Ben Zabel, a Master 33/6 Lifepath Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health

Last week I was fortunate to meet Ben Zabel, of Big Brother fame. Ben is a rising star in Australia, who is touring Queensland with Agro and Jamie Dunn.

Ben contacted me through my Instagram (@SarahYip1111), after a few people mentioned my name to him (thank you, anonymous Angels!)

Now I know why I’ve been seeing 33 and 33 everywhere! Several 33/6 lifepaths have contacted me in the past week, or come in for readings, no doubt preparing me for Ben.

FYI, Ben has approved this post by email – “So special to meet you – it was meant to be! Thank you for forwarding through the draft of that blog, a really fascinating read. Look forward to seeing you again soon, Ben.”

Ben’s Mum also wrote ” Yes he is lovely with a big heart . . . I too am a master number 22 =11.01.1945 ❤️🧡” on my Facebook post. Yay. So they have a 55/10/1 compatibility – the vibration of Integrity, Lightning and Mother Mary 🙂 awww.

During my chat with Ben, we talked about his 33/6 Master Healer lifepath and what it’s like to be a sensitive person who attracts the spotlight.

Although I have not seen Ben on TV, I was struck by his kindness, sincerity and openness about his mental health struggles. He has a gentle humour and gift for finding the good. A real sweet heart. Find your lifepath

When I went home, I Googled Ben’s Studio 10 interview about his 2014 suicide attempt and his revelation that Virgin Australia dismissed him as a flight attendant for anxiety and depression, just before he was due for long service leave. His honesty and objectivity really moved me.

Although 33/6 lifepaths are only about 5% of the population, they are up to 33% of my psychic readings and workshop clients at times. Perhaps it’s because I am also a Master lifepath (11), or because I have strong 33 numerology in my name and write about being an 11:11 Starseed. Find your lifepath

I call 33/6 lifepaths the whistleblowers because 3 energy is about an opening mouth, so they are literally the ‘big mouths’ who open minds (6 energy is the Third Eye Chakra/ ESP).

Many people have asked me about 33/6 lifepaths and depression in the past. I don’t have a simple answer for this query, as I come from a family with mental health issues and am in recovery from one (anorexia/ orthorexia).

However I can say, 33 is about double inner child healing, and unless a 33/6 lifepath has big personal goals they are kicking, which shine a light on social, political or economic injustice, it’s possible they go into a slump.

Master 11/ 22/ 33/ 44 numerology holders need a bigger safety net and community of in person or online friends than most, see this post. FYI I just read about another Master 33/6 lifepath, Ben Affleck, and how he regrets his alcoholism and divorce from Jennifer Garner – see my Al-Anon review

Suicide is an issue I have personal experience with – as someone who has lived through the aftermath of a loved one suiciding and who has done many past life regressions, my view is that all Souls have the option to leave their bodies using their free will. It’s no shortcut, that’s for sure, but for some Souls they believe that it is their only avenue.

If you need help with your mental health, please contact Beyond Blue or Lifeline. You are a sacred Soul and it’s time to leap with faith into the arms of love, instead of jumping to tragic conclusions. Please, give your future Self a chance.

We love you, even if you can’t feel that right now.

A Song for youfrom this post
My beautiful orchid ⁣
The one who feels everything ⁣
Follow your own star ⁣
Raise up a rumpus ⁣
Float into the greenhouse⁣
We love you⁣
We love you⁣
Everyone will be ok⁣

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

If you found this post helpful, then please:
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