Psychic Reading for Jung Chang, Author of Wild Swans and Empress Dowager Cixi

This is the third of five ‘successful author’ readings I’ll be posting over March/ April 2014. All photos have been taken with the writer’s consent.

19 March update – Good news! I just heard back from Jung. Her feedback was “Dear Sarah, I enjoyed meeting you and reading your article. The most unusual letter from a reader! I wish you great success and happiness. Jung x”

Jung Chang‘s book Wild Swans changed my life forever. I truly did not understand my Chinese ancestry, or the struggles my relatives went through until I finished reading this true story that went on to sell 13 million copies. I am also grateful that I never had bound feet like my great-grandmother, thanks to Empress Dowager Cixi, who is the subject of Jung’s latest book.

I met Jung in Brisbane at an event run by the awesome folks at Avid Reader Bookshop. In addition to being highly erudite, she has a fabulously wicked sense of humour.

Case in point (the following conversation is based on my memory so it’s not word for word):
Interviewer to Jung – Don’t you think you are quite similar to Cixi?
Jung – Err, no. She poisoned her adopted son and threw his concubine Pearl down a well… *big pause* I’m not like her at all.

Let’s see what Jung’s palmistry says about her writing style and personality.
-Jung has pointed thumb tips, indicating high intuition, an ability to size up people in a flash and a highly artistic nature.

-Long first phalanges (the section of her fingers including the nail), which suggest an intellectual and philosophical approach to life. Jung was the first person from Communist China to receive a Doctorate from a British University. See my blog Are you a wordaholic? Markings in writers’ hands for more signs of literary talent.

-A short, low set Mercury (pinky) finger. How fascinating. Most writers have a long Mercury, which is associated with the gift of the gab. A short one indicates someone who can speak confidently on certain topics (Jung’s is Chinese history). They can also be perceived as blunt or somewhat biased (historians differ in their reviews of Jung’s books for this reason, but I love her take on things).

Jung joked that, while researching her book on Cixi, she delegated really well. Because she can read Chinese, she stuck to those textbooks. Because her husband can speak many languages, he got lumped with studying books by ‘the rest of the world’. No doubt he has a long pinky finger!

-All of Jung’s palm lines are dark (fire element), which is a hallmark of someone with strong opinions and convictions. I’m not surprised that her books are banned in China.

-Jung’s Fate line is very deep and shows her strong sense of purpose from an early age (she grew up during the Cultural Revolution). Her Fate line doubles from age 35, at the time that her writing career took off.

-Her head line splits at 28 – 35 years old, showing a difficult but necessary change in mindset when she moved to the UK. Makes sense as her turning point age (lifepath – see below) was 27.

Jung’s date of birth is 25/3/1952, which makes her a lifepath 27/9 in numerology . That means that her life purpose is The Old Soul or Guardian. When you look at the number 9 you can see a person with a big head (conscience), bowed in thought. This sums up 9 lifepaths – they have returned to correct wrongs in society. Words like LEADER and WITCH add to 27/9 in numerology – these people are brave pioneers. Find your lifepath

Looking at Jung’s numerology, she may take some time off in 2014 as she is in a 7 Personal Year, which is good for reflection, study, and receiving new ideas. Find your personal year

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