Change for Good – A Spiritual Money Webinar for 11:11 See’rs

Do you want to make a change for good in 2021?

Ready to free yourself of outdated financial beliefs?

Want to create immediate, radical shifts in your physical and energetic fields?

Seeing repeated numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 111, 222, 333, 444 or 555?

Love to attract more money using ethical principles, numerology and meditation?

Then this webinar is for you!

This webinar contains clearings and insights that will supercharge your ability to manifest wealth and connect with your most abundant Self.  

Why study this class? In numerology, 2021 is a Universal 5 Year of Freedom and Change, bringing clearing for our collective Throat (5th) Chakras, i.e. our inner and outer voices and choices. As they say, the best way to predict your future is to create it. With the world in crisis, and capitalism (head over heart living) crumbling, now the best possible time to upgrade our thinking around money, abundance and receiving.

Sadly, financial and sex education are human rights that many people are denied. Dictators restrict freedoms to preserve power. Yet egalitarian leaders want you to reproduce your best ideas. They yearn for a world of equals (the 11:11 Age of Aquarius). That’s where I’m coming from.

Who this is for: Anyone looking for tools to advance themselves into new positions of spiritual leadership (e.g. starting a new career, business, family or alternative lifestyle). This webinar is suitable for ages 16+ and requires no prior knowledge.

You deserve expansion and relief around connecting to Source again!

Ready to swap your fear of lush figures (financial and/ or physical) with a lifelong reconnection to your greatness?

Here’s what we cover in this unique class that brings together decades of my research:

Four specific meditations for money and energy generation:
Dome of Light (individual and property energy clearing)
Meet the Other You (integrate your male/ female selves for confidence)
The Golden Rope (delete your fear of being financially powerful)
Table of Blessings (receive love and inspiration from your Soul family)

-The link between 11:11, sustainability and multiple sources of income
-2020’s lessons in a nut (or egg) shell incl. how COVID-19 has raised consciousness
-What is spiritual money? Why money that comes from following your Soul mission ‘sticks’
-Money and the sacral chakra. The danger of sitting and waiting for Go(o)d
-Why financial education is like sex education

We also cover:

-How to recover from financial abuse (which occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases)
-How to heal your addiction to instant gratification 
-Why keeping score leaves you wanting more 
-The power of working through your wounds
-What is a karmic account and how I exactly manifest money and outcomes

And 9 daily ways to increase your material and energetic bank balances:
1) Play with your words and money incl. setting your pricing 
2) Nurture your networks incl. proven marketing tips
3) Let go of the need to control 
4) Whether-proof your finances (Profit First approach)
5) Study spiritually wealthy people
6) Open your mind to magic incl. heart frequency vs physical energy
7) Stack the odds in your favour
8) Be a hope maker not a hope taker
9) Let yourself travel the world

As well as:

-2021 Forecast webinar previews (Hint: 2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox, a time to create ‘cash cows’)
-References, including a YouTube playlist of spiritual money talks and healing tracks

Investment: At $99 (was $110), this webinar is an amazing offer – the 3.5 hour video, meditation tracks and 75 page full-colour notes contain wisdom worth several times more. 

I am making this class as affordable as possible, because 2020 has been so incredibly challenging and I want you to experience a FULL recovery in 2021 so we can all lift up the world.

This class was recorded with a live audience via Zoom on Sunday 22nd November 2020. Thank you to everyone who supported the production of this unique healing experience.

Jam-packed with unique and highly practical I registered a new business name (and) confirmed my first client...First time in nearly 10 years...

“The class was amazing and really worked. It was jam-packed with unique and highly practical tips and a completely different point of view to any other money webinar… which I loved because that represents excellent value…also, I really LOVED the guided meditations! Today (48 hours after the call), I registered a new business name, set up the logo, a temporary website and confirmed my first client on a weekly retainer. First time in nearly 10 years. I also met with two excellent coaches. I’m SO pumped. Thank you.”
Danielle Neale, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, UNSW Engineering

Before this call I felt like a pauper - at the end of it I felt like a king-pin...

“Awesome class – the whole week has been a turn around after a very drossy couple of months…your facilitating (did that). Before this call I felt like a pauper – at the end of it I felt like a king-pin. I liked the way it took a scary subject and unpacked its history, origin and true purpose…stripping back all the intimidation. I’ve worked with a lot of practitioners over the years and you have something different…you seem to be a true healer. Thank you.”
Nick, top media consultant

The class shone a spotlight on my own beliefs around money and financial freedom...

I loved how you pulled different themes together into a coherent spiritual narrative, helping us to (re)conceptualise what money is and how we can 'be' money. Most importantly, I loved your presenting style. You're authentic, able to weave in stories and analogies, funny, and great at guiding meditations. The class shone a spotlight on my own beliefs around money and financial freedom. I've reached the point of starting to set up multiple income sources, true to my beliefs and inner workings. This is a super-valuable piece of teaching that the world needs.
Tamara M.

The class shone a spotlight on my own beliefs around money and financial freedom...

"Thank you, Sarah. I have recently been going through major life changes whilst simultaneously taking some financial risks. Your teachings on numerology have helped me immensely. They have provided a unique direction and reassurance in my journey towards personal and spiritual freedom - an understanding and feeling that people usually search for in psychologists’ offices, but most likely leave the office without attaining. Your content is very special and has proven to be a continuously-returning personal investment. I have used your meditations from the Change for Good webinar on multiple occasions and have found myself in overwhelmingly happy tears each time. Your work has nurtured my self-confidence in pursuing what I already know to be right for me."
Alex Guy

I already feel big shifts happening around money...

“I am so very grateful for being a part of (the class) and your generosity in the amount you shared. There were so many parallels with things that have been ‘occurring’ – I already feel big shifts happening around money and have begun the process to register my business name. I am feeling much more confident”
Jae T.

My house sold after only one open house with a cash offer $20k higher than I expected...

“Within five days of watching the class, my house sold after only one open house with a cash offer $20k higher than than I expected. I received an unexpected 3% payrise, won $100 in a competition, received 10 instant scratchies, a brand new Christmas tree (much needed!) and received $60 in Woolworths vouchers! I highly recommend this course!”

I have a new awareness about how my choices can affect my abundance in life...

“I’ve never realised how much my attitude to money comes from my attitude to other areas of my life…I have a new awareness about how my choices can affect my abundance in life. Change for Good, in more areas of life than money. This course leads you on the way, (it’s) one to view!”
Michelle Henderson

Buy Change for Good - A Spiritual Money Webinar for $99 (was $110)

Heal your fears of making change and being a powerful creator of Go(o)dness on the planet

Remember – Money is an anagram of ‘my one’ because it shows how much time and energy you invest in YOUR dreams versus the dreams of others. Make 2020-2021 the years you beat the odds and become a magnificent change-maker instead of a grumpy compromise-taker!

Having more wealth is not evil, no matter what certain religious or authority figures say. Evil is the word ‘live’ backwards (just as Devil is the word ‘lived’ backwards, and She-Devil is a rearrangement of ‘she lived’). It’s a judgement used to trap people into ignoring their path to joy.

Disclaimer: This webinar does not contain financial, legal or investment advice. For those matters, I urge you to consult a professional. Also, please be assured that I don’t try to sell you products or services in the class, apart from the classes, courses and readings already on This class is not about buying steak knives. It’s about having great lives!

About Sarah Yip - Why Learn with Me?

I am a former scientist, senior account manager and UN worker, who has created a successful business in the notoriously flaky psychic industry. In the past decade I’ve gone from charging $15 to $1100 and up for private readings. I’m consistently booked up (next spots are mid- 2021) and actively promote and mentor others to raise standards in my local community and online.

Between 2007-2011, I helped to co-raise around a million dollars in long-term income for charity through phone fundraising campaigns. Making money while changing the world has always been a passion of mine. I started my first side business (a kids book club) at 8 years old and come from an Asian family of small business owners.  So I know what attracts long-term flow. 

Since 2007, my readings and classes have directly helped over 4, 200 people (especially business leaders, spiritual healers and parents), and my blog and media work have reached millions more. 

Apart from helping hundreds of clients a year to find their purpose and highest path to freedom and abundance, I assist those who see 11:11 and repeating numbers to navigate the 4 Stages of 11:11 Awakening. I share these teachings through readings and classes on the Gold Coast Australia and over Zoom. See my popular Facebook page The Numbers Queen and Instagram @ sarahyip1111 for many tips. 

Like many personal growth teachers, I am a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger. I  picked up numerology at my life path turning point age of 29 and am married to my 11:11 Twin Flame Kris Anderson, who is a Tarot reader and filmmaker. We have 2.5 children (Ziggy is due Feb 2021) and are both huge believers in the goodness of the Spirit World. For us, people come before profit, and they always will. Find your life path

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