Farewell, Richie Benaud – A 20/2 Peacemaker Lifepath in Numerology

RIP Richie Benaud, the well known cricketer. His birthday, 6 Oct 1930 made him a 20/2 Peacemaker Lifepath (some methods make him a Master 11). Find your Lifepath.

Your Lifepath age is always an important turning point. At 20 years old, Richie was just getting started in NSW Cricket. The word Cricket adds to the Master Number 33/6 in numerology (see the system), which is associated with high intelligence, a good memory, quick wits and self mastery.

Lifepath 20/2’s are amazing at hands-on occupations and team efforts due to their instinctive nature. The second chakra, also called the Sacral Chakra, relates to our emotions and people skills.

His birth name, Richard Benaud adds to a 9 Destiny/ Name Number, giving him a serious outlook and global calling as a teacher and leader.

A 2 Lifepath + 9 Name = a 29/11 Maturity Number. No wonder Richie became a Spiritual Messenger and much loved commentator in his later years. More on famous 11’s. Your Maturity Number describes your legacy in later life (from age 35 onwards).

He died on a Personal 1 Day of Beginnings. Bless him.

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