Ellen Degeneres sees 11:11 too, so I’ve sent her a psychic reading!

YAY. Hollywood Swag Bag (HSB) justSarah Yip Ellen Degeneres Psychic Reading delivered my psychic reading to Ellen Degeneres in Los Angeles!!! You can see the corner of my reading sticking out on the left of the box in the photo. Ellen is a 32/5 Rebel lifepath like my telepathic father, interestingly she started her TV career around age 32! Find your lifepath

November 2020 update: I want to acknowledge the bullying issues identified at The Ellen Show this year. Unfortunately, it sounds like she has been out of integrity for some time. Stay tuned for my numerology reading for her in the media in 2021. Tips for overcoming bullying 

HSB can’t guarantee Ellen will see it but Kris and I spent a month creating her video and numerology report so fingers crossed they find their rightful owner.

I also included gift vouchers, so this present has ‘irresistible’ imprinted all over it!! I was inspired to read for Ellen after finding out that she also sees 11:11 on clocks and called her record label eleveneleven.

True story: After I submitted my video and written reading (I basically wrote a book of Ellen’s numerology over the course of a month), I had a dream where Ellen thanked me and I walked on stage to applause. That was cool. I’m guessing she must do a lot of astral travel, like many 5 lifepaths. 

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If you own a business or are a public speaker/ writer, I highly recommend SourceBottle for amazing promotion opportunities like this one. This is the site that got me onto realestate.com.au, into Ellen’s Christmas Hamper and possibly into another article coming out in QLD soon. It’s free to sign up for the alerts.

Thank you to Alison Vidotto my leadership coach earlier this year for putting me onto this great opportunity. If I hear back from Ellen’s office I will let you know. (Note – after writing this post, Ellen appeared to me in a vivid dream to thank me on stage in front of her audience – pretty trippy!)

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