Life Path 8 – The Boss

Are you a Life Path 8 in numerology? Then you are a Spiritual Boss, here to co-create and play Go(o)d! Check the sum of your DOB at Find Your Lifepath. If the final sum equals 8, 17, 26, 35 then you are an 8 Lifepath – Boss. For example 17/02/1978 = 1+7+0+2+1+9+7+8 = 35/8 Lifepath.

If the final sum equals 44 then you are a 44 lifepath – Master Manifestor. For example, 29/09/1995 = 2+9+0+9+1+9+9+5 = 44/8 Lifepath.

The numbers in your lifepath reveal important age turning points e.g. the late 35/8 Lifepath Nelson Mandela founded the first black-run law firm in South Africa at 34-35. Note: I use life path and lifepath interchangeably on this site.

Life Path 8 Summary

Want to educate and co-create? Find an 8.”

As a lifepath 8, you are a big picture authority figure, who is here to experience material and spiritual success. 8 looks like an eternity loop (words like eternity, commitment, faith, God, karma and happiness add to 8 in numerology, see the system I use). It teaches us that what goes around comes around.

8 also looks like a tall building – 8s are the comeback kids and their ambitions are usually larger than life. You have returned to Earth to heal the 8th or Karmic/ Aura Chakra in yourself and others (energy boundaries, human race, breaking karmic patterns and addictions).

Pros: Abundant, careful, business-like, charitable, well-connected, successful.
Cons: Materialistic, workaholic, pushy.

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