Life Path 6 – The Visionary

Are you a Life Path 6 in numerology? Then you are a Spiritual Lover, here to open people’s eyes and minds! Check the sum of your DOB at Find Your Lifepath. If the final sum equals 6, 15, 24, 42 then you are a 6 Lifepath – Visionary. For example 08/08/1997 = 0+8+0+8+1+9+9+7 = 42/6 Lifepath.

This page will also be helpful if the final sum equals 33 as you are a Master 33/6 Lifepath – Master Healer. For example 22/11/1989 = 2+2+1+1+1+9+8+9 = 33/6 Lifepath. In the calculation system I use, more 33/6s tend to occur.

The numbers in your lifepath reveal important age turning points e.g. 24/6 Lifepath John Lennon’s career took off at 23-24 and his song Imagine is a perfect example of 6 energy in the positive. Note: I use life path and lifepath interchangeably on this site.

Life Path 6 Summary

As a lifepath 6, you are a wise leader who helps others to think for themselves and see beyond superficial beauty and results. You are here to experience total self-acceptance and a community that supports you. 6 looks like a pregnant woman or a person with a ‘food baby’ as it’s about nourishment. You have returned to Earth to heal the 6th or Third Eye Chakra in yourself and others (foresight, insight, mental health, comfort)

Pros: Gentle, wise, responsible and family-orientated. Create boundaries. Natural ESP. Many 6’s are environmental and social activists.
Cons: Martyr, oversensitive, a worrywart.

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FYI, 6 lifepaths seem to have sensitive skin, see this post on Eczema

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