Royal Family Numerology Predictions for 2020 – My Yahoo Lifestyle Debut

Royal family

Here are my Royal Family predictions for 2020! Please, comment on the Yahoo facebook post to support my work. I’d love to write more for them. You don’t find info like this on news sites, especially posts on 11:11! ABC Brisbane and other channels turned me down.

Update 16 Dec – Many of my predictions about the Sussexes came true, including Harry leaving the Royals, a book coming out and new media links.
Update 22 JanSee my latest Harry and Meghan predictions
Update 10 Jan – See the Facebook Live where I discuss these predictions (which have started coming true! Harry and Meghan announced they are stepping back this week…)

Thanks to Kristine Tarbert, a 32/5 life path Rebel for this opportunity. FYI I hand wrote 24 charts as research last week, yikes. I also had to do many energy clearings on myself as the buzz around the Royal Family is intense.

They have security around them in more ways that one and I needed to negotiate that there would be no unnecessary gossip. I also didn’t want to colour the forecasts with my knowledge of them. It was a tough but interesting project, that’s for sure! My crystal healer Deniz Akan did a distance healing on me while I tuned in, for safety.

Even if you aren’t a Royals fan, I hope you enjoy the Royal predictions post.

Thanks in advance and happy New Year x

P.S. This article marks my yahoo! lifestyle writing debut and includes a look at lifepaths, relationship compatibility and babies, including:

-Prince Harry’s 37/10/1 lifepath
-Meghan Markle’s 31/4 lifepath
-Their 5 energy marriage
-Archie’s 23/5 lifepath and syncs with his grandmother, Doria Ragland, a 32/5 lifepath

-Prince William’s 29/11/2 lifepath
-Kate’s 30/3 lifepath
-Their 5 energy marriage (note the similarity with Harry and Meghan?)
-Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’s lifepaths

-The Queen’s 25/7 lifepath
-Prince Phillip’s 20/2 lifepath
-Prince Beatrice’s 42/6 lifepath (Fiance Edoardo is a 33/6 lifepath)
-Princess Eugenie’s 27/9 lifepath
-Prince Andrew’s 28/10/1 lifepath

-Crown Princess Mary’s 26/8 lifepath and the syncs between herself, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik (the latter are all 25/7 lifepaths – common in royal and leadership circles)

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