Interview with Hanssøn and Sarah Yip on Master 33/6 Life paths, Numerology and Making Miracles

Meet Hanssøn, an Australian-born, New York-based pop singer who’s blending music, astrology and all things magic into a successful career.

In this punchy, funny chat, we discuss:

-How we met when I was still ‘undercover’ as a psychic and she was my singing teacher in Brisbane.

-Her Master 33/6 life path in numerology (Master Healer) and the dramatic experiences she had at her life path turning point ages of 33 and 6. Find your life path

-Why being a 33/6 whistleblower takes courage and huge self-care to avoid the common pitfalls of depression and over-comparison. See this post on why high flyers need a safety net

-How she manifested the perfect producer and skyrocketed her business

-Why it’s important not to listen to random meditations but to pick and choose your tracks and switch them up. See meditation tips and my interview with Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith (about group egregores and the creative process of theatre and film)

-Why famous people love using ‘witchy’ techniques (e.g. Gisele Bündchen – see this article on her use of crystals and altars to help Tom Brady)

Connect with Hanssøn! She’s dropping tunes every new and full moon at: Web:
Instagram @ sheishansson
Facebook: SheIsHansson
Twitter @ SheIsHansson

Want to know more?
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Remember, a A WITCH = Woman. In. Total. Connection with. Herself!
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