11:11 World Changers - Spiritual Business Program - Round 2

11:11 World Changers is my 'gold star' program for spiritual business owners and leaders, who want high level support for 6 months or more. Round 3 starts early 2024.

Virtual open day 9 to 10.30am AEST, Sunday 8 October. Email info(at)sarahyip(dot)com to RSVP, thanks!

Are you seeing 11:11 and repeated numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and 777?
Have a spiritual business or want to create one?
At a career crossroads? Ready to step into your greatest role/s?
Looking for 1 on 1 and group support to make quantum shifts?
Then 11:11 World Changers could be for you!
Next round starts 6 July 2023. (NOW FULL – email Sarah for waitlist info)

World Changers includes insights, speakers and proven techniques to bring your spiritual business into abundance AND the spotlight.

Who is this program is for?

11:11 World Changers is for women:

-who have a business and want to run it on a more spiritual level OR
-who are ready to start a spiritual business OR 
-who are making major career changes for work/ life balance AND 
-who want to develop their spirituality in a safe, guided way. 

What's included?

A combination of powerful 1 on 1 and group calls to enhance your confidence, trust and results at work. 

  • Monthly 1 on 1 readings/ coaching with Sarah (from June/ July 2023). Calls may include clairvoyance, numerology, palmistry, Tarot and business energy analysis and/ or Holistic counselling and visualisations. Phone/ Zoom/ In person sessions available (Mudgereeba/ Bilambil). 100’s of testimonials are here and further down the page. Sarah is one of the most accurate, practical and friendly psychics around!
  • Benefits: Acceleration of your 11:11 awakening and business  success through predictive guidance (including forecasts). 
  • Group calls from 6 July 2023 (12pm – 1pm AEST, first Thursday of the month). Include channelled meditations, coaching and interviews with high calibre guests (examples are below).

    Benefits: Profound insights, creativity, community and global connection. “Once a World Changer, always a World Changer”. I pride myself on long-term capacity-building. 

  • SMS support and a private membership site with replays.

  • Benefits:  Continuity, celebration and encouragement, and a user-friendly portal of videos which will be kept online for a minimum of one year after creation. SMS support will be a checkin every 1-2 weeks (guidelines discussed upon signup).  

  • Opportunities to connect with Sarah’s network of tried-and-tested business and spiritual professionals, many of whom she has worked with for over a decade. Some examples

Since 2007, Sarah has guided 4, 900+ clients, many of whom are successful managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and teachers. As a fundraiser, she co-raised millions of $ for charity. She now runs a 6-figure psychic business with a broad base of support through her Patreon group, media work and community courses.

What's my investment?

  • 11:11 World Changers is a high level program and the investment involved reflects the commitment required, support provided and experience of the teachers involved. I literally tap into your Soul contract and help you stay in sync with your Guides and messages for 6 months or more. This means that your business/ career growth and extraordinary levels of healing are assured. 

  • Each Round is capped at 24 participants for quality learning. First in, first served (Sarah’s decision is final as she is guided by Spirit). 

  • For context, new client readings with me start at $1650 for 2 calls, including charts and preparation. My rates are set at a professional standard as I take your future seriously. Everything I say is recorded and questions are welcome. For details, read If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. Hundreds of testimonials can be found here. 

  • World Changers includes a selection process, for example, a paid initial reading (if you are not a current client) and complimentary call with Sarah. If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to join 11:11 World Changers.  

  • GOLD Level available: $440 a month for 6 months (30min monthly reading/ coaching + sms support + monthly group coaching call/ replays.) Discounted to $385 a month for Round 1 beta test participants. FYI the group calls will be stored in an online library which will be available to future World Changers. 

  • 1 or 2 community scholarships available at a 25% discount (now filled for Round 2). Weekly/ fortnightly/ upfront payment methods also possible, contact Sarah to discuss please. Additional monthly 1 on 1 time can be purchased with Sarah as needed.

  • A non-refundable* deposit of $440 is required to save your place (this goes towards the last month of the program). A minimum of 1 months’/ 4 weeks’ notice is required in the rare event that you wish to leave the program. If required, Sarah will endeavour to provide additional support, to help you meet your objectives. These goals will be discussed during your first 1 on 1 with her. *The program deposit can be transferred to readings with Sarah, if notice is given in writing before Round 2 begins. 

Round 2 shoutout from Sarah and Deniz

11:11 World Changers Program - Round 1 Beta Test (ended April 2023)

Please note, speakers and topics are TBC for Round 2 – it is likely to have more money/ business/ tech focus than Round 1, especially considering the world economy. The order of topics is aligned to the chakras as this is the basis of my numerology system. FYI Round 1 included fortnightly 1hr calls. Round 2 will have a different structure.  Find your life path using your DOB

Root Chakra – Cosmic Connection and Blessed Beginnings

Call 1 – Meet your fellow stars

Call 2 – Create sacred space (Deniz Akan, Dimensional Healing) 28/101 life path (LP) Pioneer

Sacral Chakra – Spiritual Contracts and Partnerships

Call 3 – When dreams come true (Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl) 31/4 LP Heart Healer

Call 4 – Push those buttons (Sarah Jayd, Spiritual Events & Directory) 33/6 LP Master Healer

Solar Plexus – One size does not fit all

Call 5 – Generosity and balanced giving (Melanie Spears, The Gratitude Diary) 26/8 life path Boss

Call 6 – Mastery, turning pro and lifelong learning

Heart Chakra – A fiercely loving community creates success

Call 7 – Women’s business is world-changing (Jill Genet, Red Tent and Conscious Consulting NZ) 29/11/2 LP Spiritual Messenger

Call 8 – Your spiritual passion is innate and priceless (Dr Mahdi Mason, land healer) 32/5 LP Rebel

 Throat Chakra – Freedom comes from playful + potent choices

Call 9 – We are made beautiful by scars (Veronica Farmer, Craniosacral Healer) 35/8 LP Boss

Call 10 – Sensitive leaders heal through self-discovery (Amanda Morrison, Medium) 33/6 LP Master Healer

Third eye chakra – Spiritual education brings collective elevation

Call 11 – Your face is your blueprint – show your true self (Linda Thackray, The Face and Body Interpreter) 31/4 LP Heart Healer

Call 12 – Confident and guided communication under stress (Carol Fox, Leadership Speaker) 30/3 LP Artist

Crown – Love is all there is – step into the spotlight

Call 13 – Fear is your greatest opening – on Spirit and creativity (Grace Chon, Photographer and Akashic Records Reader) 23/5 LP Rebel

Call 14 – Closing ceremony (with Deniz Akan)

Testimonials (more to come)

Antonella Spatola, ESD Coaching Australia, 31/4 LP Heart Healer

"Sarah's 1 on 1 calls were so healing and needed. I got so much from these sessions and still the messages vibrate within me. There
were so many little nuggets that no one else could find. Sarah supported my journey in exploring the untapped areas from my past
and how they subconsciously impacted the building of my business. I received validation and confirmation that I am on the right path
and that who I am as a person is exactly who I need to be. There were many belief systems that Sarah addressed, which has left me me feeling more in control of my direction. Forever grateful. I loved listening to the group speakers' stories."

Fiona Stott, Healer, 34/7 LP Spiritual Teacher

"11:11 World Changers has boosted my self-belief, helped me open my business up energetically and find direction with clients. The on going calls have helped me to treat my business as a friend whom I trust and support." 

Merendi Leverett, Healthpreneur and Holistic Healer, 35/8 LP Boss

"My intuition/ self-trust has improved. I enjoyed the guest speakers and how some gave us a healing or reading during calls - that was so powerful and inspiring. I really enjoyed the 1 on 1 calls as they were tailored to what was going on for me. I enjoyed the meditations that we did as a group, in 1 on 1s and that were sent via SMS. The meditations always helped shift stuff for me on an emotional level." 

Danielle Drew, Nurture Our Nature Forest Therapy, 33/6 life path Master Healer

(Danielle started her business upon signing up for Round 1!) "I most enjoyed the connections made with others in the group. I think without this support from the group and Sarah I would still be talking about my business plans and not putting them into action. When I started the program I was full of fear and self doubt! Six months later I feel my confidence has grown and I am much more trusting of my own intuition. The regular fortnightly calls were motivating, inspiring and full of very useful knowledge and skills."

About Sarah Yip, Professional Numerologist and 11:11 Researcher

As one of Australia’s top psychics, I am known for my numerology, palmistry and clairvoyant readings, workshops and media forecasts. A scientist-turned-reader, I am accurate, compassionate and friendly. Since 2007, I have helped 4, 900+ people to find their purpose. I specialise in working with those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to navigate rapid increases in intuition, which bring rapid changes in their relationships, careers and health. See The 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening. I’m regularly featured in the media.

Readings with me start from $1650 for a new client series and I have a waitlist year round. 
I spend months preparing for my programs and classes and tuning in via monthly forecasts. I am passionate about teaching and have run over 50+ workshops on spiritual topics. 

FYI, I am a Master 29/11/2 Life Path who picked up numerology at age 29, my life path turning point age. 
Find your life path My Twin Flame and Tarot reader husband Kris Anderson and I have 3 psychic sons. For us, people come before profit, and they always will. 

Want to study with me before joining 11:11 World Changers? Check out my 11:11 Patreon community from $11/22/33 a month. You receive access to a private Facebook group, mentoring calls AND discounts. Plus gifts, including a lifepaths webinar and dozens of meditations. We have 40+ replays on topics including numerology, palmistry, psychic kids, past lives, dreams, body healing and more!

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Disclaimer: I recommend that all participants in 11:11 World Changers seek appropriate, ongoing financial, structural and legal advice from qualified professionals. As with all coaching programs, individual results may vary. All prices are in AUD and include G.S.T. 

Welcome to the 11:11 fun!

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