s energy surrounded my office and insisted I do this post (?!) It came after I was listening to Angelina Jordan’s amazing cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

As a psychic, I’m used to weird things, but this was one of the funnier examples of how Spirit works through humans to effect change. I usually roll my eyes at mediums who say they channel celebrities however if you read what’s below I think you’ll agree – Freddie’s numbers are surreal.

My husband (a massive Queen fan) thought it was hilarious when I began listening to their music videos 24/7…he was pleased I finally caught up to him! No kidding, we often compare my 4 year old son Forrest to Freddie as he has an overbite and loves to sing. Well, this week, we went to the dentist and found out he has extra upper teeth like Freddie. Amazing.

Even after I finished the post, Freddie’s energy woke me up after 4 hours’ sleep to tell me I left things out – he was renowned for his high standards.

Here are some key aspects of Freddie’s numerology and Soul Contract. I hope you enjoy this exploration of his fascinating energy and Spirit.

Freddie Mercury’s Mystical 34/7 Life Path – The Spiritual Teacher

Born 5/9/1946, Freddie Mercury was a 5+9+1+9+4+6 = 34 = 3+4 = 7 or 34/7 lifepath Spiritual Teacher (I use lifepath and life path interchangeably on this blog). This means he wanted to heal the Crown (7th) Chakra in himself (especially before age 34) and in others (after age 34). Find your lifepath

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of our head – where our halo or a crown would sit. It is about self-respect, spiritual connection and enlightenment. Becoming the King, Queen or Angel of our own lives. Finding your own way to Heaven through trial and error. No wonder Freddie called his band Queen!

Freddie came from a religious (Zoroastrian) Persian family and it would have been difficult for him to become a rockstar, given his father’s conservative, bureaucratic background. I heard his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. I can relate, as my Asian parents wanted me to be a doctor!

As a Life Path 7, Freddie was a deep thinker whose life proved that leaps of faith pay off and the path to success has many detours. He was here to experience being a confident specialist. 7 looks like a cliff that you jump off, a street lamp or an open book because it’s about learning through experience. Freddie returned to Earth to work on his Crown Chakra.

Our lifepath gives us key age turning points for maturity – this why I use the ‘add across’ method of calculating lifepaths – it retains these ages.

At age 7 (his childhood age turning point), Freddie Mercury took up piano lessons, against his mother’s wishes (he apparently manifested a free piano!) He was also adjusting to the birth of his sister (who was 6 years younger) and about to be sent away to boarding school, where would he would stay for several years, rarely receiving visits from his parents.

At age 34 (his adult age turning point), Freddie went on The Game Tour with Queen. This 81 concert tour featured their first performances in South America. In Buenos Aires, they drew a crowd of 300, 000 – the largest single concert crowd in Argentinian history as of 1982. Referring back to his lifepath, this tour established Freddie’s ‘crown’ as a rockstar.

It would have been a triumph for him to bring so many people together after the separation anxiety he was reported to have suffered at age 7-8 after leaving his family for boarding school in India, thousands of miles away from his homeland of Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Was Freddie Mercury Psychic?

To clarify, an intuitive person or empath, can ‘read people’ (i.e. has emotional intelligence/ empathy), whereas a psychic can bring through Universal facts for other people at will (through training and practice).

Freddie’s 34/7 Lifepath gave him empathy (words like Mother and Empathy even add to 34/7 in numerology) and this was evident in his work to help and feed AIDS patients and look after friends who were socially isolated.

He knew he wouldn’t live a long life. He designed the Queen logo to include the band member’s astrology plus a Phoenix (sign of triumph after tragedy). He named his band Queen and we know that his 7 Lifepath was about healing the Crown Chakra. He loved animals, especially cats (and had up to 10 of them in his lifetime). He changed his name to Mercury, which is apt, because his rising sign in astrology (Virgo) is ruled by this planet.

It’s safe to say, Freddie was tuned-in and a guided Soul. Sadly, Like many healers he was prone to addictions and taking risks with his physical health. Perhaps this was part of his ‘spiritual teachings’ – to remind us to take nothing for granted and live every moment. After performing an estimated 700 concerts (there’s that 7 again), he died at age 45 due to complications from AIDS.

Was Freddie Mercury Gay or Bisexual? Does It Matter?

So many articles on Freddie debate his sexuality. To me, he was a human. He clearly loved touch (see his 1-4-7 Line of Practicality in numerology, discussed later), probably because he didn’t get much affection as a child.

I have heard that people with many 7s in their numerology can have more questions around their sexuality. Keeping in mind that many famous people and royals have 7 lifepaths, I would suggest this is because there is more pressure on 7’s to be role models. Also, 7 numerology is about the Crown Chakra – questioning higher authority and learning to think for yourself.

In my experience, it’s best to go with what someone tells you they are, rather than force them into categories. Freddie had loving (and difficult) connections with men and women. His last relationship was with a man, Peter, yet he left most of his possessions to his common-law wife Mary.

One of my earliest boyfriends told me he was bisexual. After we broke up, he dated women and then went into a long-term relationship with a man. To me, I was just happy he found a Soulmate. I feel the same about Freddie.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Extra Teeth (Hyperdontia)?

Freddie was famous for his protruding teeth. His overbite saw him named ‘Bucky’ at school and he refused to get his extra 4 teeth removed in case it affected his singing voice.

I have written about the spiritual meaning of teeth issues in another post. In numerology, TEETH adds to 22/4, the same as HARD and WORK. So our teeth literally give us the strength we need to break down and digest difficult issues in life. Having more teeth would energetically give Freddie a bigger appetite for life and ability to get things done. His teeth literally forced him to ‘stick out’ and confront the fact he was a non-conformist.

As someone who had buck teeth, who comes from a family with buck teeth I had orthodontic work for decades for decades. I now go to myofunctional therapy to heal the trauma from that (see my post on stiff necks). So I can relate to Freddie’s disdain for ‘being corrected’!

Fun fact: Although Freddie was not a fan of the Sex Pistols, he inadvertently helped to launch them due to his teeth! In December 1976, Queen were booked to appear on Tonight with Bill Grundy, but pulled out so that Freddie could go to the dentist for the first time in 15 years. They were replaced by the Sex Pistols, which gave that band a break (see this article).

Name Numerology of Farrokh Bulsara Versus Freddie Mercury

As a numerologist, I frequently help people to understand the impact of changing their personal and/ or business names. It is common for Asians to ask for help in this area, and the trend is growing in the West.

Our name reveals ‘how we make a name for ourself’ and modifies the influence of our lifepath (which is only about 25-30% of our chart). Think of your name as a melody that introduces you – it definitely sets the tone for your career, relationships and how people see you, no matter what the sceptics believe. Any marketing expert can tell you names are ‘brands’.

FYI I have a lifepaths and names webinar ($33) in my store, you can also see the letter-number analysis system I use on this page.

Freddie’s birth certificate name of Farrokh Bulsara has a:

61/7 Destiny – The Spiritual Teacher (sum of all letters – impacts our careers) (matches his lifepath). The double 7 influence increased his seriousness, perfectionism and desire to understand the meaning of life.

12/3 Soul Urge – The Artist (sum of vowels – impacts our relationships). 3 looks like lips and it’s a cheeky, sensual number that can bring ‘love triangles’, a charming personality and helpful friends. I note that by 12-13 years old, Freddie was performing in a school band, ‘The Hectics’.

49/13/4 Inner Dream – The Heart Healer (sum of consonants – impacts his image). 4 looks like a flag on a castle and it’s about being reliable, consistent and loving. Although the Karmic 13 can bring tests of focus vs scattering talent, I feel it is less important in this position than if it was higher up.

In comparison, Freddie’s legally changed name of Freddie Mercury has a:

82/10/1 Destiny – The Pioneer. The 1 made him a one-of-a-kind leader who united people for a cause. 1 Destiny holders rarely enjoy working for others, they like to be self-employed and to call the shots! Freddie to a tee. Jim Hutton, Freddie’s last partner, was a 28/10/1 Lifepath, as is Jim Beach, the band’s long-time manager. Makes sense as Freddie’s name attracts ‘1’s.

34/7 Soul Urge – The Spiritual Teacher. Freddie’s new name made him more selective with his inner circle as an adult (he changed names in 1970). As he was also a 34/7 lifepath, this name helped him to learn self-love. Mary Austin, Freddie’s closest long-term relationship, is a 25/7 Lifepath (more 7s).

48/12/3 Inner Dream – The Artist. People would have seen Freddie as more of a performer with his new vs birth name. 3’s often talk or sing for a living.

Freddie’s Intense Commitment Style

As you can see from Freddie Mercury’s DOB grid (see image), he had a:

1-5-9 Line of Leadership and Determination. This gave him grit and a never-say-die work ethic. People born in the 1950’s also had this trait.

1-4-7 (Potential) Line of Practicality. This gave him vitality, stamina, a hands-on approach (like a tradesperson or athlete) and co-ordination. It was a potential line because the (7) was only valid if he was ‘on purpose’.

4-5-6 Line of Total Commitment. This very rare formation (also seen in Ian White from Australian Bush Flower Essences’ chart), gave Freddie a strong backbone, conscience and high expectations of himself and others. It is said that he kept a book of birthdays and never forgot to send his friends gifts and thank you cards. It does not surprise me he only had 1-2 long-term partners as he would have been looking for the very best match.

To learn more about DOB Grids and Lines of Strength and Opportunity, check out Why Your Child Chose You – a Family Numerology Webinar ($66)

Although Freddie Mercury’s astrology (not covered here) shows signs of being unable to settle down, I would suggest that he was at heart a romantic, who may never have recovered from his early life traumas. 7 lifepaths often become royalty or leaders and it makes sense that they are careful to choose spouses who will allow them freedom to keep working.

Queen – The Band’s 711 Numerology

I love finding patterns, being a trained scientist who worked for the Australian Government and United Nations before changing careers. Check out Queen’s numerology. Out of the 45 or so possible lifepaths, they are all 34/7’s or 38/11’s! Wow.

711 is a code in numerology for teaching (7) oneness (11). Queen definitely helped people to connect and to celebrate the ups and downs of being alive. 7s and 11s are very compatible – both seek to find deepest truth.

7+11 adds to 18/9, the vibration of words like Love and Gods. 9 energy relationships can show past life connections and an ability to reach and heal people at the global or cosmic scale.

I note that 7-11 stores are known for ‘stocking a bit of everything’ and that Queen the band did a lots of musical experimentation/ crossed genres.

Freddie Mercury – 34/7 Lifepath Spiritual Teacher

John Deacon – 34/7 Lifepath Spiritual Teacher (around his lifepath age turning point of 34, he began playing with other bands). Born 19 August 1951. Being the exact same lifepath, no wonder John was close to Freddie and retired after Freddie passed. John is very private (a 7 lifepath trait).

Brian May – 38/11/2 Lifepath Spiritual Messenger (around his lifepath age turning point of 38, he performed with the band at Live Aid and did some side projects). Born 19 July 1947.

Roger Taylor – 38/11/2 Lifepath Spiritual Messenger (around his lifepath age turning point of 38, he began a new band and also got married – 11 is about double beginnings). Born 26 July 1949.

Master 11 lifepaths are excellent at rising from the ashes so I’m not surprised that Brian and Roger kept performing after Freddie’s death. They also served as consultants for the 2018 Film Bohemian Rhapsody. I note that 2018 was a Universal 11 Year and a peak energy time for all 11 lifepaths.

Also – Peter Hutton, Freddie’s personal assistant, was a 29/11/2 Lifepath Spiritual Messenger (same lifepath as myself). Born 8 January 1955.

Freddie’s Personal Year Syncs

I have mapped out every year of Freddie Mercury’s life against his Personal Years, Pinnacles, Challenges and other more advanced numerology facets.

Freddie’s first Pinnacle (chapter of life) was ruled by his birthday (5+9 = 14/5). Karmic 14 is about learning moderation instead of excessive rebelliousness or conventionality. Makes sense! Freddie was always a big personality, i wonder if that’s why his parents sent him to boarding school?

Like most people, Freddie experienced big changes in his Personal 9 Years of Conclusions and Personal 1 Years of Beginnings, including:

-telling Mary Austin he was gay (December 1976, Personal 1 Year), I note that Mary is a 25/7 Lifepath Spiritual Teacher, who was at her lifepath turning point age of 25 when this happened (!) She was very understanding and her compassion helped Freddie to keep going with his ambitions.
-meeting Jim Hutton (March 1985, Personal 9 Year)
-doing the Live Aid Concert (13 July 1985, Personal 9 Year, Personal 7 Month, Personal 11 Day – note the 711 again!) – a replay is below, and
-having Bohemian Rhapsody go to No.1 (23 November 1975, Personal 9 Year, Personal 11 Month, Personal 7 Day – 117, an anagram of 711 – whoa).

Sadly, Freddie died on 24 November 1991, just after confirming he had AIDS. This was a Personal 34/7 Year, Personal 9 Month, Personal 6 Day for him (note the 34/7 – same as his lifepath). Freddie had stopped taking his medication to hasten his passing. I believe he knew it was time to go.

Another Universe must have needed his magical passion and leadership.


There is much more I could write about Freddie Mercury but I hope these key points will be enough to enhance your understanding of his Soul, the power of numerology and the Divine perfection of our lives. There are no accidents and you are reading this post for a reason. I hope you will listen to Queen’s music with even greater appreciation from now on!

Thank you Freddie Mercury and Queen. You helped a lot of people to come out of their shells, show their true colours and come together for a brighter world.

True story: I did a reading not long ago for a woman who felt unwanted at birth. We did a healing meditation where she was born again, only this time We Are The Champions was being played as she arrived. We all ended up crying happy tears. That’s the power of music that’s made with 100% heart.

Also – when I asked Freddie ‘how can I break free of my family baggage?’ while doing my Detox Relationships meditation, his Spirit said ‘find the part of yourself that was never held captive and expand from there.’ Then he handed me a microphone.

That made me cry, because I have asthma, which makes it hard for me to sing. Perhaps healing is on the way. I believe Freddie was telling me to open my heart/ Anahata chakra, the theme of 2020

Plus – when I told three people about this blog, they all had a 5 September wedding anniversary or child’s birthday. Confirmation!

And – tonight I am watching Debbie Mewes do a mediumship show online, she was one of my first teachers. I just found out she is a 34/7 lifepath and LOVES Queen. Ha.

Just after posting this blog, someone emailed me about being a 7 and 11 lifepath couple. Cheers Ethan. You added a bit more awesome to my day.

Comments from my Patreon: “Love this blog Sarah & I had tears too. I loved watching Freddie’s documentaries & admired his talents and ambition. You have really captured & shared so many synchronicities with numerology & I love that. Happy Birthday Freddie. x” Sandy Galloway

“Thank you for this Sarah, just read the article, I had a few tears in my eyes. I have loved Queen and especially Freddie since I was 12. The film that came out last year was absolutely beautiful. I felt his loneliness despite all the people that were around him and it made my heart ache. I feel close to him on a soul level too, he has been channelled to be Old Soul on a level 3, same as myself (Michael Teachings). Thanks again!” Jaana Grover

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