Yahoo article – Bindi Irwin, Chandler Powell and Baby Grace’s Numerology!

My psychic reading for the Irwin Family has been published on Yahoo Lifestyle. It took me 13 months to write up, due to the many layers of energy surrounding this famous family’s numerology charts.

I felt, saw and heard Steve Irwin’s Spirit many times while completing this project. There were so many synchronicities, I knew I needed to follow through. For example, a 2 life path friend helped me to proof read the draft. She is married to a 24/6 life path man born on his mother’s birthday (11/1) and they have a 22/4 life path child.

Terri Irwin is an 11/2 life path who was married to Steve Irwin, a 24/6 life path man born on his mother’s birthday (22/2) and they have a 22/4 life path child. Did I mention, my friend is a zookeeper at a wildlife sanctuary?!

As an environmental scientist, who worked in Kakadu (and did a crocodile survey), I am a fan of Australia Zoo and have sponsored animals there. FYI, a copy of this article has been sent to their media team for reference.

Here are key points from my psychic reading for the Irwins:

Bindi Irwin
-Born 24 July 1998, Bindi Sue Irwin is a 2+4+0+7+1+9+9+8 = 40/4 life path in numerology, or a Master 22/4 in some systems. I call this a hybrid 40/4-22/4 journey, making Bindi a Master Builder and Heart Healer.

-At 4, Bindi’s childhood age turning point, her mum fell pregnant with Robert, a much-wanted son for Steve and brother for her. She also made her TV debut.

-At 22, Bindi’s first adult age turning point, she gave birth to Grace, on her first wedding anniversary with Chandler. These events reveal Bindi’s affinity for children.

Grace Warrior Irwin Powell

-Born 25 March 2021, Grace is a 2+5+0+3+2+0+2+1 = 15/6 life path in numerology, a Visionary like Steve Irwin (who was a 24/6 life path). She will go through many changes at 6 and 15. Another famous 15/6 life path is Billie Eilish, who made her musical debut at 15, her life path age turning point. Interestingly, Bindi met Chandler when she was 15.

-Grace has a 4 vibration birth name and 9 vibration known name like Steve, too. This is no accident. Just before he died, Steve said he wanted to spend more time with Bindi. He is looking over Grace. I am sure she will know things about him that no one has told her. Her presence gives Steve a way to keep an eye on his precious Zoo.

-6’s inspire us to look beyond appearances and be less judgemental. Many 6 life path children can see Spirits (e.g. ghosts) and auras. It’s important that they are encouraged to follow their imagination and are not shut down for being different.

Chandler Powell
-Chandler is a 32/5 life path Rebel and Freedom-seeker. They love world travel, learning, adventure and often appear forever young.

-Around his childhood age turning point of 5, he was photographed with a DVD of Steve Irwin’s movie The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. Proof, perhaps, that he and Bindi are Soulmates or even 11:11 Twin Flames like Steve and Terri…

For many more insights, see the full article on Yahoo

Stay tuned for my psychic readings on Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin.

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