What Professor Robert Kelly’s Viral Video (and Kids) Can Teach Us About Life

They’re calling it ‘the funniest video of the year’. It’s not every day that a clip of a work-from-home Dad generates 30 million hits on facebook and countless memes (see pics).

March 2017 Update: After I sent him a link to this blog, Professor Kelly mentioned me in his followup with the BBC! Just after 1m 11s, he says ‘some woman asked me if I was a psychic, did I see special numbers in the sky’. I found this hilarious because I asked if he saw 11:11, not if he was psychic. He outs himself on that note! How cool that of all the people who wrote in, he discussed my email. Yay for my three seconds of notoriety.

BTW he is a 37/10/1 life path Pioneer – here too heal the Root Chakra and family tree – so perfect! Find your life path

Three days ago, Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed by the BBC about the impeachment of the South Korean Prime Minister, when his kids and wife gatecrashed the call. Watch their hilarious entrance (39s – this facebook post has 81 million views already), and the full interview (3min45s).

When I saw these clips, I laughed so hard I woke BOTH my babies – my son next to me, and the one in my womb. This is seriously funny stuff, especially if you run a business from home (I’m a scientist-numerologist, while my husband Kris is a TV producer-Tarot reader). So we know what it’s like to have kids on the run.

There’s nothing crazier than juggling a family and work. It’s like fighting fires while running a three-legged race, upside-down . If you survive the first few years, you’re pretty much bulletproof after that.  I guess that’s why author Dan Millman once said, ‘mature adults don’t make children, children make mature adults’. Here are my thoughts on eight ways the Kellys have shown us spiritual truths, without even meaning to…

What Professor Robert Kelly’s Viral Video Can Teach Us About Life

1) No matter how serious you look or dress, life is always at your door, waiting to surprise you with a happy dance. In a loud jumper. It doesn’t care how fancy your suit or job is, it just wants your attention. So, enjoy what you have today, because this too, shall pass.

2) If you push away your kids/ ideas/ inner voice, they will always come back for you until you pay attention. The more you ignore them, the louder (and sillier) things will get, until everyone sees what you’ve been hiding, in a very big way. When I tried ignoring the 11:11 sightings in my life, they got so ridiculous I literally had people yelling 11:11 at me in banks, and randomly texting me until I took the hint to study numerology (hence this blog).

3) Always wear pants, just in case you’re on TV. Many people have suggested that Professor Kelly didn’t pick up his daughter because that he’s still in his pyjamas under that jacket.  We may never know.

4) Everything is teamwork. No one is truly self-made. While you’re bringing home the bacon, someone is behind you, crash-tackling your kids like a goalie before they can eat your computer mouse.

5) It’s more important to show up, than to be perfect. I’ve noticed a huge range of responses to Professor Kelly’s video – some viewers applaud him for staying calm, while others think he and his wife were too rough with Marion, age four and James, age nine months. There’s also been furore over commentators who thought Jung-a was the nanny. I guess this interracial couple are spiritual teachers in more ways than one. Perhaps they have Master Numbers 11, 22 or 33 lifepaths in numerology? Even so, what an interesting mix of projections.

Watch the clip again
– do you see humans trying their best, or failing to meet your mind’s standards? How does that reflect your self-compassion? As Adlai Stevenson said, ‘he who throws mud, loses ground’. Remember, most parents live on broken sleep, and with many stresses. I see Professor Kelly and Jung-a doing their best to keep their children off-screen. There’s no question their offspring are loved. Just look at the way Marion strolled in, like she was on Broadway (this article about Professor Kelly’s mum says the kids probably thought he was Skyping her, and wanted to say Hi).

If this video upsets you, perhaps it’s time to forgive your parents? After all, it’s never too late for a happy childhood. In my experience, we choose our parents, for the perfect dose of evolution. More on psychic kids.

6) There’s a natural order to life, and people need us to set boundaries they can follow. I agree with Professor Kelly’s decision not to put his kids on his lap – there’s no way they would have stayed quiet. Sometimes, we need to say ‘no’ to our families, the same way we say ‘no’ to our thoughts when they take us off track. Otherwise we end up incomplete and stressed. Robert’s wife is a yoga teacher. No wonder she’s got such fast reflexes (especially as it looks like she has come from the bathroom – I feel for her).

7) The harder you try to control things, the less they work out. Watching Jung-a Kim pulling her children through the door, reminds me of all the times I have tried to keep my son Forrest clean/ quiet/ asleep in public to no avail. In the end, I’ve realised that, the people who matter, don’t mind and the people, who mind, don’t matter. This has freed up my energy to be a better parent to Forrest, and nicer person to myself and my loved ones.


8) People will always judge us by our external output, be these our physical kids or mental brain-children (work projects, articles, businesses, facebook posts etc). What they think of you is none of your business (see Byron Katie’s work). It’s what you think of you is what will really determine your impact on the world. 

When you can love yourself whatever your results, you become the most powerful person around. So, next time things go ‘wrong’ in life, remember Professor Kelly’s family and smile. At least your antics won’t be on YouTube, and even if they do go viral, rest assured that you’ll be making strangers smile all over the world. That’s got to be some good karma.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about this thought-provoking and overall, very heart-warming, internet video sensation. I for one will be printing this ‘work from home’ meme to laugh at next time I do a Skype call for work. Thank you, Professor Kelly and family for being global healers, in your own unique way. And to BBC for making them rockstars.

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Comments from my previous site:
Sonja on Monday, 13 March 2017 10:42 PM
Hilarious! Love it! Thank you for sharing.

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