Numerology Reading for Cathy Freeman, a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger

Cathy Freeman is one of the most inspiring people on Earth. Who can forget her Gold medal win in the 400 metre Sprint in 2000? I lived in Sydney at the time and was volunteering at the Olympics. So when I heard she was interested in spirituality, I jumped at the chance to look at her numbers.

What follows is my most detailed public numerology reading to date. I hope you love it. It’s been an effort to complete, especially with three sons under 6! Lucky I’m a night owl.

I’ve been rehabilitating an ankle injury sustained in 2005 and went for my first run in 17 years after preparing this reading for Cathy. Her energy is truly spectacular!

Note: there was a typo in the timeline when I made the video – Cathy’s first race was at age 5, not age 3. This has been fixed in the images below. 

Recorded on the Gold Coast on 20 March 2022 on the land of the Yugambeh/ Kombumerri peoples. 
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Cathy’s feedback on this video is below – “Thanks very much for this Sarah. I really enjoyed it!!

Here are 8 Insights into Cathy Freeman’s Numerology and Psychic Reading:

Cathy was born in Mackay to Cecelia of Kuku Yalanji heritage and Norman of the Birri Gubba people. 

1) Based on her date of birth, 16 Feb 1973, Cathy is a 29/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger
, here for double beginnings and pioneering. Not only is this my son Forrest’s birthday, I am a 29/11/2 life path as well. The Master 11 brings extra ups and downs, which has definitely been the case for Cathy and 11’s I’ve assisted over the years. Find your life path

At Cathy’s childhood life path turning point age of 11, she won running races but also had to take time off due to illness (11 is about extremes vs the middle path). At her adult life path turning point age of 29, she won Gold in the 2002 Commonwealth Games after taking a break, while battling illness and a lawsuit brought by her ex that resulted in serious money challenges. So her life purpose seems to be about learning to pace herself and teaching others to do the same. 

Note: At 11, I made a movie and was at Parliament House when a mad man drove through the doors. At 29, I was going professional as a psychic, moving out of fundraising and discovered numerology. Dramatic storytelling is my theme!

2) Her chart is full of 11’s! Cathy’s full name, Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman, has an 128 or 11/2 Destiny, as does her known name Cathy Freeman, which has a 56 or 11/2 Destiny. So what you see is what you get with Cathy. Our Destiny influences our mindset and career, suggesting Cathy was going to attract the spotlight. See my blog on famous 11 life paths

3) Cathy has fantastic executive ability. In her DOB grid, she has the 1-2-3 is the line of confidence, which is great for performers and athletes. She also has the 3-6-9 line of intelligence and strategy. These people make good CEO’s and often advise high level managers. However their logic can land them in trouble as they may not want to admit their weak spots. 

4) She’s learning to find her own path to Spirit this lifetime. Cathy is missing a 7 in her DOB and full name chart, so she will learn about spiritual truth, discernment and Soul connection through trial and error. Her 7th or crown chakra is needing to develop further. That said, this gap is filled by her known name Cathy Freeman, which lessens the impact. I also note that the Universe always sends people and places to help us to fill out our chart and to support us where needed. 

5) Cathy is probably a Star Person and an Old Soul. Cathy’s Pinnacles in numerology are 9’s (Conclusions) from age 0-52 years old. Then she’s in a Master 22/4 Pinnacle from 53 onwards. Combined with the 11 numerology in her chart, I believe Cathy is both an 11:11 Starseed and an Old Soul (someone who has been to Earth many times, giving them natural authority but also a tendency to holding onto heartaches). Her 9 personal years of conclusions have always been huge, which I discuss in detail in the video. For example, she was Australian of the Year in a 9 personal year. Find your personal year 

5)  She has a sensitive throat chakra until at least mid-life. Cathy’s Challenges in numerology are 5’s until age 43. So she does most of her ‘spiritual homework’ by then. I have a similar pattern in my chart. Also, she likely has a sensitive throat chakra and neck area. Again, I discuss the obvious setbacks that came up in her 5 personal years in the video. She was in this numerology cycle when she wore the Aboriginal flag at the 1994 Commonwealth Games, which caused controversy. 

6) Many of her ‘rivals’ and her current Soulmate are fellow 11 or 2 life paths, for example Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, Marie-José Pérec etc.  It’s common for Master Numbers to attract each other, as it ‘takes a constellation to raise a Starseed’ (my quote). Her husband Jamie Murch is a 38/11/2 life path Spiritual Messenger (interestingly, Cathy was 38 when she had a daughter Ruby with him – another sync). 

7) As expected, Cathy’s 1 Personal Years always bring transformation. I love numerology because it’s so energetically clean and practical. In Cathy’s 1 personal years, she won her first gold medal in school athletics, won Young Australian of the Year, moved interstate with her then-partner, got married to her first husband and found out she had Chinese ancestry (the 1st or root chakra is about family tree/ physical body shifts). Sadly, she also had her beloved sister Anne-Marie and her brother Norman die in these numerology cycles. I feel that Anne-Marie in particular is on Cathy’s spirit team – Cathy has said she believes in the afterlife and I felt goosebumps (truthbumps) when I talked about her. 

8) Cathy’s daughter Ruby has come in to heal her family’s timelines. Having done thousands of charts by hand, I love seeing the connections between parents and children. It reminds everyone that we have free will and choose our families. There are no accidents, only miracles we finally noticed.

At 19 years old, Cathy was the first Australian Aboriginal to go to the Olympics. 19 is a karmic number in numerology about ‘bringing justice to disadvantaged groups’ – it’s the mark of a Phoenix personality, who will rise from the ashes as a leader, often after conquering great fear or pride.

So I am not surprised that Ruby, born 8 July 2011, is a 19/10/1 life path Pioneer and Catalyst. She’s come in to continue Cathy’s amazing work and to heal any lingering anxiety around being in the spotlight and using power for compassion.

You may or may not believe me, but I felt Ruby’s Spirit might have urged me to write this article. I often help mums and daughters connect and Ruby is at her childhood life path turning point of age 10 this year. She has 911 in her numerology chart, which suggests global healing and intercultural gifts. She even has an 11/2 Destiny name like her mum.  

I hope you enjoyed this detailed numerology reading for Cathy Freeman as much as I enjoyed preparing it. I would love to help you explore your life history through a reading or class, my details are below. It’s truly a gift that changes everything.

Thank you Cathy for the extraordinary contribution you’ve made to humanity and other sensitive people. 
From one 11 life path to another, sending you 11:11 double peace signs always.  

Special thanks to 
Roberto, the late Craig RuddyMelanie Spears and my Patreon study group for the inspiration to create this post.  Support the Cathy Freeman Foundation and follow Cathy Freeman on Instagram 

Sources: Wikipedia and reputable sports or biography websites. Noticed an error? Let me know

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