Numerology for Daniel Andrews – Victorian Premier and a 32/5 Life Path Rebel in Crisis

Here are numerology predictions and a reading for Daniel Andrews, the controversial Premier of Victoria. I want to discuss Daniel’s spiritual purpose, so you can understand why he tends to extremes and pushes his agenda so hard.

For those of you who don’t know, Daniel Andrews is the subject of a backlash this week regarding his government’s proposal to extend the state of emergency for 12 months. At this stage, it appears that his plan will not go ahead in full – it may become a three month, or month-by-month extension.

2 Sept Update – a six month extension was just passed. FYI, I am running a 2020 Update webinar on 27 September regarding the spiritual effects of COVID-19 and how it is forcing the truth to come out at the highest levels of society. So I’m also writing this post as a backgrounder.

This blog will be updated over time as information emerges. For now, I am sharing these insights because I believe that education is the path to personal power, hope and ‘inner climate change’.

Key Points of Daniel’s Reading

-Daniel Andrews is an Old Soul, here to be a rebel who overcomes black-and-white thinking to promote progressive thinking. This could be one of his last lifetimes on Earth, which suggests great inner urgency and a life of great ups and downs. There can be a tendency to hold on too long. After all, we tend to leave the hardest lessons till the end.

-He’s in crisis due to stress and a habit of overriding his pain. He’s forgotten that power without love is violence. He’s reliving old patterns from childhood and not asking for enough help. His masculine/ ego energy is out of whack. I think he’s still recovering from his Dad’s death, to be honest.

-He’s in for big shocks and resets in the next 12-24 months and will not have the energy or support to run for re-election unless a miracle happens. He’s likely to change careers in the next few years to get his personal life and health back into balance (ironic, given he was the Minister for Health)

-We can learn from his refusal to listen to reason. What triggers us in someone else is what we deny in ourselves. 2020 has been a year for getting out of our heads and back into our hearts (and homes). Those who are rarely at home (like Daniel) often feel uncomfortable in their hearts. It’s time to clean up our inner lives instead of chasing outer glory.

-My greatest wish for Daniel is to spend a week with his family and stop expecting everyone to be as tough as he is! Then to come back and be a Daring Leader instead of an Armoured Leader (see Brené Brown’s amazing book, Dare to Lead. It’s my nightly inspiration).

Why We Can’t Ignore Victoria’s Pain

Although I live in Queensland, I keep a close eye on national politics. I am also an empath, which means I feel things deeply. We are all connected. The same way pain travels from a cut in your feet to your head, the community anguish in Victoria can be felt along the coast of Australia and beyond.

Some of you know that my first career was working for the Environment Minister in Canberra, before I moved overseas. That’s when I realised that absolute power corrupts even the best leaders, if the system is flawed.

Although I now work in a different field (spiritual guidance), I will always be a defender of human rights after years of being a public servant and charity worker, as well as a whistleblower at the United Nations (where I helped to expose their exploitation of volunteer interns).

Right now, Daniel Andrews is 100% off track with his spiritual purpose. Let’s look at his numerology and other aspects to see what happened and how we as the public can bring him back to his (sixth) senses and heart.

Daniel Andrew’s Rebel 5 Life Path

Based on his DOB 06/07/1972, Daniel is a 0+6+0+7+1+9+7+2 = 32 = 3+2 = 5 Lifepath, specifically a 32/5 Lifepath, which I call the Rebel. Each of the numbers (3, 2 and 5) correlate to a chakra and personality traits, while the 32 and 5 show Daniel’s ages of maturity (see below).

As I write on my Find Your Lifepath page, Lifepath 5’s are natural stars here to turn heads, promote diversity and moderation/ the middle way. 5 looks like a unicycle because it’s about moving people along with flair.

Lifepath 5’s have returned to Earth to heal the 5th or Throat Chakra in themselves and others (intuition, con-neck-tedness, honesty). When they are in their positive, 5’s are free-thinking, progressive, truthful, objective, persistent and forever young. They enjoy shocking people awake and are forever travelling (physically, astrally, you name it) and instigating change.

When they are in their negative, 5’s are escapist, sharp tongued and avoid their feelings, which can make them extremists (many dictators have been 5’s). They can seem fanatically hellbent on their goals and refuse to acknowledge their humanity pr reflect on their mistakes.

Daniel’s Fearless 9-9-9 Name

In numerology, our name influences the expression of our lifepath and shows how we ‘make a name for ourself’ in the outer world. The triple 9 energy in Daniel’s name reveal he is an Old Soul.

An Old Soul is someone who has been to Earth many times, they tend to naturally command authority. 9 numerology is related to Mars (the God of War) and being stubborn to the max! No wonder Daniel was known as a ‘factional hardhead’ right from the start.

Although I am more of a Starseed than an Old Soul, I know plenty of them. The benefits of being an Old Soul are karmic rewards (many people stepping in to help you from other lifetimes etc.), confidence and a knack for reading the public. The drawbacks are a fear of failure and dogmatism that can come from previous trauma and thinking you know it all (9 looks like a big head!) There can be a fear of death, letting go and surrender.

DANIEL MICHAEL ANDREWS has a 90/9 Destiny in numerology (the sum of all consonants and vowels – see image for a breakdown). So Daniel’s career will be about serving the world – being a global thinker (note the big head!), working across cultures and mindsets.

His name has a 36/9 Soul Urge (the sum of all vowels), suggesting his relationships will involve public sacrifice and the helping of others. At his Soul Urge turning point age of 36, his government passed the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008. Interesting, given his close link with Grace – he seems very interested in women’s rights. He is also known for supporting gay marriage, renewable energy and voluntary euthanasia (despite being a Roman Catholic. These passions are not unexpected as 5 and 9 energies tend to belong to ‘big picture’ thinkers who barrack for the underdog.

Lifepath 5’s can become tyrants if they lose connection with their inner voice (Intuition has a 50/5 vibration, the same as Parenting – it’s about self-awareness and responsibility). I feel Dan wants to protect his daughter Grace but doesn’t realise just how strong she is! She is quite a warrior.

Finally, his name has a 54/9 Inner Dream (the sum of all consonants), suggesting that people see him as a leader (a word which has a 9 vibration ).
FYI my name-number analysis system is outlined on this page, in my famous people readings and explained with templates in my Life Purpose and Names webinar.

His Saving Grace

The facts don’t lie. Numerology gives us near-instant insight into exactly what makes someone tick and what they are doing in our lives. I specialise in analysing family dynamics and the overlaps below make it obvious that Daniel’s daughter Grace is part of a team to keep him accountable.

For example:
At Daniel’s adult lifepath turning point age of 32, Grace was born on 17/08/2004 (according to his Instagram). This was also a Personal 1 Year of Beginnings for Daniel (the start of a 9 year cycle). Find your Personal Year

-Grace is a 1+7+0+8+2+0+0+4 = 22/4 Lifepath Master Builder. 2020 is not only a Personal 1 Year of Beginnings for her, it’s a huge time for all lifepath 4’s and 22’s worldwide. Grace has a 0 Challenge in numerology in her early life, suggesting she’s a conscious child who is a clear channel for loving wisdom.

-At Grace’s childhood turning point age of 4, her father introduced abortion law reform (see below), in a year that correlated to his emotional maturity. 4 Lifepaths are here to heal their hearts and teach others compassion. They often need do a lot of healing around their father figures and forgiveness.

-When Grace turns 22, her adult turning point age (a time of finding her purpose), Daniel will be in his Personal 5 Year, highlighting his 5 Lifepath and big changes. He will also be 54 years old, his Inner Dream age turning point. You can’t make these kinds of syncs up.

-Daniel’s 5 Lifepath plus Grace’s 22/4 Lifepath add to a 9 Compatibility relationship, which suggests past-life connections and lifelong healing. More on ‘9’ below. You can also watch my kids numerology class.

What these findings suggest, is that Daniel’s relationship with his daughter is behind many of his life decisions, at least on a subconscious level. Looking at her photos, she seems to be quite psychic and ‘awake’. I wonder if she picks up stress easily and therefore keeps Dan in touch with his sensitive side?

I note that Grace was ill the year that Daniel faced an inquiry into the ‘Red shirts’ electoral funding scandal. I suspect 2020 has also been a challenging time for her, watching her father cop so much flak.

Please note: I acknowledge that millions of people are struggling this year, not just Daniel’s family. I also know that Daniel’s wife and other child are pivotal in his life. However, exploring one person’s story deeply (whether it is your story or another’s) can help us to make sense of the whole. We can relate to another human but not a whole list of statistics.

As an aside, my father is a 32/5 Lifepath who was also 32 when I was born. The day he was diagnosed with cancer was the day I decided to leave my 9-5 career to launch my psychic business. We also have a joint destiny.

One of my mentors, Ian White from Australian Bush Flower Essences also has a daughter called Grace, as does my best friend Jill Genet from Red Tent. I kept thinking of them when tuning in for this blog post. No parent is an island, our kids are such forces for evolution! Ian and I recently talked about father-daughter numerology in this video.

Daniel’s Ups and Downs Predicted?

I observe and predict energies for living, based on numerology and other skills. Some of my clients are high-profile figures, including political and business leaders (whose names I keep confidential for ethical reasons).

Earlier this year, I publicly stated that Prince Harry would leave the Royal Family, just before he did. I also predicted when he and Meghan would move home – see links. As a scientist turned psychic, I explain my methodology in blogs like this, to break down people’s fear of spirituality.

Daniel’s Pinnacles and Challenges in numerology show that his greatest achievement this decade would be reaching the spotlight in late 2014. That’s when he was elected Premier. His hardest time would be a heartbreak around May-June 2016, which was just after his father died.

Although numerology doesn’t tell us exactly what will happen (we still have free will to co-create our futures), it can give us advance notice of events we are likely to encounter, including timings. Having studied the patterns of the planet as an environmental scientist, I can tell you that discovering the rhythms of someone’s life are not so different.

Forecast for Daniel Andrews

After writing out Daniel’s numerology (based on the templates I use in client readings), looking at his palmistry (in photos) and character traits as revealed by Chinese face reading, here are some predictions:

2021 is a Universal 5 Year and a massive turning point for 5 lifepaths. So I am not surprised to see Daniel provoking people into revolution and protests. Expect outrage and controversy for many months to come.

Daniel is in a humbling Personal 8 Year of Abundance, Tests and Breaking Karmic Patterns. I’ve seen many public figures be held to account in their Personal 8 Year e.g. for underpaying staff (see my posts on Adriano Zumbo and George Calombaris). 8 is the number of ‘no shortcuts’. It looks like a race track and is about going the distance/ ethical victories.

Daniel is going to be pulled back into line in the next 6 weeks (by mid-October 2020). He’s gone too far to the intellectual side (the result of a tough childhood* plus sleep deprivation and stress) and needs to start being more consultative with the public and other political parties ASAP.

I see him walking away from the ’12 month’ proposal. His mis-handling of the hotel quarantine situation and refusal to work with the ADF Troops (Defence Force) suggests a rebellious streak gone too far. Wow, it’s 11:11pm as I write this (the code for spiritual awakening).

We’ll see a lot of conclusions and historic decisions from Daniel in the next 12 months.
He will have a massive 2021-2022. He is in a Personal 9 Year from July 2021, which brings up his name numbers and lots of drama. He might even take a sabbatical around Sept 2021 – we shall see.

His first son Noah is a 19/10/1 Lifepath Pioneer whose adult lifepath turning point is at age 19 (August 2021), which I feel is significant. Noah is here to be a black sheep and I think he’s here to keep his father grounded and ‘real’.

I don’t see Daniel Andrews standing for re-election in November 2022. By then he’ll be in a Personal 1 Year of Beginnings. I believe he’ll be looking for other roles that are less draining and allow him to reconnect with his family. It feels like he is at the end of a lifelong race. I see him stepping down with Grace (if you’ll excuse the play on words).


I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into Daniel Andrew’s future, as well as his strengths and weaknesses based on his DOB and name numerology. Time will tell if my predictions are correct.

This kind of blog is very much an experiment for now. I write it with the highest good in mind. It is not to be a gossip piece. I worked with Grace and Daniel’s Souls to bring it to you.

For now, thank you for your support and I hope you learned something new about the world and yourself today.

Don’t forget to check out my upcoming webinar, 2020 Energy Update – What the ?! 11 Steps for Recovering Your Trust. It’s all about the rapid transition from The Old Way (what Daniel Andrews is stuck in right now) versus The 11:11 Way (where he could be, if he opened up). Take care.

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