Past Life Regression – My Flashbacks in Toni Reilly’s Course

Woohoo! I’ve just been training with Toni Reilly, Australia’s foremost Past Life Regression Facilitator at the beautiful Soul Space in Brisbane. Toni and I have read for each other and share a love of numerology.

Read about my past life regression sessions (Gold Coast/ Zoom) – please note, as of 2020-2021 I am referring these to my teacher Toni Reilly and colleague Vicki Haspels. Watch this December 2021 interview with Toni Reilly for more tips!

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have studied with her. I jumped out of bed each day to go to class – it was one of the most exciting times of my life.

The other students were so open, joyful and like-minded. I feel so alive now, to the point that my head and heart are buzzing with happiness. I believe that  seeing 11:11 on clocks can mean that it’s time to heal from past lives and reconnect with your Soul wisdom.

Although I’ve regressed clients before, I was keen to learn Toni’s tried-and-trusted process to help all types of people (including sceptics) to access their subconscious minds. 

As Toni explained, everyone can be hypnotised and regressed, however some people take longer to relax. People come for regression when they are ready – it’s not something you should pressure them into. I agree with Toni – your Soul reveals information to you when it’s appropriate – whether that’s through a past life regression, psychic reading or other forms of meditation.

What is Past Life Regression? It’s a guided meditation, often done with a professional facilitator (although you can use CD’s or books as well). The process is a step-by-step way to discover creative solutions to your problems.

Toni’s approach is that, when you are in regression, you are not asleep and you cannot become stuck. Your conscious mind is aware of what’s going on and you can come out of this state any time by opening your eyes.

What are the benefits of Past Life Regression? Increased self-esteem, forgiveness, appreciation of the strength of your Soul and depth of your wisdom. An experience of immortality. Relief of symptoms such as recurring phobias, anxiety, dreams, behavioural pattern. Like all therapies, results will vary depending on the individual.

A regression is different to a psychic reading in that you experience the memory directly, rather than being given the information by someone else. According to Toni, this catharsis can help to clear the trauma. Regression is an effective form of self-healing, which helps you to see yourself as a volunteer on Earth, instead of a victim of circumstance.

Where will my Soul take me during a regression?
-A past life or past lives which are relevant to your life right now.
-Life between lives – the place you go between incarnations where your Guides and Soul Group/ Family may wish to connect with you. You will sometimes see loved ones who have passed over.
-Current life flashbacks, e.g. to chlidhood or teenage years.

The information you receive during a regression can take years to appreciate. The biggest thing to understand is that ‘you get what you get’ – your Soul decides what you will experience in the regression, not your human mind or the facilitator. Some people see their memories, while others mainly hear or feel them.

By the way, most of your past lives will be normal ones – we can’t all have been Cleopatra (!) It’s not a case of your mind making things up – a guided regression arises from intuition, not imagination. Toni and other regression facilitators have factual reports from clients who were able to verify their past lives after researching historical information.

Here are examples of what I’ve experienced during regressions.
Please note that your session will be different, I’m just giving you an idea of what can come up. As someone who meditates for a living I do tend to receive more detailed guidance than some people.

Past Life 1 Ancient Rome (or similar): I was a young man in with a speech impediment. Due to a deformed tongue I could not talk properly, which scared people. I was also extremely sensitive. Fortunately my mother loved me the most out of all her children, and because of her love I survived into adulthood.

What I remembered: being cradled in my mother’s arms (lovely!), acting as a messenger for a Council (possibly the Plebian Council) and the community, and being attacked for bringing ‘bad’ news which resulted in my death at 24 from head injuries. I had an amazing sense of direction and could find places without a map.

Interestingly, when I connected with this man, I lost my ability to speak coherently – in the recording you can hear me making weird grunts exactly as he had. So I had to step in and out of his body during the regression to explain what was going on to the facilitator. This made no difference to the power of the process.

What I learned from this lifetime: That I’ve been the bearer of ‘bad’ news before – in the end, all news is good for some and painful for others. That I’ve always known where I was going in life. That it’s ok to soak up love because it will give me courage during the tough times. That’s it’s ok if I’m not always articulate – people will still get the message! (Just writing this makes me teary.)

Parallels to my current life:  I was a quiet child who lacked social skills. My Mum and Dad put in a huge effort to help me at school. People have always asked me for directions, be they physical or spiritual ones. At 24 I worked in the United Nations and was bullied, to the point where I was hospitalised, left my job and contacted the Australian Embassy to become a whistleblower.

I had many communication issues, as I was learning a new language, and often felt tongue-tied
2020 update – I discovered I have a physical tongue tie as a result of TMJ healings for a stiff neck). I stutter mildly under stress and I believe that this lifetime explains why. I feel that this issue will clear now that I’ve released the emotional charge.

2022 update – I no longer stutter*! I’ve also been diagnosed as twice-exceptional/ gifted and autistic which could explain the socialising issues. *I did do a followup regression with Margaret Foster to clear another past life where I had a speech impediment, which helped.

Past Life 2 – 20th Century England: I was an old man living on my own in a house overlooking a beautiful valley. I had an orange cat and spent my days looking out the window. I’d had an ordinary life – working as a labourer, getting married, having kids and collecting souvenirs from my travels.

What I remembered: Being an old man reading a book I had written in my 30’s (an illustrated tale similar to Gulliver’s Travels). I ate a LOT of candy, and this sweet tooth caught up with me. In the recording I loudly exclaimed ‘Urgh! It’s yukky in his mouth, he has really bad breath! 😀 I also kept checking my teeth with my tongue because so many of them felt missing.

In this lifetime, a sugary diet weakened my lungs which led to chest infections. Nevertheless my granddaughter would sneak me sweets, until the time came when I couldn’t eat them in case I choked. I remembered labelling my souvenirs before I gave them to my family, so they would know my story. I died with the book I had written under my pillow. (My feeling is that this book still exists – it’s on someone’s shelf in the UK).

What I learned from this lifetime: That I’ve always been a collector. That I’m here for a simple life. That it’s ok to be eccentric. That I shouldn’t overwork as it will wear out my body. That I should ease up on the chocolate and jellybeans (!)

Parallels to my current life: When I was young I ate heaps of sugar. Due to this and a jaw issue, I had frequent orthodontic work done between the ages of 7 and 16 – fourteen extractions in total as well as plates/ braces. I can relate to the love of the country, orange cats (!), nick nacks and children.

I would love to write a fiction book and felt SO relieved by this regression. It reminded me that publishing even one book would be a milestone. I kept coughing in the regression course but totally stopped after this particular session (!)

Between Lives: I went into space and saw my Soul Family and Guides. The feeling was indescribable – like floating in eternity. My Guide appeared as a Buddha-like being. When I snuggled into them I felt tickled and protected (like a clownfish in an anemone) and began laughing uproariously.

I saw my Guide absorb a huge cosmic tornado and understood that when I accepted their help, they protect me from shocks. During the regression, my body felt 100% well and I was advised to do more acrobatics to increase my tolerance to risk. Afterwards I went to the park and did flips on the monkey bars…I’m also going to do more fire-twirling from now on.

To be honest, my regressions were not the most spiritually profound I’ve ever witnessed, but they made a difference to me. That’s the power of Past Life Regression – it’s a chance for you to listen to your Higher Self/ Soul without the muddling influence of your mind.

How can I book in for Past Life Regression?
As of 2020-2021, I am referring clients to Toni Reilly and Vicki Haspels.

Although a Past Life Regression differs from a psychic reading, these sessions complement each other perfectly. For example, you could identify an issue in your current life via a reading which we help to clear through regression, or vice versa.

As Regression requires a state of deep relaxation, you can prepare for your session through a regular practice, e.g. through yoga, a CD or sitting in stillness. If this is not possible, that’s ok, as I will be taking you through a full body relaxation meditation on the day.

Please note, some people feel emotional* for a few days after their regression, so it’s best to allow rest time after you see me. You will still be able to drive home. *This is part of the natural healing process and gives you head and heart a chance to integrate the new or remembered information.

Here’s feedback from a regression session I facilitated in July 2017:
“For approximately four days after the session I had more amazing experiences with vivid dreams (about) current family members. I have been feeling more intuitive and protected by upstairs and my guardian angels. I highly recommend this therapy as the process helped to basically cut to the core of a lot of my present issues and give me a deeper understanding of who I am today. Thank you Sarah x.” Sonia

“I had an amazing past life regression experience with Sarah. The experience allowed me to address questions about this life. It gave me the historical background on underlining patterns and provided solutions to assist me to release the stagnant energy to move forward. After the session, I felt like I was on cloud 9.  It was truly an experience that left me enlightened.” Nikki

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