My 40th Birthday at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Surfers Paradise

Space cadets! Kris, Forrest and I are Aquarian Monkeys in Western / Chinese astrology. The cheekiest, most restless of them all. Went to Ripleys Believe It or Not! Surfers Paradise for my 40th birthday today. Super fun.

Robert Ripley was born 22 February 1890, making him a 24/6 life path Visionary here to heal the Third Eye (6th) Chakra and open people’s eyes and minds to the world of magic and miracles. He moved to New York around age 23-24, his life path age turning point. I note he shared a birthday with the Steve Irwin, also a colourful character! Find your life path

As a kid I read the Guinness book of records all the time. Their 7D theatre was a hoot (I had the motion turned off). It feels like you are actually shooting robots (cathartic, given the media hypnosis with Covid).

Kris always finds pinball tables wherever we go and Ripleys was no exception. He’s a whiz. The bound feet display was sobering as my female relatives had this done to them, meaning they could never have freedom or live without pain.

Interesting that 27 was in the image as that’s my birthday and the vibration of Empath, Leader and Witch. Me, I have feet so big (size 9.5) I can’t even buy shoes in Hong Kong shops! Glad I live in Australia.

The weird/ limited edition shirt made me laugh, as that is the story of my life. Many 11:11 See’rs are unusually sensitive and alien-like deep down. As they say, you have be odd to be number one…

Oh, and Kris got me this digital noticeboard (Boogie Board brand) for my birthday. He knows how much I like writing (I have 8 daily diaries – one for each child including Ziggy, home, self-care, work, $$ and a personal one).

He said ‘here’s where you can tell me what to do each day!’ Good man. I thought you’d enjoy our other magnets too. There’s an 11:11 one from Typo and another about crazy running in the family that cracks me up everytime.

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