Numerology for Avicii – A Rare 44/8 Life Path Master Manifestor

Numerology for Avicii, a rare 44/8 life path Master Manifestor. Tim Bergling was a Swedish DJ known as Avicii (a Buddhist name for the lowest level of Hell). Please note, this post mentions self-harm.

Known for hits like ‘Wake me up’ and ‘Hey brother’, Avicii was outwardly successful – he worked with celebrities, made millions and had a tight-knit team.

Yet he took his life, soon after retiring from music at 26 and just as he began studying Transcendental Meditation. His suicide shocked the electronic dance music scene and was blamed on everything from drug use (alcohol and painkillers) to his sensitive nature and intense career.

Although we may never know why he died, I want to share his story, after seeing 8:44, 4:48, then having someone email with the subject line ’44/8′ (!) Talk about signs.

Born 8 Sept 1989, Avicii was a Master 44/8 life path, here to heal his 8th chakra (karmic patterns, connection to humanity and the greater God or Good). Master 11, 22, 33 and 44 holders have double ups and downs. Avicii was no exception. At his childhood turning point age of 8, he started mixing music. Find your life path

With an 8 first pinnacle (day + month), he was an early bloomer. His 1 first challenge (day – month) meant he struggled to put his needs – especially his health – first.

If only he’d done one thing at a time and put down roots, maybe life would have been sweeter. He was a sound shaman, who lived up to his 44 (double heart healing) and 8 (boss) life path potentials.

Avicii and Tim Bergling are ‘8’ names. They magnified his 8 life path, including his stamina (he did 800+ shows in 8 years), money magnetism and private nature.

His mother Anki Lidén is a 30/3 life path Artist, making their relationship a Master 11/2 energy (double spiritual growth). My next webinar is on ‘Why you chose your mother’, stay tuned.

July 2021 is a big time for 3’s – see my numerology forecast. Sending gratitude to Anki and family for producing a Soul like Tim. Looking at his career and charity work I believe Avicii was an Angel in human form. I found a photo, where he appears to have wings (See the second photo down in this article). May he rest in peace.

Please, call 13 11 14 Lifeline if you need help. Don’t suffer in silence.


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