Stand-Up Comedy

Healing with Laughter

Did you know? Apart from being a professional psychic, I’m a budding stand-up comedy performer in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. To date, I’ve studied with Fiona McGary (since 2015) and Tim Ferguson (since 2020).

Watch my graduation sets below, from Fiona McGary’s Stand-Up Comedy Course (2015 and 2020). Both were recorded while I was pregnant. I find performing a wonderful preparation for the drama of childbirth (!) I’ve also included a fascinating chat with Fiona about humour being the 7th sense.

Stand-Up Comedy with Sarah Yip

Fun Radio Interviews with Sarah Yip

I can also be heard on the 97.3FM Breakfast Show with Robin, Terry and Bob. Some of my radio interviews are below. I’ve been the resident psychic with the team since 2013 and they are an absolute hoot! More media.

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