My Thoughts on Kryon, Lee Carroll and 11:11 Numerology

Call me slow, but I revisited Kryon’s* 2011 channellings on 11:11 today. I came across his channelling on numerology years ago, when I first Googled the meaning of this spiritual wake up call. While I’m still in the early stage of studying Kryon’s work, I wanted to blog on some connections between his teachings my findings as a psychic in Brisbane and 11:11 blogger:

Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Kryon, but booked into his Brisbane event. Update – Lee Carroll was amazing and so funny! He is a 26/8 Boss lifepath like Dan Millman, whom I profiled here. *Kryon is a an angelic loving entity from the Source (or “Central Sun”), channelled by Lee. The name Kryon adds to a 29/11 vibration in numerology, aka the Spiritual Messenger. I am a 29/11 lifepath – find your lifepath )

Thoughts on Kryon’s 2011 Channelling, read it here
-Kryon talks about the 11th Layer of DNA being the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and the connection between 11 and a parent’s love for their child. That freaked me out a bit as I have blogged on how 11/2 numerology is about gender equality and sacral (feminine) chakra healing. Also, the word PARENT adds to 29/11.

-He explains that numerology is an esoteric energy map (beautiful!) and discusses the 11:11 time prompts for illumination. I chortled so hard when I read ‘It is not a mistake that you’re seeing 11:11. Let me take a moment to say it’s not fair if you look at 11:10 and stare at it for a while. [Laughter] 11:11 must present itself in its fullness when you don’t expect it, over and over and over, out of the odds of chance.’ Why? Because I read this at 11:10am! Love the Divine Comedy we live in…

Thoughts on Kryon’s Youtube video, Kryon Explains the Significance of Seeing 11:11 and Educates Us on Using Numerology (click to view)

-Kryon talks about numbers telling a story, and uses the analogy of a book where every page is numbered and has different information on it. He says that systems are everywhere and that understanding numbers is easy. I agree!

-I see numerology as numbers with the magic still attached (like fresh vs dried flowers). It’s tragic that maths in schools tends to be dry and boring, because the experience turns people off learning the language of the Universe (and connecting with their guidance). It can also reduce their confidence with money (which is basically numbers), because they come to believe that they are ‘bad at maths’ and associate numbers with difficulty, judgement and being punished for tiny mistakes.

As a child, we didn’t have much money, so the only chicken I ate was chicken roll (processed meat that comes wrapped in plastic). That put me off chicken for years, until I had an actual roast, which was delicious. Seriously, when I ate chicken roll, I didn’t even know it came from a bird, that’s how divorced it was from nature. So comparing maths class at school with numerology is like eating chicken roll vs a roast, they’re like different food groups! It’s hard digest artificial food because the enzymes have been removed, in the same way, most maths homework hurts your brain because the fun’s been taken out…

Numerology is far easier to learn than maths, because it engages your creative side – we talk about the numbers as symbols and chakras. It’s amazing how just having one nice maths teacher or passionate numbers person around can help you help this unhelpful internal conflict…See my Find Your Lifepath page for pictures and your DOB analysis. I’m also teaching chakra numerology on 25 July 2018 at Perfect Potion Brisbane.

-Here’s a summary of Kryon’s take on numerology, which is similar to the chakra-based system I use (see my comments in brackets):

1 is about new beginnings (1st or root chakra healing, all about growing roots and independence)
2 is about duality and free choice (2nd or sacral chakra healing, for emotional healing and creative partnerships)
3 is about catalysing change and a healer and teacher’s number (3rd or solar plexus chakra healing, for communication and bringing hope – the word DOCTOR adds to 30/3 in numerology, and the word TEACHER adds to 33/6. My baby Charlie is a 21/3 Angel lifepath, with a Healer’s Cross in his palmistry…)
4 is the grounded number and a farmer’s energy, it is Gaia (4th or heart chakra healing, which is about physical touch, practical systems and the power of love – I call 4 lifepaths the spiritual tradies/ tradespeople as they often work with their hands)
5 is raw change (5th or throat chakra healing, which is about flexible paths to freedom, diversity and non-conformity)
6 is for harmony (6th or third eye chakra healing, for opening minds and ESP – John Lennon was a 24/6 lifepath, words like TRUTH add to 24, hence ‘Imagine’)
7 is about spirituality (7th or crown chakra healing, I call it the leap of faith number, where you move from physical to spiritual trust)
8 is manifestation and abundance, ‘everybody wants an 8’. (8th or God/ Karmic chakra healing, which is about generosity and co-creation with the Universe)
9 is graduation and the end of sorrow and ways of thinking (9th or Spiritual Blueprint chakra healing, the end of a Soul’s journey and chapter in evolution)

-Kryon mentions that his partner was not into numerology to begin with, which made me chuckle. I am a scientist by training, and used to make fun of psychics, which is why I now believe ‘you become what you judge’! Many people who see 11:11 start as sceptics (which is often a sign you are psychic who’s been hurt) – see my post on the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening

-Kryon goes on to explain Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55 etc) Again, his words correlate with a lot of what I teach

11 is illumination (see 21:08 in the video) and 11:11 foretells of the illumination shift ‘Light Will Win’. He says that not many people are seeing 11:11 anymore (this video was made in November 2017).

I disagree with this part – I believe more people are seeing repeating numbers, for example pages like The 11:11 Movement on facebook (run by Jessica Regan) are receiving increasing numbers of ‘add’ requests…if you look at the lifepaths coming to Earth, it’s hard to be a 33 lifepath from now on. So there are massive numbers of 11/ 22/ 33’s on the planet, who are still awakening to their journeys of double potential. Find your lifepath

22 is a strong duality (I see it as a powerful relationships number).
33 is the most compassionate number. He says that people who were around the 33 Chilean Miners trapped underground (the Copiapó incident) reported mass sightings of 33 everywhere, ‘the compassion of the master was there’. (I’ve also heard 33 called the Christ Consciousness number, but to be honest, I also consider 11 this energy as JESUS adds to 11, while BUDDHA adds to 22 and MICHAEL adds to 33 – as in, the Archangel).

-Kryon talks about the 26, 000 wobble cycle, astrology and how we’re sitting in a puzzle we don’t see our way out of. He invites listeners to build an altar of joy, which is spooky because I just had this idea yesterday, and have been facebooking about the inner child (!!) You can tell a Mercury Retrograde is about to start. See my post about making a Blessing Box to silence critics.

He says that everything is related to everything else, and that that if you wallow in the old nothing will happen differently. He mentions that someone people will laugh at this information and that’s ok…The invitation is to build things that will be good for you – extended life and the end of fear. Welcome to a New Planet Earth.

Thank you Kryon – this is a profound and interesting video and I look forward to hearing more from you when you’re in Brisbane!

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