R.I.P. Stephen Laurel “tWitch” Boss, A 40/4 Life Path Heart Healer and Dance Luminary

RIP @sir_twitch_alot. Sending huge condolences to your wife @allisonholker and family at this tragic time. Trigger warning: mental health themes. Comment on Facebook or Instagram.

Born 29 Sept 1982, Stephen Laurel “tWitch” Boss was an incredible dancer and 40/4 life path Heart Healer in numerology (a Master 22/4 in some systems). He had a 13/4 Destiny name, making him the heart of the operation in all his work and someone with a strong inner critic / potential genius streak. Find your life path

Tragically, he died at age 40, his life path turning point age. His wife Allison is a 34/7 life path Spiritual Teacher who is 34 right now. 2023 is the big shift point for 7s. They were a 4+7 = 11 couple. This suggests life in the spotlight, a marriage of equals and being Spiritual Messengers.

4s can be hard on themselves. They often have a heart for others but may struggle to accept their feelings and put their oxygen mask on. A touching video of tWitch and his son is below.

As someone whose childhood ended after a family suicide/ death on Xmas Day when I was in primary school, I have had three decades to ponder the ramifications of absent elders on kids.

I chose to break a pattern of sadness in my circles by pursuing my dream career in spirituality at 29 (I am a 29/11 life path).

I knew that was the only way I would have kids and/ or transform intergenerational aches into healing. Even then, there have been major ups and downs.

I applaud Stephen for being such a warm, funny, hardworking and loving man and Dad. We are a society of absent fathers. He was a light for people who needed to see a man with an open heart.

Suicide has a 34/7 numerology, the same as Church, Empathy and Mother. Until we stop worshipping success over sanity and learn to value artists (whether they make money or not), it’s going to be tricky to stop the pain. But I think we can do it.

The new children born 2000- are Old Souls and more resilient that we can imagine. They see Spirit and know without being told what is going on.

Please pray for tWitch’s family and those having a tough Xmas. May his dancing heart live on x 444. Love is the path.

Need help? Call Lifeline on 13 11 14. You are never alone beautiful Soul.


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