Psychic Reading & Numerology for Robin Williams, a Genius 26/8 Lifepath

RIP to Robin Williams, one of the funniest, most uplifting comedians in history. I adored him in Good Will Hunting, and am devastated he’s gone. My love goes out to his family now!

Robin’s DOB was 21/7/1951. He was a 26/8 Lifepath or Boss  in my numerology system. This is one of the most idealistic life paths!! They have huge networks and constantly help their friends and families.

The 2 brings sensitivity, charisma and female intuition (he did play Mrs Doubtfire). The 6 brings an open third eye and desire for a pure, beautiful world. The 8 gave him persistence and authority. 8 life paths often end up ‘playing God’ and becoming leaders in their fields.

Robin drove an environmentally friendly Toyota Prius and his short name Robin Williams adds to a master 66/12/3, the Double Cosmic Parent (and vibration of TRANSFORMATION). He had an enormous conscience and must have been hard on himself (look for my upcoming blog post where I analyse his name and key dates to show his life purpose).

His name, chart and family tree is full of master 11 energy. He actually has the code for mental health/ illness (47/11) in his chart. His mother and last son are also lifepath 29/11’s (my lifepath). 11 energy attract crises and the spotlight to show people ‘there are two sides to everything in life’.

People with strong 11 energy have a burning desire to bring people together. In doing so they often develop addictions because it’s hard to escape theirown minds and high expectations. Being an addict also helps them teach other people it’s OK to ask for help.

No joke – COMEDY adds to 11 in numerology. Comedians like Robin Williams heal the world by helping us to see different perspectives and learning to laugh at mistakes. Surely the sound of peace is a belly laugh! I often recommend laughter yoga for people with strong inner critics.

Robin entered a Personal 8 Year just 3 weeks before he died. As an 8 life path he had an opportunity this year to rebirth himself. Sadly for his fans he chose to move on now.

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