Giving Your Inner Critic the Prick – Interview with Tia Yoong from Pulse Acupuncture (a 30/3 Lifepath Artist in Numerology)

Tia Yoong is like no acupuncturist you’ve ever met – in this entertaining, *language warning* interview, we discuss:

(this post is a Youtube video and Facebook video – feel free to comment on the latter, I read all feedback)

-How to break the hold (i.e. flick off/ prick the ego bubble) of your inner critic and turn it into your greatest genius and cheerleader

-How 3 lifepaths are here to heal future generations through gutsy communication and healthy confidence (the 3rd/ solar plexus chakra)
Find your lifepath

-Kidney issues and being p***d off with people draining your life force

-the critical difference between Chinese & Western Medicine

-Why Tia went blonde at her lifepath turning point age of 30 and how that liberated her from not giving a **** about what people thought of her from then on

-The joy of building a business around family and community giving

-Her logo’s special 11:11 significance (sign of a Starseed/ spiritual teacher) – see the photo and turn your head sideways!

-Why her stiff thumbs (palmistry) mean she doesn’t back down and always protects her tribe!

As Tia says, “If you can realise that you are your biggest critic, you realise you can be your biggest cheerleader…” Also, “You must be doing something right if you are p***ing someone off!”

FYI, NRL Player Matt Lodge recently told the QLD papers how Pulse Acupuncture treatments helped him recover from a recent knee injury, and it’s got all the media talking…

Lodge Reveals New-Age Treatment as the Key to his Recovery (TripleMMM – go to 3m03s for the part about Pulse Acupuncture. Note the sync with Tia’s 30/3 lifepath! FYI, Matt Lodge is a Master 33/6 lifepath)

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Interview series by Sarah from and

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Disclaimer: Although this is not a paid advertisement, Pulse Acupuncture and myself do have an occasional swap arrangement in place. This interview is intended as an awareness-raising discussion, not a testimonial. It is not intended to replace any medical, health or professional advice.

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FULL INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (by Sarah Yip, edited for clarity)

Sarah: Hi this is Sarah from and Facebook: The Numbers Queen. I am a professional psychic from the Gold Coast, Australia. My mission is to transform the public’s perception of psychics and their own intuition, from scepticism to trust. I do this through readings, blogs, workshops and collaborations.

Welcome to today’s interview. I’m talking to my acupuncturist, Tia Yoong. Tia is from Pulse Acupuncture in Brisbane. I have seen Tia for some time and I really love her energy. So welcome Tia.

Tia: Thanks Sarah.

Sarah: How do you like to describe yourself?

Tia: I like to call myself an acupuncturist, a Chinese medicine practitioner. But I’m the acupuncturist that will change your life, in ways you would never expect.

Sarah: That’s true. You’re very surprising. I’ve seen a lot of acupuncturists, but your approach is very out of the box.

What do you see as the main difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine? Obviously, a lot of people have come from one world to the other.

Tia: I think it’s a holistic understanding of the body. The body, the mind, the Spirit as a whole, it is complete. So, we never look at anything in isolation. Every is relevant in your life, everything. Even in your family tree. It’s very important for me to collect the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, so I can see the bigger picture. We wander down the program together. Each session I get another piece of the jigsaw so I can understand your health, your body, your situation, so I’m able to formulate the best treatment for you.

Sarah: You definitely ask questions I’ve never been asked before.

2min 22sec

It’s pretty left field, but in our conversations it eventually comes together. I like it, it keeps it fresh.

Now we know from your DOB, which we have kept private, that you are a 30/3 lifepath Artist and Communicator in numerology. So you’re here to heal the Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra, which is the central core, in yourself and others. Some people say this is your spiritual guts, your courage, a willingness to say what others are afraid to say. It’s a lot about healthy ego, confidence, intelligence, the inner child and imagination. Find your lifepath

From my experience, this lifepath, which was heavily triggered in 2019 (a 3 Universal Year for Earth) is a lot about turning the inner critic into an inner genius. Healing the future generations through kind words, joy and playfulness.

As someone who’s working this journey, what is your advice for people who have a very strong inner critic – to the point that it almost drowns out the other voices?

Which I see a lot of, because I’ve experienced it myself. That’s the beauty of being in practice, using not only my technical skills, but being able to share my personal life experience and the lessons that I’ve learned. (Dealing with) the inner critic is very simplistically recognition that you are your biggest critic.

If you can realise that you are your biggest critic, you realise you can be your biggest cheerleader. It’s practice. There’s lots of different tools you can use to practice that but that was probably my biggest lesson. This has happened over years, since my late 20s to today.

Making a decision, a choice. That’s something I tell people, we always have a choice. Even when the critic pops up, recognising the voice, recognising that it’s not serving you. Recognition that you have the power to be empowered, to change that into a positive voice.

5min 16sec

Sarah: It makes a lot of sense. The lifepath 3 is a lot about choosing your choices. Following through and getting the learning rather than looking for the perfect answer. The element for the 3rd chakra is fire. If you can fire yourself (tell yourself you should quit), you can also inspire yourself. I love what you’re talking about, where if someone’s throwing a rotten apple at you it must mean you are on stage. You must be doing something worth noticing.

Yes. That’s quite a new thing for me.

I did see you in the paper recently. *laughter*

Tia: Just a little mention. It’s something I’ve been coming to accept recently. You must be doing something right if you are p***ing someone off.

Sarah: You’re a classic. From my experience with Chinese Medicine acupuncture, kidneys are about fear and in some of the energy healings that I’ve looked at, kidney issues are about being p***ed off. There’s that fear that someone is draining your life force. That you don’t have enough life force to stand up to them.

Tia: I think fear, something that I’ve personally experienced and seen in other people…is the fear of yourself, fear of holding yourself back. It’s about the inner critic. Recognising that the fear is unwanted and that it is self-generated.

Sarah: It’s so interesting that we create the critic and then we have that massive realisation that we are the creator beyond the critic, there’s that massive transformation where there’s that taking of responsibility.

So, what happened at your lifepath age turning point at age 30 (and age 3 as a child)? Did you start to express yourself or be more of a wild child around 30?


Tia: At 30, it’s a bit novel recently. Being of Asian background, I had hair like you Sarah. At age 30, I decided to go blonde, just like this *gesturing to her current hair *.

Sarah: Overnight?

Tia: Pretty much.

Sarah: At your birthday?

Tia: Right before my birthday.

Sarah: That’s when you have the shift into a new personal year in numerology. Find your personal year forecast

Tia: But the biggest thing really was, I stopped giving a f**k. Recognition of that critic. I let go of my fear of what other people thought of me and became more confident. I felt I shed a layer and was able to be more free, more flexible. More authentic. It was quite liberating actually. 30 was good.

Sarah: Firstly, thank you for sharing that. I love hearing that. What was the reception like when you went from dark (hair) to non-dark? You just went pure shock value. What was the reaction like?

Tia: It (was) hilarious.

Sarah: Did your partner recognise you?

Tia: Complete acceptance from everyone and whole lot of joy. It was really fun. It made me realise it doesn’t matter what I do, people still love me, people still value me. We can do what we want in life and those people close to you will always accept you.

Sarah: That is super interesting. A year and a half ago, I cut my hair off (see the blog), it was really long and I cut it to here, kind of where your hair is at. I didn’t change the colour. It was extremely transformational. I literally cut off the energy of all of those previous years.

I was in a completely new relationship with my husband, with the world. I hadn’t had hair that short since I was a really little girl. It brought back an ease to my life. It was easier to look after. I felt excited again about my appearance.

I remember writing a post on my site that mentioned Coco Chanel saying, ‘a woman who is about to cut her hair is about to change her life.’

Some of my greatest wisdoms have come while I’m at the hairdressers ( I go to Carol Haddad from Corcorz in Brisbane). I thought it was from all that massaging of the Crown Chakra, opening it all up.

You have a business that has a strong heart. You do fundraising, for bushfires, for charity. What do you love about having that heart, community-centric approach to your business?

Tia: Knowing that I’m making a contribution. Adolescence, into my adult years, something that was important to me was to be a good person in the world. We all know there is a lot of grief, a lot of trauma, a lot of negativity and aggression in the world.

Being in the position that I am now, being able to contribute to the individual, to the group, to the economy, to my family, I feel is a great accomplishment…

Sarah: it’s something I’ve noticed about your business since I was referred to you from my friend Francesca from Francesca’s Flowers. I look for that point of difference when someone is going to be touching my body or going into my field. I still remember that first needle you put into my ear (EMF point).

I squealed and thought, ‘wow, that was painful but much faster than the other stuff I’ve been doing’. I always thought there was something different about you (Tia). You’re willing to do things, to put yourself there and to be un-traditional. I find that quite daring in your field, where I see a lot of people quite obedient…

Which is that 3 lifepath energy. It’s cheeky, it questions authority but at the same time it wants people to come together. Its favourite thing is to see happy families.


Sarah:What it is like to have a family now? You were an acupuncturist and now you have a family. What’s it like to combine those things?

13min 43sec

I knew I wanted to create a different family environment from what I experienced as a child. Not that there was anything traumatic in my own childhood but creating a more progressive household. My career started at the same time that my family started. I feel like that was a benefit.

When I entered the workforce, I didn’t know anything different with juggling work and raising children. It’s always been my norm. I finished Uni, had a baby and went to work straightaway. That was my balance.

I don’t know what it is like to work fulltime without children. So that was ingrained in my business, it was built around the family unit. The flexibility and utilising the fact that I’m my boss and I make my own rules to suit my family.

Sarah: Perhaps that’s where the community feeling comes from. When I was leaving my 9-5, I started on a personal growth journey (see the courses I explored). One of the reasons I started my own business in palmistry etc. was firstly for my own mental health and physical health.

Secondly, I wanted a life where I could wake up with my children and tickle them. I wanted 100% to see them every single day. This business allows me to do that. There are a lot of sacrifices obviously, but that was my No. 1 criteria, to see my kids wake up every morning.

I once met someone who had seen every single sunrise for the past 10 or 20 years. I remember thinking, ‘what a legend’. For me, that’s not going to happen with my sleep patterns. But what I felt I could do is to be there the moment my children wake up, that creates a neural pattern that there’s someone there for them.


Sarah: Lifepath 3’s tend to be masterful at juggling, they make it look easy compared to the rest of us. It’s been super interesting to talk to you.

How can people contact you?

Tia: I like to refer people to the website (the physical clinic is in Paddington Brisbane and is still open during the lockdown).

Sarah:  I’ll put a picture of the logo in the blog. When I saw your logo, I had a giggle because it’s an 11:11 on its side. You see repeating numbers like 1111 right?

Tia: I do see repeating numbers. I absolutely do. That logo was in my head from the conception of my business. I worked with someone to bring it to life. I only recently realised – thanks to you bringing it to my attention – that it’s an 11:11 sideways.

Sarah: When I walked into your practice, I felt that strong 11:11 Starseed energy. Now that I’ve been there a few times, I feel I can sense crystals and helpful beings around. I find that positive. More on 11:11 awakening

Thank you Tia for sharing with us today.

Palmistry Section

I’m wondering if you could hold up your hand *Tia holds up her palms*.

18min 11sec

*speaking to the camera* One of the reasons I really like Tia is we have the opposite type of hands.

Tia’s hands have a broad palm, which is lots of energy, always thinking on the go. My husband Kris has this feature as well.

Tia has very strong Earth connection, practical, robust, reliable energy. As you’ll see with mine, I have a finer, differently hand which has a lot of Water and Air (elementally speaking – in palmistry, your hand shape does not always correlate to your astrology, although it can do).

Tia’s hands are not so red (with the Fire element) today but they often are, which is common with people in healthcare. There’s Earth, Fire and Air there, where I’ve got Water and Air.

I find when I’m around Tia, I’m able to get a better grasp on reality and where my body is at. I’ve introduced you to some pretty wacky concepts in our short friendship, haven’t I?

(Tia has been getting healings from Deniz Akan since we met, whom I collaborate with often).

Thanks Tia. By the way, does your thumb bend back at the (middle) joint?

Tia: Not quite.

Sarah: Tia and I are stiff-thumbed people who won’t back down. We even talk in a way that’s like ‘you want to argue with me? Good luck’.

Tia: It’s true.

Sarah: Not leaving that opening at the end of the sentence, ‘is that okay? Are you sure?’
I used to be like that but I’ve changed a lot over the years.

That not backing down can be good for advocacy work, you protect your business and the space. It is also known for being fairly stubborn, a little serious or pushy. I guess that’s why we have husbands and children and clients to keep us laughing.

Tia: That’s it.

Sarah: Thanks Tia, and thanks to everyone watching. This is Sarah from and Facebook: The Numbers Queen. I hope to see you again on another interview soon.

11:11 Peace Signs Always.

Tia: Thanks Sarah

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