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Monthly forecasts:

Below you will find my monthly numerology forecasts sorted by year, with the latest forecast at the top.

These Universal forecasts are similar to personal numerology charts, in that universal or world energies change each month and effect all of us.

The forecasts focus on world energies, rather than personal tendencies. If you would like a personal reading, you can book a private session here.

All forecasts are posted around the start of the the month to my Facebook page and Instagram @ SarahYip1111 and YouTube.



Weekly forecasts:

Links are below, enjoy!


16 August 2023 Weekly energy forecast with Sarah and Kris


2020 - 2021

6 Oct 2021 October numerology forecast, 666, third eye chakra
20 May 2021 Technology Spirit signs, numerology reading demo
13 May 2021 Tongue-ties, broken teeth, putting yourself first, pagans
6 May 2021 Karma, free will, manifesting babies, Soulmates and houses
29 April 2021
22 April 2021 Sore throats, stiff necks, sexuality and consciousness
1 April 2021 – Replay coming
18 Feb 2021 Lifepath 5s, Mediumship and Caroline Byrd (Soulbyrds)
11 Feb 2021 Domestic violence and EFT special with Jane-Sleight Leach
4 Feb 2021 The Devil’s in the Detail
28 Jan 2021 Tea Leaf Reading with Kate Denning
21 Jan 2021 The Power of Weird
14 Jan 2021 Psychic Survival Skills
6 Jan 2021 Truth and freedom

30 Dec 2020 Families
23 Dec 2020 Ghosts and Spirits
16 Dec 2020 Cults
9 Dec 2020 Comedy
2 Dec 2020 2020 Roundup
25 Nov 2020 Spiritual Money (see my Change for Good webinar)
18 Nov 2020 Focus on creating a wishlist and manifesting miracles
11 Nov 2020 Special with Kris Anderson plus channelling by Deniz Akan (this video). Sound healing starts at 38min.
4 Nov 2020 U.S. Election and many spiritual health/ space clearing tips
28 Oct 2020 Further discussion of U.S. Election and how freedom is coming.
21 Oct 2020 Includes U.S. Election discussion – see my Yahoo article
14 Oct 2020
7 Oct 2020
30 Sept 2020
23 Sept 2020
16 Sept 2020
9 Sept 2020

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