Life Path 33

Life Path 33 – The Master Healer

Are you a Life Path 33 in numerology? Then you are a Master Healer, here to express double communication! Check the sum of your DOB at Find Your Lifepath. If the final sum equals 33* then you are a 33 Lifepath – Master Healer. For example, 13/07/1993 = 1+3+0+7+1+9+9+3 = 33/6 Lifepath. Please also see Life Path 6 for tips.

*In traditional numerology, your DOB must add to 11, 22 or 33 using at least two methods to be a ‘true’ Master Number (see my post on Master 22 Lifepaths). I don’t fully agree with this approach. I feel that adding a DOB from left to right is the most accurate way to determine a lifepath (see Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live).

If someone’s DOB adds to an 11, 22 or 33 using this technique but not others, I talk to them about Master Numbers anyway. I believe that in these times of 11:11 Ascension, everyone is being stretched to their potential.

The numbers in your lifepath reveal important age turning points e.g. 33/6 Lifepath Albert Einstein began courting his wife, returned to teaching physics & changed citizenship at 33.

His quote Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” is a perfect example of 33/6 energy in its highest vibration.

At ages 32-33, another famous 33/6 Lifepath Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand, met her husband Clarke Gayford just as her political career was accelerating. Note: I use life path and lifepath interchangeably on this site.

Life Path 33 Summary

“Flying to the stars? 33s take you far. “

As a lifepath 33, you are a gifted speaker and authority figure, here to catalyse global awakening, one conscious interaction at a time. 33 looks like people talking, a butterfly or four leaf clover (if you reverse one of the 3s). It is about luck that comes from positive intention and follow-through.

As with the Master 11/2 Lifepath and Master 22/4 Lifepaths, a Master 33/6 journey is about collaboration rather than competition. See The Old vs The 11:11 Way.

You have returned to Earth to heal the 6th or Third Eye Chakra in yourself and others (foresight, insight, mental health, comfort) Like other lifepath 6s’s, you are a visionary who often takes on major responsibilities.

There is a secondary emphasis on healing the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra (your confidence, ego, imagination, inner child and personal power).

Pros: Courageous whistleblowers, cheerleaders who turn grief into hope.

Cons: Forgets self-care, can get lost in people’s issues and drown with them.

Lifepath 33’s are here to demonstrate that we get what we give x 10.

Note: 2019 was a big turning point for Lifepath 3s and 33s.

Recommended Reading

(in order of relevance and lifepath)

Master 33 Lifepath Numerology – The Pros and Cons of Being a Master Healer (and Spiritual Party Animal!) Guide to 33’s incl. Famous 33 lifepaths

*NEW* Interview with Tiarnie Vidler on Astrology-Numerology Syncs, the ups and downs of being a 33 life path and why it’s about being a truth rockstar not a scapegoat or victim. A must-watch!

Interview with Hanssøn and Sarah Yip on Master 33/6 Life paths, Numerology and Making Miracles (Feb 2021)

Tightrope Walker Nik Wallenda – A Daring Master 33/6 Life Path He crossed Niagara Falls at his life path turning point age of 33

Markus Zusak – a 33/6 Life Path Master Healer and Author of Bridge of Clay

Ben Zabel, a Master 33/6 Lifepath Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health
Quote: “Many people have asked me about 33/6 lifepaths and depression in the past. 33 is about double inner child healing, and unless a 33/6 lifepath has big personal goals they are kicking, which shine a light on social, political or economic injustice, it’s possible they go into a slump…”

Farewell Bob Hawke, and Thanks for all the Chocolate (A Master 33 Lifepath in Review) Quote: “At 33 years old, his lifepath turning point, Bob’s fourth child Robert Jr. died in infancy. 33 is associated with Christ Consciousness, and Angels (MICHAEL, BLESSING, WAKE UP CALL and ANGELIC add to 33/6), and I can only surmise that this tragedy would have left a scar in his heart, especially considering the baby was named after him.”

Numerology for Natalie Cook – Olympic Gold Medallist and Master 33/6
Quote: “As a 33/6, this is the age at which Nat began to express her full spectrum of leadership, communication and healing abilities. This was the year that Nat married Sarah. In a romantic twist, Sarah (a 31/4 Lifepath) was 31 that year, so she was in her Lifepath Peak as well.”

33/6 Numerology Tips (Angelic and Christ Consciousness Energy)
I note that self-care also has a 33/6 vibration!

Click on the image to read more about 33/6 Numerology Words

Master Number Couples in Politics – 11/ 22/ 33’s in The Spotlight

Captain Marvel’s Master 11 Numerology – Brie Larson & Jude Law’s Superhero Lifepaths Jude Law is a 33/6. Quote “Around his adult lifepath turning point of 33-34, he appeared in The Holiday, his first modern role after many period dramas and sci-fi movies. Soon afterwards, his career skyrocketed. At the time, he was active in charity work with his ex-wife, Sadie Frost. He also admitted to an affair with his children’s nanny, which led to a separation from Sienna Miller just before he turned 34.”

Agatha Christie’s Words On Depression- 33/6 Lifepath
Quote: “⁣At 33, Agatha wrote her 3rd book, left her daughter at home and travelled the world with her husband…they were one of the first Britons to do stand up surfing in Hawaii (a 33 vibration).⁣”

Click on the image to read more about Agatha Christie’s Master 33/6 Lifepath numerology

Gigi Hadid’s Assault by ‘Prankster’ Vitalii Sediuk – When Master 33 Lifepaths Collide, Sparks Fly

R.I.P. Connie Tuori, Master 33/6 Life Path Whistleblower Between 3 minutes 27 to 33 seconds in her interview she talks about her father being 33 (!)

Welcome to Earth! Delta Goodrem’s 11:11 Starseed Anthem at the Gold Coast Games – She is a 33/6 Lifepath

The Butterfly Effect – What My Dying 33 Lifepath Friend Wants You To Know One of the most profound blogs I have ever written and recorded, here is Butterfly’s final public conversation with her advice for Master 33 lifepaths. Butterfly’s wisdom has helped me many times over the years, she is one of the reasons we now live on the Gold Coast (a 33/6 vibration place).

Kookaburra Proves There’s Life After Death – My 33/6 Lifepath Friend’s Last Laugh A video of a spiritual messenger bird after Butterfly’s passing. 33/6 Lifepaths come here to open our Third Eye Chakras and ESP, they provide proof that love really does exist across space and time.

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