Donald Trump’s Family Numerology Predictions (including Melania Trump and Barron Trump)

Hooray! My article on Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Barron Trump’s numerology has been published by Yahoo Australia. This is the followup to my U.S. election numerology predictions post.

Learn all about:

-Donald Trump’s 31/4 Life path (The Empire Builder and Heart Healer), including what happened at his life path age turning points of 4 and 31. Plus a look at his Karmic 14/5 Destiny (birth name) numerology.

-Melania Trump’s 29/11/2 Life path (The Spiritual Messenger), including what happened at her life path age turning point of 29.

Did you know?
Many 11 life paths can be found in US politics. Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Colin Powell, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Henry Kissinger are or were 11 life paths.

Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry and niece Mary L Trump are also 29/11/2 life paths. Both have been recorded as criticising his career. More Famous 11 life paths.

-Barron Trump’s 13/4 Life path (The Heart Healer), including why I think he’s restless to leave home and has already found his purpose.

-Donald and Melania’s 6 numerology compatibility and what that means for their relationship stability.

I’ve added insights into Mr Trump’s chained heart line in palmistry and Melania Trump’s low set Mercury (little finger), which makes her a late bloomer who is learning to speak up for herself, especially in marriage.

Plus plenty of information on each person’s personal years in numerology and predictions for them well into the future.

Happy reading! I hope this article helps you to discover something about yourself as well as this famous family.

As I am not paid for writing these articles (which require weeks of research), I would hugely appreciate if you could share the links with your friends, as this helps me to attract more numerology students, psychic readings clients and Patreon supporters.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Comments on the Yahoo Lifestyle Australia Facebook post are below. Thanks to all those who provided their support!

Natasha Nanda – see my interview with her on 11:11
Thankyou for sharing this. Very interesting ❤️
· Reply · 1w
Mira Sarac
Numbers don’t lie! 🙂
· Reply · 1w
Mahdi Mason
Definitely explains a few things…
· Reply · 1w
Catherine Birch
Love these numerology posts! Fascinating to see what evolves…and why! Thanks Sarah Yip for your insights🦋 Fingers crossed for the best result for everyone 🦋🙏🏻
· Reply · 1w
Tracey Watson
I’m bummed she’s a Master number! That’s a bit of a let down 😞
· Reply · 1w
Reply to Tracey: “Hi Tracey, have you read my article above? I list many 11s in there including Mary L Trump who you might find intriguing. Lifepath is only 30% of our chart and is always subject to free will. I encourage you to see 11 as a possible Spiritual Messenger. Master Number holders are always controversial, often notorious and tend to have karmic debts to repay. Melania may yet surprise us in several years (or not!) Thanks for your ongoing support. Btw has been updated recently if you are interested x”
Caroline Watson
Wow! Will be interesting to see what happens for them all in mid 2021… 🍿
· Reply · 1w
Sandy Wu
Very interested and number sure tells the story behind it 🥇🙌🙏
· Reply · 1w
Mark Fullarton
Sarah Yip is amazing and a gift. Bless you Sarah. 🌻💕
· Reply · 1w
Elif Sanal
This is brilliant, I love Sarah’s spot on reading ❤️
· Reply · 1w
Sarah Burke
Very detailed! Brilliant insights ❤️
· Reply · 1w
Jodie Jeffels
This is a really good read, lots of insight!
· Reply · 1w
Laura Munilla
Love these update articles from Sarah Yip! Great insight from a great numerologist 💓🖤💓
· Reply · 1w
Mary Hurley
very interesting, indeed! Sarah does her homework! Thanks The Numbers Queen – 11:11 Numerology by Sarah Yip
· Reply · 1w · Edited
Grace Nicolaci
Wow, so much information from numbers.
· Reply · 1w
Jessica Provost
So nice to have a different take on looking at President Trump and his family. So much is just taken at face value these days. It’s great to see something about what makes people tick and why they may have made choices as they have, etc. I’d love to see more posts like this in future.
· Reply · 1w
Aaron Brady
Sounds like you been eating too many shrooms champ 😂
· Reply · 1w
Reply to Aaron “Thousands of people disagree with you mate. Each to their own.”
Catherine McCully-Daymond
Lori Winstone
· Reply · 4d
Abby Cameron
Sarah, the number queen, she is always amazing , I love her readings and predictions, always on point, always… her partner Chris I received help from too, both very healing and the guidance is beautiful, and I would be lost without them..x

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