Develop Your Intuition And Banish Self-Doubt

Develop Your Intuition And Banish Self-Doubt - A Webinar with Sarah

Do you want to trust your inner voice 110%?

Tired of second-guessing yourself and getting stuck?

Looking for practical tools and guidance to develop your intuition and banish self-doubt?
Seeing repeated numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 111, 222, 333, 444 or 555??

Then this webinar is for you! Now $33 (was $66, original class $99)

This webinar contains step by step explanations of your inner voice (intuition), inner critic and inborn psychic powers.

Written by a former scientist and sceptic turned numerologist and 11:11 researcher, this class will take you through your gifts, give you daily meditations, routines and clearing exercises to build your confidence and bust dozens of superstitions you may carry around being ‘spiritual’ and ‘Go(o)d enough’.

It will help you to lose your fear of the dark and return to the courageous being who truly chose to come here at Earth’s 11th hour. This class is the end result of 18 months of research and my work with over 4, 200 people to rediscover their life purpose and sixth senses (ESP) since 2007.

What will you gain from this webinar?

The class will dramatically increase your understanding of your inner world and give you utmost clarity around whether you are receiving messages from your intuition or ego. Expect goosebumps, increased synchronicity, excitement and self-love the more you practice what is shared in this totally unique workshop.

In this webinar you will:

Topics Covered:

Introduction & Why You See 11:11

– What is Superstition vs Intuition?
– What is a Psychic?
– Why Intuition is the X Factor in Fulfilling Your Soul Potential and lifepath / Benefits
– How Intuition has Changed and Saved My Life
– Break and Question time (we paused at 11:11am!)
– The Biggest Blocks to Accessing Your Intuition

– What is a Sceptic?
– Are Sceptics Made or Born? Who Benefits from You being a Sceptic?
– What is an Empath?

– Why do Empaths need to Learn Spiritual Self-Defence?
– Energy Clearing for Empaths (in brief) and Aura Control – Catsuit, Mirror Ball
– Affirmations for Healing, Overwhelm, Spirit Removal, Room Blessing
– Tragedy of the Commons
– Break and Question Time

2) Balance Your Relationships
3) Pursue Your Passions
4) Have a Heart, Breathe!
5) Listen to Your Voice
6) Look for the Beauty
7) Connect to Your Soul
8) Commit to Higher Causes and 11:11 Awakening
My Low-Doubt Lifestyle (Energetic Low-Tox)

Intuition is a Relationship with Your Body
Final Question Time
Plus Reading and Resources List/ Thank You

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Why study with me (Sarah Yip)? What is the connection with 11:11?

As a highly sensitive person who has overcome paralysing shyness and lifelong health issues to create her dream family and business, I know what it’s like to feel you were born on the wrong planet. After watching this replay, you will believe to the core of your being, that ‘you are not alone, you are All One’.

Your Soul has brought you here for a reason. This class contains what you have always wanted to know. You are only a few steps away from reclaiming your courage now. I stand by everything in this class. It has been tested  in the real world by myself and the 11:11 community. Come and join the revolution of inner peace. 11:11 means that for every step you take, Source takes three to meet you. See my 11:11 page for many articles and videos on repeated numbers. 

At $33 (discounted from $66 and originally, $99), this transformative webinar is an amazing offer – the 3 hour video, meditation tracks and 71 page illustrated notes (with over 40 colour photos and diagrams) contain wisdom that is worth several times more. I am making this webinar affordable because 2020 has been a difficult year and I want you to know the truth of who you are. Please, buy this replay and kickstart your next stage of healing. You’ll be glad that you did. A heart-led life is what you came for. 

Best wishes and happy reconnecting with your deepest truth!

$99 $33 Special Offer

Welcome to the 11:11 fun!

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