Lola Coca – Musician and Radical 1 Life Path in Numerology

Latest numerology interview! Hailing from the UK, Lola Coca is one of the freshest, sharpest and most thought-provoking singer-songwriters around. With a degree in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics and background in modelling, she’s seen the light and dark sides of life and brings that depth into her witty hip-hop, ska and jazz music. Find your lifepath

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In this funny and enlightening chat, we discuss:
-What Lola finds exciting and challenging about life in the public eye
-Being a 37/10/1 life path (Intellectual Pioneer) and the link to Lady Gaga
-Her intriguing combination of sensual (3) and bookish (7) numerology
-How being a 10/1 life path is linked to root chakra healing, questioning religion and fad diets and being 10 years ahead of the crowd!
-What inspired her hit song ‘Bad Girlfriend’ about forgetting birthdays
-Why humour is the greatest force (and laughter yoga can cure the blues) -How Lola deals with online trolls and carries Irish elf energy (!) -The numerology of her nickname, Lola Coca – an 8 Destiny Boss name with a karmic 14/5 Rebel Soul Urge. Aka warrior princess meets Kali Durga.

Thanks Lola for this epic chat and I’ll see you in London when the stars align.

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Instagram @ lolacoca
Facebook: Lola Coca Music
Youtube: Lola Coca

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