Tim Ferguson, Stand Up Comedy Teacher and Inspiring 28/10/1 Life Path Pioneer

Big thanks to Tim Ferguson from Cheeky Monkey Comedy!! Born 16 Nov 1963, Tim is a 28/10/1 life path Pioneer and Catalyst. 1s are the black sheep who bring the future forwards. 1 looks like the edge and people with this purpose constantly reinvent themselves, it’s the ‘one’ thing you can expect from them. Find your life path in numerology

At 28, his life path turning point, Tim made the scarily funny DAAS Kapital (1991-1992) in a comedy trio and went to the UK I think.

Did you know? Many 28/10/1s become actors and talk show hosts or grassroots activists.

‘Tim Ferguson’ has a 57/12/3 vibration, perfect for a performer (3 is the speaker). At 57, he launched Smashing Life at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, a show which critiqued the self-help industry (and was painfully on point). I have a related blog 7 Signs of Spiritual Whitewashing – How to Avoid New Age Silliness!

My husband, Kris Anderson (actor, director, Tarot reader) knows Tim and they share a 28/10/1 life path! Kris and I met in 2012 on HIS talk show This Town Brisbane, funny enough. A cute video of us is below. Go to 3min 41sec.

I had a chat to Tim today about being an Asian women/ comic in the public eye. For years now he’s been a wise(cracking) voice of reason in our lives.

Tim has used his influence and experience to teach many people standup comedy and scriptwriting. I admire his passion for helping other comics to get stagetime.

Pic: Here’s Tim with the brilliant He Huang Comedian and Robyn Reynolds Comedy. They just performed in Sydney at Tim’s monthly showcase at the Harold Park Hotel.

Pic from Tim’s Facebook page.

I adore He’s Chinese jokes and love that Robyn performs with her Asian partner Chris (I’d love to do comedy with Kris, interracial couples are by nature amusing.) He’s famous AGT set is below:

I am planning to see Tim at a gig, even if we have to drive down with the boys and placate them with waffles, singalongs and Pokemon for 8hrs.

Check out Tim’s wit, art and classes online at The Cheeky Monkey. I have attended his workshops and had mentoring with him before. Huge fan.

P.s. he doesn’t know I’m posting this. Though he is quite psychic!!

P.p.s I’ll repost my comedy sets below, I’m pregnant in both. Yep, my babies gave me extra guts 🙂

Your sense of humour is your sense of human(ity). Only follow teachers who exhibit both 😉


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