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I love sharing the psychic fun. If you’d like to interview me, please email. I’m on FacebookInstagramSoundCloud, and YouTube. I also record and write numerology forecasts, see archive.

See a list of the famous people I have read for and profiled.


Yahoo: Irwin Family article coming out Oct 2021, tbc
Tribe of the Tree: Instagram chat on 2021’s energies and the COVID-era babies who’ve come to assist humanity, 1 Oct: video
NovaFM Space Podcast: Do people say you’re “too sensitive”?, 11 Aug: audio
Yahoo: Shock predictions about Harry/ Meghan, 29 May: article
97.3FM Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse, 26 May: bloginterview, and audio
The Gut-Mind Collective: 11:11 Consciousness, 6 May: podcast
97.3FM 2021 Team Predictions. 3 Feb: blog and audio
Zoe Sheridan: 2021 Forecast & Personal Years chat, 11 Jan: blog with video


Yahoo: Royal Family 2021 Forecast, 30 Dec: blog with article links
Stand-up comedy set @ The Sit Down Club: 8 Dec: blog and video
Ask Astrology: The 11:11 Portal in Numerology, 19 Nov: article
Zoe Sheridan: 11:11, Numerology & Psychic Kids, 9 Nov: InstagramTV
Yahoo: Melania Trump’s future, 8 Nov: article
97.3FM U.S Election and Trump, 4 Nov: article with audiosee transcript
97.3FM Melbourne Cup and Intuition, 3 Nov: article with audio
Dreaming the New Dream, 29 Oct: video (U.S. Election and world energy)
Yahoo: Trump Family Numerology, 23 Oct: blog
Yahoo: U.S. Election 2020 – Psychic predictions, 19 Oct: blog and video
97.3FM: ‘Karens numerology’ 31 July: blog and audio
SBS Voices Interview 25 June: article
RadioFM88 Interview 11 June: video
Barefoot Medium Podcast on Boundaries 9 June: blog and video
Kate Denning interview and readings 9 April: video
97.3FM Coronavirus interview 13 March: blog and audio
Perfect Potion Brisbane – Chakra Palmistry Masterclass, 11 March
Perfect Potion Brisbane, 5 Feb – Eco-Anxiety Fundraiser
The Morning Show on 7 Interview, 27 Jan, replay and article
Yahoo: Predictions for Prince Harry and Meghan, 21 Jan: article
Yahoo: ‘He’ll move away’: Psychic’s spot-on prediction as Harry and Meghan exit royal life, 9 Jan: (the Sussexes had a daughter and named her after Princess Diana, as I predicted), 9 Jan: article
Yahoo: Prince William will lose his ‘cool’ in 2021, 1 Jan: article
Yahoo: Predictions for the Royal Family, 1 Jan: article and video


Bayside Red Tent – 11:11 Twin Flames talk
Barefoot Medium – Universal Language of 11:11: video
Perfect Potion Brisbane – Chakra Numerology – 25 June & 27 July
Channel 7 Brisbane – Interview World Eating Disorders Day- May: article
Grand Prix Mazda Aspley – Mx-5 Winter Fashion: Readings – May 2018
Jen Lean ‘From Scientist to Psychic’ – March 2018: audio


That’s Life Magazine ‘I Knew My Husband From His Palm!’ Oct 2017
Mamamia Aug 2017: article
Triple M’s Marto, Ed and Robin Feb 2017: article & audio
4KQ’s Breakfast with Laurel, Gary & Mark Jan 2017: article & audio
Red Tent Australia – Annual Retreat (Numerology Demo & Readings)


97.3FM’s Breakfast with Robin, Terry and Bob:
Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Sept 2016: article & audio
Psychic Dreams Explained May 2016: article & audio
Conscious Wisdom Podcasts with Kris on 11:11 and past lives
Psychic Podcast with Desmore: article – House numerology: article & extended post
Holistic Bliss article
Sunday Mail article
Red Tent Australia – Annual Retreat (Numerology Demo & Readings)


97.3FM’s Breakfast with Robin, Terry and Bob:
Blue Moon Forecast July 2015: article
Mercury Retrograde May 2015: article
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse April 2015: article & audio
mX Column on 11:11 and numerology May 2015: article
SisterFriend Marie Podcast on 11:11: article & audio
4BC’s Chris Adams interview on the 2004 Tsunami: article & audio
Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival (11:11 talk to 100 ppl)


Sydney Morning Herald Nov 2014: article & extended post on Ellen
Silent Earth 2014: article on Chinese face reading
Your Chair Entry October 2014: article
Friday the 13th June 2014: article
November 2013: (footage pending)
Watch me:
-reading for Bob and revealing to him that he’s…an alien!!
-reading for Robin and letting her know she’s a genius fairy, and
-reading for Terry to explain his deeply romantic nature.
July 2013:
Watch me:
– reading Robin’s palm on air and talking about what your thumb says about your willpower and kindness.
– reading Christie’s palms and discussing her quest to find Mr Right.
4BC’s John Scott – Readings on the Good Relations Show Oct/Nov/Dec 2013
FIVEaaFM/ Nova100 – Mind, Body Psychic Expo 2013 – Reading for Tim Ginever: video

The Interview That Changed It All

31DIGITAL – Selina Hill Fair on This Town Brisbane 2012
Video from ‘5 Ways to Know Your Lover by their Hands’. I give host Kris Anderson (now my husband) a palmreading.

This was our first meeting, and so much fun. Fast forward to 3mins, 41sec to view our segment. Who says TV romances don’t last? Kris is also a psychic!

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