Goodbye Artist Craig Ruddy – A 40/4-22/4 life path Heart healer and Master builder

Rest in peace Craig Ruddy. Born 8.8.1968 on the Lion’s Gate Starseed portal, Craig had triple 8s in his DOB grid. 8 is the come back king. Craig survived a life-threatening lung illness as a child, which saw him in hospital with terminally ill kids. This opened his eyes at an early age, as well as fostering compassion. (May 2023 – I’ve now met Roberto, Craig’s partner – scroll down for more)

His chart has a 16/7 first pinnacle (shocks that activate the third eye/ vision) as well as a 0 challenge, i.e. past life influences. Read more on karmic 16 in numerology

Craig’s DOB gave him a 40/4 Heart Healer (or a 22/4 Master Builder) life path, depending on which system you follow. I would call him a 40-4-22/4 hybrid (like Bindi Irwin). Either way, he came back to heal his heart chakra, experience true love and touch the Souls of others. He certainly did all this, and more. Find your life path

His emotive work reflected “a deeply personal ongoing spiritual journey. Themes of social, environmental and Indigenous justice were prominent. Watch his inspiring interview below!

Craig’s portrait of David Gulpilil* (David Dalaithngu), won the 2004 Archibald and People’s Choice prize and went on to be the subject of a lawsuit, which had beneficial outcomes for artists.

*David was a 26/8 life path Boss who passed on 29 Nov 2021 (Starseeds Day – an event I made up!)

FYI, Starseeds are ambitious Souls who bring futuristic ideas to Earth. Many see 11:11 and repeating numbers when they are ready to ‘flip’ their spiritual beliefs and embrace their psychic gifts.

I have no doubt that David and Craig had a deep history together. In the photos I have seen, they look so energetically alike. Perhaps they will combine forces on a new mission in Spirit now.

Although I did not know Craig, I spoke to his close friend Melanie Spears (from the Gratitude Diary, which I love) today and we felt his presence. I’ve also felt pressure in my heart and been seeing crayons, paint, artists and artworks everywhere.

His name, ‘Craig Ruddy’ has a 56/11 Destiny vibration, the Spiritual Messenger number.

Thank you Craig, for the courage you showed. I love that you quit your job then won the Archibald prize 3 years later on your first attempt. So inspiring.

Sending condolences to your partner Roberto.

ART is the core of E’ART’H. May we remember our true natures now x 444.

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Note: Craig’s loved ones and friends were sent this post and contacted me to express their appreciation. Beautiful tribe.


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Update 10 May 2023 – see Facebook and Instagram posts

11:11 Angels catchup with Roberto Peru, partner of the late Craig Ruddy. Took a year for us to meetup. What a spiritual experience.

Robert’s response to my post: “I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that we finally got to meet this week. Your warmth and kindness in bringing lunch and introducing me to Ziggy touched my heart , he truly is a bundle of joy and cuteness, and I couldn’t help to play with him.

Your post, on the other hand, left me in tears. It reminded me of the incredible journey Craig and I have been on together so far, and how much I cherish every moment we’ve shared. It’s hard to put into words just how much your presence in my life means to us, but know that it’s something I hold dear to my heart. I can’t wait to catch up again soon, and to meet the rest of your wonderful family. With all my love and gratitude.”

Roberto is a 37/10/1 life path Pioneer and Catalyst. 1s blaze a trail and often move away from family roots to start a new life. They teach us independence and self-confidence. Words like Spirit and patience have a 37/10/1 vibration, Roberto has a passion for creating that left me inspired. See my next post (on socials) about climbing 600+ steps at Byron Lighthouse with Ziggy after seeing him.

Thank you Roberto for hosting Ziggy and I!! Also huge gratitude for passing my numerology video to Cathy Freeman last year, which she said she enjoyed.

Both Roberto and Cathy see 11:11 and triple numbers, typical of many Starseeds and healers.

Numbers appear to those who come to free others from illusion. 11:11 means together we came to rise up and beat the odds.

Take care Roberto xx

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