Meditation Tips with Melanie Spears, Creator of the Gratitude Diary (who sells 17K copies a year)

Meditation tips with Melanie Spears – a cathartic chat on the new Matrix for humanity, Northern Rivers floods, making soap to heal our bodies and non-traditional approaches to healing. Why looking up for the answers can create problems and how some meditation classes leave you more anxious! Have questions? Leave a comment on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Melanie is the Publisher and Creator of the Gratitude Diary, which sells 17, 000 copies worldwide and has doubled in popularity every year. She is a Family Constellations practitioner and has a background in marketing and mental health.

She is a 26/8 life path Boss who had a spiritual awakening at her life path age turning point of 26.

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She’s a profound teacher who also sees 11:11 and repeating numbers.

Background: To celebrate the launch of my new meditation class, I’m interviewing my teachers and famous friends about their journeys. We hope you enjoy our myth-busting chat. Buy my Intro Meditation class from 7 May 2022 for a great workshop on tuning in and finding your peace.

Enjoyed this? See my other meditation tip videos. Stay tuned for a review of the Gratitude Diary 2022 soon. Enjoyed this? See my other meditation tip videos #meditation #soapmaking #familyconstellations #alchemy #melaniespears #gratitudediary #gratitudediaryworldwide #thenewmatrix #mentalhealth #8lifepath #numerology #thenumbersqueen #sarahyip #thepsychicmum

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