Psychic Reading for Tanya Targett, Queensland Journalist & Media Star – 27/9 Lifepath

I love to promote everyday heroes on this blog. Here’s a psychic reading for Tanya Targett, a Queensland journalist and businesswoman.   This was Tanya’s feedback:

“Very interesting reading Sarah, and for a cynical journalist … astonishingly accurate I must admit. I do have an indomitable will to live, and indeed, prefer to “live” rather than “exist”. Passions and humanitarian causes have always deeply driven me, and I tend to “burn the candle at both ends” because of this. I found the Mars line particularly accurate, and do also love to help others ‘evolve’ and live their passions. Thank you for taking the time to study my hands … very interesting my personal and business name vibrate synergistically!”

Tanya Targett, is truly fearless. Not only has she chased down deadly criminals, survived natural disasters and run a successful adult toy business, she’s also raised two kids and edited a true crime novel. She now makes a living helping entrepreneurs break into the media, to the annoyance of publicists in Queensland and Australia, who’d rather charge charge hefty fees for this service.

Between 1997 – 2003, Tanya was a senior reporter whose stories appeared on the front page of The Courier-Mail. Among other coups, Tanya was one of the first journalists to reveal the location of terrorist training camps in the Blue Mountains. When I met Tanya at one of her popular seminars, I was impressed by her honesty and drive to change the world.

So what can palmistry tell us about Tanya’s hands? (2020 update – image is not currently available)

-Tanya has Fire Element Hands (long palms, short fingers and a reddish appearance). Fire Hands are good in emergencies (Tanya’s background is crisis management), as they are natural leaders. They attract drama, and many are performers. Tanya plays three instruments and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on stage one day.

-Her Apollo (Ring) fingers are longer than her Jupiter (Index) fingers (1). This formation makes Tanya competitive, creative and a risk-taker. Tanya could appear more assertive than most women. Actor Cameron Diaz has long Apollo fingers and she’s outspoken too.

As a palmreader, I believe that people with long Apollo fingers attract luck and fame. This could explain why Tanya’s first business made six figures in turnover in a short time (sadly it was lost in the 2011 floods – more on that in her numerology below).

-Tanya has a low-set Mercury (Pinky) finger (2), which is common on writers and relationship counsellors. A low-set Mercury makes someone a late bloomer emotionally; they find love easier after 29-30 years old.

-Her Mars Line (3) is a Palmistry indicator for courage. This line shadows the Life Line (4) and indicates someone who won’t back down in a fight. Military and sports people often have Mars Lines. Tanya’s 9 Life Path is ruled by the planet Mars so this sign makes sense.

-Tanya’s Life Line (4) is the darkest line on her hand. This gives her physical stamina and the ability to recover from illness quickly. She has an indomitable will to live. The depth of your Life Line shows the impact you make on the world and Tanya’s is like a meteor crater! Very cool! I would encourage Tanya to work smarter rather than harder. Over time this will strengthen her Head and Heart lines.

-Tanya has Loop and Whorl fingerprints (not shown), including a Composite Whorl, indicating psychic ability. I often see composite whorl fingerprints on people with 11’s (see Tanya’s numerology below). Tanya has a rare Peacock’s Eye Whorl on her right Pinky, which blesses her with the gift of Communication (she’s certainly unwrapped that one!).

Now for Tanya’s numerology. Her date of birth (kept confidential at her request) gives her a 27/9 lifepath aka the Old Soul. Find Your Lifepath. Her purpose is to teach responsibility. The number 9 looks like a person with a big head (see diagram). Numbers go from 1 to 9 so anyone with a 9 path is a problem-solver who people trust with their lives. No wonder Tanya’s motto is “Start with the end in mind.” 9 is the sign of a psychologist or healer.

Numerologists believe that 9 lifepaths have reached a critical point in their soul development. Essentially, they have returned to Earth to help other people evolve. Perhaps that’s how Tanya became one of the youngest music columnists in history at News Limited – she’s done a lot of maturing in past lives and wanted to get to work asap in this one!

Other 27/9 lifepaths include Gandhi, Elvis and bestselling author Jung Chang (see my reading for her). Words like LEADER, MONEY, EMPATH, SCHOOL and WITCH add to 27/9 and this is a lifepath that requires ethical living and forgiveness. 

Lifepath 27/9’s thrive in a loving environment, but can self-destruct through addictions. Many musicians, including Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison died at 27 (hence The 27 Club). All were 27/9 or 28/10 lifepaths. They therefore had lifepath age turning points at 27-28 (we all do at our lifepath age). For reasons known only to them, they chose to pass over instead of continue.

Tanya’s birth name adds to an 83/11/2 Destiny, also called the Spiritual Messenger. 11 is the Master Number for humanitarian work. 11 represents justice and seeing both sides. Tanya’s name makes her a powerful communicator and channel for light. The 8 gives her faith in the unseen, and the 3 brings the gift of the gab. People with 11 Destinies in numerology work with VIPs or as advocates. They naturally create multiple sources of income.

Tanya’s known name of Tanya Targett = 16+ 28 =  44/8 Destiny, the vibration of the words COMMITMENT and ETERNITY. 4 is the number of perseverance and the Heart Chakra. Ian White, an Australian Healer, has a similar feature in his chart. A Master 44/8 name can bring ups and downs in fortune but gives Tanya the ability to leave a legacy. Tanya’s business name Headline Hunter equals 72/9, which is perfect given her 27/9 lifepath.

Tanya is in a 3 Personal Year from February 2014, which will bring some of her best opportunities this decade for travel, healing and creative expression. She’s just finished a fantastic 2 Personal Year – I know this because her Destiny and Soul Urge equal 2, so every 2 Year Lady Luck comes knocking!For example, in 2004 Tanya began editing a book that was later shortlisted for a prize, and in 1995 she was a finalist for a journalism award. Looking ahead, I suspect that Tanya will need to make some big choices from the heart in May-June 2015.

Find Your Personal Year One of my skills as a psychic is predicting turning points. Tanya went through a tough time in January 2011 when she lost her business in a flood. This occurred just before her 9 Personal Year, which is about conclusions. As Tanya is a lifepath 9 this was a time for her to reconsider her purpose. Interestingly, after the floods, she began a blog on disaster mitigation. She also changed careers, and began mentoring people for media success.

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