Susanne Altit – Meditation Tips From A 6 Life Path Visionary And A Master Peak Performance Coach

Meditation tips with Susanne Altit (previously Susanne King) from Insentra. We talk about her 24/6 life path – The Visionary – and how meditation keeps you from falling off the edge during crises. Also, the pros and cons of labelling someone (e.g as autistic) and how 6’s are learning to think for themselves. Quote, “if you’re clean, clear and happy then you’re not normal anymore!”

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At her adult life path age turning point of 24, Susanne’s whole life imploded. She moved away from her friends and family due to a work placement, broke up with her partner who she was going to marry and had to start again in Tasmania (a 24/6 vibration place).

That was when she got into meditation, read countless books and immersed herself in the healing power of nature. It was also when she connected with a Tony Robbins coach. When she asked him ‘why he was so happy’ he said he’d lost a daughter to leukaemia and that’s why he wanted to live life to the full. This revelation was a wake up call for Susanne.

My favourite quotes from this video are: “As soon as you put someone on a pedestal and make them a God or a guru, you forget their humanity and as soon as they don’t follow the script…their teachings get lost.” Also, “you are your best meditation teacher”. Thanks Susanne, it was a joy to see you. I wish you 11:11 miracles always.

Bio: Susanne was a Master Peak Performance Coach for Anthony Robbins, Head Facilitator at Basic Bananas (which is where she coached me), Head Coach for a leading Australia Real Estate firm, Director of Impacteurs and the Ministry of Branding. She’s now a mama of an energetic 3yo as well as Chief Marketing and Chief People Officer at Insentra.

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P.S. See my interview with Franziska Iseli from Basic Bananas as well – she is a 26/8 life path Boss who started a business at 26.

Recorded on the Gold Coast on 2 June 2022 on the land of the Yugambeh/ Kombumerri peoples.

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