Frances Abbott Engaged to Sam Loch After Two Weeks?! Their Compatibility in Numerology & Palmistry

Whoa! Frances Abbott just announced she’s engaged after dating Sam Loch for two weeks. Frances is the middle daughter of ex-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Until now, she’s largely stayed out of the spotlight, however in the past couple of months she’s been involved in some fascinating media stories, including the gay marriage debate. I thought I’d combine my love of politics with numerology and palmistry for a unique peek at Frances’ personality and family life. Here goes!

Update 2020 – They are still married! Sweet

Update 21/11/2017 – Frances emailed to say she loved this post and to confirm she’s a 29/11 Lifepath. Yay! I always send blogs to the people profiled, as a gift to them and to check they are okay with what I’ve said. Integrity is important to me. We have enough crazy psychics out there – I want to disrupt the industry and bring numerology back into the mainstream…

Few people know that I used to work for the Prime Minister before I was a psychic. Admittedly, I was only a Uni student serving drinks to John Howard at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), but it was an eye-opener none the less. For a couple of years, I worked in the VIP lounge, which exposed me to a succession of figures, including the then-Prime Minister (who really likes his lemonade), Bob Hawke, the Police Commissioner, and various Ambassadors. At the time, it seemed like just another part-time job, which included the occasional truffle*, but looking back, it must have been fate, given my eventual career studying the rich and (in)famous. *I’d like to apologise to Mr Howard. Sorry for eating your Grand Marnier truffles. I was a hungry student back then, and couldn’t resist all that white chocolate.

Back to the topic. Media and politics are in my blood.  After completing an Environmental Science degree (while volunteering in student politics), my first job was as a graduate in Canberra, drafting briefs for the Minister for Environment, among other roles. I still remember how amazing Penny Wong was in Senate Estimates. Plus, not only did my Dad work at the ABC (I used to love watching Play School live), my husband Kris Anderson and I met on TV (see our first meeting on a romance palmistry show), I got my big start on commercial radio (see the interviews) and in my short career as a numerologist, I’ve already read for many famous faces, including ex-QLD Premier Anna Bligh and Olympian Nat Cook – see their psychic readings. So when I read about Frances’ engagement, I hopped online straightaway to check out her numbers.

A look at Frances Abbott’s Numerology
Frances confirmed her DOB with me via email (I’ve kept it private). It gives her a 29/11 lifepath, aka The Spiritual Messenger. She was born in 1991, giving her  least two 1’s and 9’s in her numerology chart. Double 1’s indicate physical stamina, creativity and willpower, while double 9’s suggest compassion and deep thinking. Both traits are evident in Frances’ career as a designer, yoga instructor and more recently, a fitness model. Many 11’s have multiple sources of income, include myself.

Looking at her Instagram account @notanotherfitnessblogger, I found pictures about crystals, kinesiology (one of my favourite modalities – it’s what started my psychic journey), meditation and other spiritual pursuits. It’s clear that Frances is a conscious being, which is what you’d expect from a Soul who chose to be born to such a prominent family. Master 11’s often have challenging childhoods, as they attract the spotlight and do most of their evolution before age 35-40.

I believe that Frances is just at the start of her journey as a catalyst for truth. In 2014, she was in the news after it was revealed that she received a $60, 000 scholarship to attend the Whitehouse Design Institute. The ensuing trial of Freya Newman, the young woman who leaked this information, resulted in a storm of debate about whistleblowers and political gift-giving.

Frances didn’t comment much at the time, but recently she’s been in the papers again, for supporting the Yes vote on marriage equality (in contrast to her father’s views). Hence the rainbow heart image. See this touching video of her talking about her gay aunt Christine Forster (Tony Abbott’s sister). Quote, “you can’t help who you fall in love with, love just happens sometimes and it’s unexpected, and that’s kind of what’s the awesome thing about it.” Her words are spookily predictive, considering her engagement to Sam Loch shortly afterwards.

Frances Abbott’s known name has the following numerology (see the system I use):
6915351    122622
30              15
=45/9 Destiny, The Old Soul/ Thinker/ Healer

Your known name shows your public face, and can indicate your career choices. For example, my public name SARAH YIP adds to a 43/7 Destiny, which is excellent for teachers, psychics, detectives, writers and funnily enough, has the same vibration as the word PALMISTRY –  the first type of psychic reading I mastered.

No kidding – Frances’ 45/9 Destiny is the exact vibration of MARRIAGE – how cool is that? Perhaps that’s one of the reasons she’s making headlines for her stance on gay nuptials and her super quick engagement to Sam Loch. It’s all part of her destiny as a spokesperson for relationships and love. In my numerology system, 9 is the mark of an Old Soul – someone who’s here to show us the big picture, and help to rewrite history. Find your lifepath

Based on her birthday, Frances Abbott is in a 1 Personal Year in Numerology at the moment. This is prime time for beginnings, no wonder she’s been so busy. It also matches the vibration of 2017, a Universal 1 Year, giving her double momentum. Find your personal year forecast

A look at Sam Loch’s Numerology
According to Wikipedia, Samuel (Sam) Loch was born 26 June 1983, giving him a 2+6+6+1+9+8+3 = 35/8 lifepath, aka The Boss or Creator.
He’s here to become a self-made success, who breaks karmic patterns to reclaim his power, much like other 35/8 lifepaths such as Nelson Mandela and Cate Blanchett. I’ve written about this powerful, late-blooming path in my posts about the spiritual meaning of spiders, radio announcer Ed Kavalee (who married his wife Tiffiny Hall and joined Triple M at 35), and sceptic James Randi.

As mentioned on my lifepath page, your lifepath is the most important number in your chart – you could call it your lucky number. It tells me your spiritual job description, and reveals the age at which you discover your life purpose. I’m a 29/11 lifepath, and at 29 a random acquaintance bought me a numerology book called The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman (see his psychic reading). The rest is history – I now make a living studying numbers and constantly see 11:11, 29 and 11! Check out more examples of the lifepath turning point in this post about famous Master 11 lifepaths like the Obamas, Tony Robbins and Madonna etc.

Sam Loch is currently 34, meaning that from age 35, or June 2018 onwards, he’ll be reaching his peak flow. Great timing for his relationship with Frances, and/ or any other projects he wants to launch. This is a period for him to escape restrictions. 35/8 lifepaths often find it easier to establish relationships from their mid-30’s, once their career is in place (according to author Dan Millman, also an 8 lifepath).

Sam’s name has the following numerology:

114353     3638
17              20
=37/10/1 Destiny, The Pioneer (see more on 37/10/1 numerology in this post on Charlie Chaplin). If I knew Sam’s middle name, this analysis would be more useful but this version at least gives us a guide to his energy. Words like SPIRIT, PATIENCE and CHOCOLATE have a 37/10/1 vibration, suggesting a path of finding pleasure in the process.

114    3638
6        20
=26/8 Destiny, The Boss (matches his 8 lifepath, so what you see is what you get – this is ideal for a name!) Words like FAITH and ACTION have a 26/8 vibration, which fits Sam’s occupation as an Olympic rower and athlete.

Based on his birthday 26 June, Sam Loch is in a 2+6+6+(2+0+1+7) = 24 or 6 Personal Year in Numerology from June 2017 to May 2018. If you read my post on personal year forecasts, our 6 Personal Year is a prime time for meeting Soulmates. So, perhaps his relationship with Frances is a Soul-level agreement? I met Kris in my 6 Personal Year, 6 Personal Month of September. It’s no surprise that Sam has done something similar.

Bonus section on Frances’ Family Numerology
As an aside, France’s father Tony Abbott is a 28/10/1 Lifepath, aka the Action Hero – read more about this path. I call it the Prime Minister or Bad Boy number, because so many politicians and performers are 1’s (Tony Abbott, John Howard, Paul Keating, Julia Gillard, Anna Bligh, Tom Cruise, Sean Connery, George Clooney, Eminem…you get my drift).

Around his lifepath peak age of 28, Tony was in St Patricks Seminary, training to be a priest – he later left, saying ‘I was a bit of a square peg in a round hole’, according to his Wikipedia entry. This makes sense, as a 1 lifepath is about finding your own way, and being one-of-a-kind, or the black sheep, in your social circle and family.

France’s mother, Margie Abbott is a 26/8 Lifepath, aka The Boss Through Partnerships – the same as spiritual teacher Dan Millman mentioned above. 26/8’s are often devoted to their families and invest heavily in their children, so it’s fitting that Margie runs a not-fot-profit childcare centre. At her lifepath peak age of 26, Margie had just moved to Sydney and started working at Rothschilds Bank, where she’d later meet Tony. Numerology is amazingly accurate at predicting our turning points, once you know the basics!

Are Frances and Sam Compatible? What Does Their Palmistry Say?
I’m not privy to Frances’ and Sam’s full numerology (i.e. names) but I can make broad suggestions, based on their lifepaths.

When you add Frances’ 29/11/2 lifepath Sam’s 35/8 lifepath, it adds to 10, which reduces to a 1 relationship strength energy. A great combination for new starts, fertility, creativity and pioneering. The 1st Chakra, or Root, is about courage and action. They will give each other space to be themselves, that’s a real 11:11 Soulmate trait. 

When you minus France’s lifepath from Sam’s lifepath, it becomes a 6 relationship challenge energy. So they need to be mindful of butting heads over different belief systems, family values and levels of psychic ability. The 6th Chakra, or Third Eye, gives us inner vision and an open mind. It’s possible Frances will be the inner, emotional healer, and Sam will be the outer, physical healer in their relationship.

My gut feeling is that Frances came to Earth to show people that you can’t judge a book by its cover – she’s here to use her influential family name to gain attention for worthy causes. Just because she’s only known Sam for a couple of weeks before getting engaged doesn’t mean the marriage won’t work.

In numerology, Sam is in an 11 Pinnacle, which is wonderful for meeting his equal in love – how intriguing that Frances is an 11 lifepath! He just needs to look after his nervous system and stay grounded. I can almost guarantee they have a past-life connection, which would accelerate their need to be together.  I’ve read for thousands of people, and know from personal experience that Soulmates often recognise each other instantly.

The minute I read Kris’s hand and saw his long Heart Line (which shows the health of your Heart Chakra and ability to commit), a voice in my head told me he was good husband material. So, although it took us a couple of months to begin dating, the signs were there from the beginning.

Having seen pictures of both Frances and Sam’s palms on Instagram, I note that they both have long Heart Lines, which bodes well. Sam’s is a little more sensitive than Frances, which could suggest he’s overcoming more childhood and adulthood upsets than her.

See a picture of Frances Abbott’s left palm  Frances has an incredibly deep single Marriage Line*, which suggests she has old fashioned values about dating, and that her partner will hugely influence her – this ‘quality over quantity’ formation could explain why she was single for ages (*it’s the horizontal line below her Pinky – see my post on Relationship Lines)

Here’s another picture of her left palm  You can see her Heart Line better here. It’s the swooping line below her fingers, which ends under her Index finger. The curve suggests a romantic and affectionate nature. I note that Frances appears to be left-handed so these pictures are particularly revealing. Which hand do you read in palmistry? See this post.

See a picture of Sam Loch’s left palm
 (warning – it’s a bit gory and blistered) I can’t see his Marriage Line/s in this picture, but his Life Line is amazing – it encircles his whole thumb, suggesting a strong constitution and someone who makes a big impact on the world. I suspect he has a life-saving St Andrew’s Cross, so perhaps he’ll go on to work in the medical or healing fields. An incomplete Girdle of Venus (plus his 2 Challenge in Numerology from age 0-28) back up my theory that he keeps a lot inside, and has had his share of heartaches. I’m not sure if Sam is left or right-handed, but either way, these markings are telling. He may need some counselling or coaching to help him rise in love and stay centred.

As Osho said, “No matter how close you are, how deep you are in love, every person has a special virgin space which is very, very private. This space is not to be taken over or conquered by your love. Rising in love you become aware of this sacred space as you give full freedom. Then rising in love becomes spiritual.”

We have relationships for a reason, season or a lifetime.
Some incarnations, we get married, others, we don’t.
Some incarnations, we have children, others we don’t.
And yes – some lives we’re straight or gay. Others, we’re celibate or swing both ways (my experience facilitating past life regressions confirms this trend – it’s also logical if you believe in reincarnation. Souls crave variety! Most people barely wear the same clothes twice, let alone choose the same lifepath, family or sexual preference.)
Spirit doesn’t judge us. Every flower belongs to the rose bush, no matter what the so-called authorities say.

Be gentle with yourself and your past. Even though we may agree to love someone before birth, we still have free will to follow or not follow through with our promises. It’s better to have a short, loving partnership than a long, limiting one. Look at what you’ve learned from your lovers, not just how it ended.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look behind the scenes at Frances Abbott and Sam Loch’s relationship, numerology and palmistry. It’s amazing how much you can discover once you know where to look. To be clear – I don’t do psychic readings or write articles to embarrass people. On the contrary, I share my knowledge to help others experience freedom from fear and self-love. Numerology is the language of the Universe, and when you understand it fluently, all kinds of magic will manifest in your daily life.

I sincerely believe that everyone has a right to know that they are a Soul in a body, and that they chose to come here to fulfil a specific purpose. By providing case studies like the one above, I hope to achieve my mission of ‘transforming the public’s perception of psychics, and their own intuition, from scepticism to trust’.

Let’s wish Frances, Sam and all the other lovebirds out there, maximum happiness. True love is inner growth. I hope they find the courage to expand into their potential, and to help each other blossom. This planet could use more good news stories!

This blog post is dedicated to R and S, also Hong and Mike Curley. You have shown me how to love truly, madly and deeply again. I’ am so grateful. Also thank you to Jane L. for bringing this news to my attention so I could research it.

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