Celeste Barber’s Gutsy 31/4 Lifepath – The Heart Healer Raising Millions for the Australian Bushfire Appeals

2020 is the Year of the 4 lifepaths* and comedian Celeste Barber is kicking butt, having helped to raise $43million for NSW firefighters in only 5 days (as of 7 Jan)!!

Please, support Celeste’s Facebook Fundraiser for the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades, I donated today and will do a Facebook fundraiser on 11 Jan, RSVP now for this free event. Btw, I have sent Celeste a link to this post. *See my 2020 Numerology Forecast

How does one person pull off such an incredible feat? There are many factors – Celeste’s family are personally affected by the bushfires and she has a huge social media following, plus the courage to ask for help. I’ve created this post to showcase her powerful numerology, in the hope it will inspire you to donate, and to believe in the power of compassion.

Born 6 May 1982, Celeste Barber is a 31/4 Heart Healer and Empire Builder lifepath, here to teach and learn unconditional love. Find your lifepath Lifepath 4s are mending a broken heart (from a past life or their current life childhood), related to their male lineage. They often have an intense relationship with their fathers and carry many of his qualities.

Many 4 lifepaths are related to tradespeople or end up marrying them (which is the case for Celeste). Celeste has 4 kids (2 step, 2 biological), which doesn’t surprise me, as 4 is her lucky number. An Old Soul, she had open heart surgery at 25, which would have given her early maturity and a consciousness of the gift of life (25 is the vibration of ‘heart’ and ‘earth’)⁣

At Celeste’s lifepath turning age (and Inner Dream age) of 31, she married Api Robinson. They met when she was 21, her Soul Urge age, which suggests they are Soulmates (so sweet!) ⁣

FYI, fellow 31/4 lifepath Oprah, met Stedman Graham at 32, after making The Color Purple. Nicole Kidman (31/4) and Kim Kardashian (22/4) are other famous 4s urging donations to the bushfires. ⁣

Celeste’s DOB grid is unusually ‘full’, meaning there are numbers in almost every box. This gives her extreme adaptability and makes her self-sufficient

Have a look at Celeste’s fascinating name numerology in the image for this post (created using canva.com). I don’t know if Celeste has a middle name, so I’ve gone with her known name, as this still has a strong influence, especially when someone is famous and people use their known name alot.

If you want to know how I’ve calculated her name numerology, see the name analysis table I use. You can also buy my lifepaths and names webinar (AUD33) under Products for DIY numerology templates.

Celeste’s 52/7 Destiny known name is the vibration of words like Depression, Heart Leader and Gardening.
While we can’t always choose our circumstances, we can choose our attitudes. We’re either growing branches of pain or new leaves of peace. ⁣

People with a 7 Destiny name are authentic spiritual teachers, writers and specialists, who reach the top through leaps of faith and lateral thinking. Their intuition/ ability to read people is high. Many are psychic and therefore sceptical of cult-like thinking. ⁣

Celeste’s 4 lifepath and 7 Destiny name give her an 11 Maturity Number, aka the Spiritual Messenger and Lightworker. Our Maturity Number shows the theme of our later life and kicks from 35-40 years old onwards. I’m guessing that Celeste and Api see repeating numbers like 11:11, or that it’s only a matter of time before they do.

Celeste’s comedy was inspired by fellow actor Mark Priestley, a rare 40/4 or Master 22 Heart Healer lifepath who tragically suicided. People with our lifepaths are our greatest mirrors. When I tuned into Mark, I wanted to cry. He was such an empath.⁣

What’s ahead for Celeste?
Looking at Celeste’s chart, after a stressful but productive year in 2019 (lots of travel, demands on her, and the publication of her book, Challenge Accepted!), she’s bought a house at Tweed Heads and I see her star rising. Many opportunities in late 2021-2022 lead to beginnings at 42, perhaps a talk show or new career.⁣

Thanks Celeste for keeping it real. I pray that your mother-in-law, Joy Robin’s house stays safe.

Also, thank you Jill Genet from Red Tent Australia for the share xx
11:11 one world one peace

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