Harry Potter and 11:11 Starseed Numerology

Harry Potter 11:11

Harry Potter and 11:11, what’s the connection? 11:11 is the DNA level wake up call for Starseeds and Lightworkers (both words with 11 numerology). Check out these syncs:⁣⁣
The names Harry Potter AND Lord Voldemort add to 65/11, the same as Enlightenment. Every one has both forces in their nature. ⁣⁣
Harry’s birthday 31/7/1980 adds to a 29/11 lifepath, The Spiritual Messenger, someone who stands for justice (11 is an equals sign)⁣⁣.

His magic wand is 11 inches long. Students attend Hogwarts from 11 and board the Hogwarts Express train at 11am. ⁣⁣
Hogwarts is one of 11 magic schools. Its name adds to 39/12/3, the same as Freedom, Routine and Writer (they call words ‘spelling’ because they’re magic). Daniel Radcliff is a 39/12/3 lifepath, a perfect fit for Harry. ⁣⁣
Emma Watson is a 29/11 lifepath and Hermoine is like a young J.K. Rowling⁣⁣. Quidditch adds to 50/5, the same as Leadership, Intuition and Parenting. 5 heals the Throat Chakra/ Inner Truth. It’s something you must seek!⁣⁣
J.K.Rowling adds to 47/11, another 11!⁣⁣ She was born 31/7/1965, making her a 32/5 Rebel. At her lifepath turning point of 32, she’d published her first Harry Potter book a month prior – 5’s tend to run early.⁣⁣
She met her ex-husband in Portugal, a 38/11 country. They married 16/10/1992, a 29/11 date. Their daughter Jessica, was born on 27/7/1993 making her a 38/11 lifepath. J.K. and her husband divorced on a 17/11/1993, a 32/5 day. ⁣⁣
Even Jessica Mitford, J.K. Rowling’s favourite author was a 29/11 lifepath. The list goes on.⁣⁣ Now I know why I love the Harry Potter, it raises consciousness as much as Star Wars (also full of 11s). ⁣⁣
FYI, I’m a 29/11 lifepath in a no. 32/5 house. I dream of an Aussie Hogwarts where people fix their ‘spelling’ errors :)⁣⁣ At 29, my lifepath turning point age, I discovered numerology – so perfect as ‘numbers’ has a 29/11 vibration.
It’s 7.47am and a plane is taking off. Must be time to get on my broom. A W.I T.C.H is a a woman in total connection with herself. This lovely pic is of The Dome at Westfield Chermside.

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