Singer Tina Arena sees 11:11! Her Master 11 Numerology and 26/8 Lifepath Revealed

TinaArena11How exciting! ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Tina Arena has just released her new album ‘Eleven’. I was delighted to read on her site that Tina not only sees 11:11 and 1:11, 11 is a number that’s very present in her life.

In numerology, Master Number 11 represents double new beginnings and the Age of Aquarius – an era where teachers create teachers, not students. It’s about equality.

Words like enlightenment, abundance, manifestation, wisdom, synchronicity, psychic, energy and healing add to 11 (read more), and many spiritual teachers carry 11 energy and/ or see 11:11 (see my posts on Ellen Degeneres and Famous 11 Lifepaths). It’s a Universal symbol for altruism, justice and heartfelt wake up calls.

As many of you know, I am a professional numerologist in Brisbane, who carries a 29/11 lifepath and researches 11:11 for a living.

Let’s have a peek at Tina Arena’s DOB and name, to see what they reveal about her Master 11 numerology:

Tina was born on 1/11/1967, giving her a 26/8, or Power Through People lifepath. It’s easy to see the 111 connection in her birthday. She also has an 1111 in her DOB when you draw it as a grid.

Words like Queen, faith, think, unity and chain* add to 26/8. Only brave Souls choose a 26/8 lifepath because it demands total commitment to their cause, be it career, raising a family or both. *One of Tina’s hit songs was Chains.

The 8th Chakra is all about Karmic Patterns (‘God’ adds to 8). It’s about breaking yourself and other people out of addictive cycles, such as self-doubt, loneliness, and financial insecurity. You get what you expect, and it’s only when we soften our gaze that we understand this is a truly kind Universe.

Someone with an 8 lifepath has to work their socks off to succeed, because they are here to teach that ‘what goes around, comes around’, much like the Infinity Symbol (8 on its side). The good news is that their legacies usually last, because they’re built with love.

8’s have an intrinsic understanding of what makes the world, and people, tick. They never give up (hence the saying, ‘fall down seven times, get up eight’). My Mum is a 26/8 lifepath. She and my Dad had to build a life from scratch, after they immigrated from Asia during the ‘White Australia’ policy.

Many influential singers, artists, authors and healers also carry or have carried a 26/8 lifepath, including Aretha Franklin, Michelangelo, Picasso, Denise Linn and Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior (see his psychic reading – Dan’s birthname adds to Master Number 11, so his numerology is similar to Tina’s in some ways. Find your lifepath.

It’s common to mature quickly around your lifepath age (in Tina’s case, 26 years old). I often find that someone’s best work occurs after this age (e.g. I only discovered numerology at 29). Around 1993, after a difficult period in her career, Tina went into seclusion, before releasing her second solo album Don’t Ask in November 1994. This went on to become one of the highest selling albums by an Australian female singer, according to Wikipedia.

“I try and gamble with things that have substance…But I ain’t gonna gamble with just anything. I gamble with what I believe in. Something that’s noble. That, I’ll go for it, absolutely.” (from Tina’s interview on ABC1 Radio)

Yep, there’s a reason I call people with 8 lifepaths the ‘comeback Queens and Kings’. Master 11 energy is also about proving that miracles are possible (read more on manifesting miracles).

As an aside, Dan Millman writes in The Life You Were Born to Live about how 26/8’s (out of the close to 40 lifepaths possible) often fall in love in their early 20’s , but then go through breakups or romantic frustrations, in order to learn self-love and the balance between giving and receiving. This pattern seems to apply to Tina, as she was married from 1995-1999 to her ex-manager, but then found a happier and more stable partnership with Vincent Mancini.

Tina’s birth name Filippina Lydia Arena adds to a 101/2 Destiny. This is perfect for someone working in collaboration with others (Tina performed on Young Talent Time from the age of 6-8). The word MUSIC has a 2 vibration, as 2 is about harmony and feelings. SING has a 22 vibration, which is interesting, as Tina’s original nickname Pina adds to a Master Number 22.

Her known name Tina Arena adds to a Master Number 11 Destiny(specifically, 38/11 energy, which people like Madonna, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Doreen Virtue and Jennifer Lopez carry or carried – they’re all one-of-a-kind, strong female pioneers).

I’ve used Pythagorean numerology for the word and name calculations in this post (see here):
T   I   N  A  A R  E  N A
2+9+5+1+1+9+5+5+1 = 38 = 3+8 = 11
The number 3 looks like lips in profile and the third, or Solar Plexus Chakra, is all about personal power and speaking up. The number 8 as I’ve discussed, is about faith and resilience, so Tina’s name is perfect for a stellar long-term career.

Did you know? France is a Master 11 country, and Tina has enjoyed great success there. I’m a 29/11 from Sydney, a 29/11 city. It’s amazing how the numbers follow you through life.

Someone with a Master 11 Destiny/ Name often attracts the spotlight and acts as a ‘Spiritual Messenger’. They are drawn to working in the humanitarian, creative and education fields. Tina is a strong advocate of Australian talent, and collaborates with many local and international musicians on her eleventh album, Eleven.

1111LikeHeartedSoulsThis is perfect, as 11:11 is about like-hearted Souls coming together to create waves of evolution and Ascension. Strength in numbers. People who see repeating sequences like 11:11, 1:11, 2:22 etc. often have a lot in common (be it their numerology or life histories).

I see 11:11 as a homing call for those wanting to transform society. The more you celebrate it, the more synchronicity appears!

My research also suggests that 11:11 appears more frequently when someone has reached a spiritual turning point. This is precisely the case with Tina.

Her birthday of 1/11 means that she entered an 11 Personal Year in November 2015. She has been in a whole new 9 year cycle since Sept – November 2014. Lots of beginnings and endings are likely.

Many people, including myself, see more numbers in their 9, 1 and 11 Personal Years, which makes sense. Their Spirit Guides/ Souls want them to know it’s safe to move on, and that help is always nearby (read more about 11:11).

As Tina’s known name adds to 11 (representing her Destiny and career, i.e. how she makes a name for herself), I suggest that November 2015 – October 2016 will bring many breakthroughs on the work front. Our birthday month is often a time of great progress,and I note that Tina was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in November 2015, ‘right on time’ (!)

I expect further successes to come in May-June 2016, with Jan and Oct 2016 being times for recalculating and recharging. Looking ahead, more changes are on the way from November 2016, when Tina enters her ‘development’ year. From this time, she may be focused on ‘reclaiming her power’, conquer any lingering authority issues and expanding her mind.

Her 3 Personal Year will be a great time for learning (she already knows 4 languages) and standing her ground in the face of sceptics. I believe she may become even more of a thought leader. Find your Personal Year.

Normally, I only profile people I’ve met in person. I’ve made an exception for Tina and hope she doesn’t mind – I’ve emailed her management this article for reference.

How cool is this? I found out Tina sees 11’s just after returning from singing lessons. I’d love to see her in concert in Brisbane next year, but she’s performing on Forrest Bump’s due date. What are the chances? (read more on my psychic baby).

I’m so glad Tina Arena has brought the 11:11 message into the public eye and wish her the best. Thanks Tina, for being a star in the Australian music industry, and for giving hope to 11:11 Lightworkers around the world. Hope you have a great New Moon and 11/11 next week. Also thanks to Dianne Crawford, the facebook fan who alerted me to Tina’s 11:11 connection.

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