Author Vex King on Being a Whistleblower, Master 33/6 Life Path and ‘Too Honest’

Here’s my first interview with wildly popular author Vex KingComment 333 on YouTubeFacebook or Instagram if you enjoy our interview! We’d love to know your questions for our next chat 🙂

As a 33/6 Master Healer, Vex is a ‘double big mouth’ here to speak up. 33’s go to the top, so it’s no surprise that Vex is a No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author as well as co-founder of The Rising Circle. He’s here to open eyes and improve mental health for future generations (balancing the 6th chakra in society.) Find your life path

Our fast-paced call covers:

-What animal would he compare himself to? (Hint, it’s very cheeky)
-Why your sense of humour is your sense of human
-How Vex felt he had to suppress himself when first studying spirituality.
-The gift of comedy (it’s been my best marketing technique.) See my stand up sets
-A review of The Greatest Self-Help Book, a daily journal by Vex King and Kaushal – why I feel it’s truly ‘alive’. Vex said that he speaks prayers into the pages as he writes them (wow!)
-Vex’s hard childhood with gun violence, the loss of his father, poverty and years of homelessness.
-How he found his purpose guiding people as a young boy.
-The pain of being ‘too honest’.
-The power of saying No to 95% of opportunities.
-His crises and triumphs at 6 and 33 (his life path turning point ages.) At 33 his career was taking off and he paid off his mum’s debts, a huge relief.
Seeing 11:11 and triple numbers, the connection with master numbers and being a world worker.
-How takes a village to raise a baby but it takes a constellation to raise a Starseed and future leader.
-What Vex would do if he gave up writing. His love of fragrances. Note: psychic smelling is ‘clairalience’, psychic tasting is ‘clairgustance’. Found this out later.


“If people are looking up to me, the message I want to send it to be true to who you are.”
“If you’re doing this work, people and purpose should always come before profit and popularity.”

Master 33/6 is the vibration of teacher, rockstar, priest, humour and wake up call and Vex certainly embodies all these qualities with pure love.

Thanks Vex for an incredible peek inside your mind and heart. I love doing readings for you and Kaushal!

Catch up again soon.

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