Marianne Williamson’s Numerology and Palmistry – A 32/5 Life Path Rebel on the World Stage!

Marianne Williamson is a world famous author, public speaker, humanitarian and former Democratic candidate for the U.S. Presidency (2020). Here’s a deep-dive into her out of this world numerology and fascinating hands. Watch this 44min video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

July 2023 update – Marianne is a 32/5 life path Rebel, here to heal her throat chakra. Interestingly, all attendees at Marianne’s talk received a throat remedy from Wanderlust Australia! When I stood up, I mentioned this to the crowd.

Just booked in for Wanderlust’s True North event on the Gold Coast on 21 Sept. Their headliner is Xavier Rudd (a 41/5 life path), whom I met through Deva Premal (a 23/5 life path). Their Feb 2024 event features Russell Brand (a 32/5 life path). So many 5s. Makes sense, as 5 is about the future, travel and freedom. Wanderlust Australia also adds to 5. Hope to interview them soon. Stay tuned.

In brief, Marianne is:

-A 32/5 life path Rebel healing the throat (5th) chakra in herself and others. Find your life path

-At her life path age turning point of 32, she had just moved to L.A. with $1000 in her pocket after having a ‘flash’ to do so. She was there when the AIDS epidemic hit and became a ‘midwife to the dying’, doing crisis counselling and setting up charities to help those in need. 5s are known for being ‘ahead of the game’ and their ‘Star’ qualities of leadership and courage.

-A 3 Destiny name – the Artist and Communicator, which gives her extra charisma, word magic and passion for helping families/ children/ creatives. (My telepathic Dad is also a 32/5 LP and 3 Destiny! He’s a genius too – worked in TV broadcasting – there’s something about 5s and the media…I was born at his life path turning point age of 32!)

-Her DOB grid shows someone on a mission, who’s hyperfocused on outcomes and also needs an alternative, spiritual lifestyle to prevent burnout.

Key sections
10:34 Karmic 13 numerology – words that heal or hamper – see this blog on Karmic 13, 14, 16 and 19

16:37 Marianne’s personal year forecast and why I change personal years at the birthday, not on Jan 1 (after extensive testing). My speciality is predictions/ life planning. Find your personal year.

20:41 Lifetime personal years for Marianne for the numerology nerds among you – it’s amazing how accurate the 9 year cycles are!

36:12 Marianne’s profound palmistry – she has the fire for business and entrepreurship as well as the air for strategy and communication. I see her as a channel for Spirit, even though she does not like the term ‘new age’.

Thank you Marianne for the opportunity to read for you. It was an honour to see you speak in Brisbane this year.

Also thanks to Tam Bird, my Patreon subscribers* for helping me to create educational content and many clients, friends, loved ones and Spirit helpers who keep me going!!

*Our next call is 27 Oct on psychic kids and Spirit babies, then we have November events on palmistry, meditation and much more. Membership includes 33+ replays on numerology, psychic development, money manifestation and energy clearing). See you there!

Thanks and best wishes, Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

“We are here to correct our own stuff. Spiritual transformation is a rooting out of our habits of self sabotage. It’s not easy at all. Yet you can take the sharp pain of self discovery or take the dull ache of being unconscious forever.

The teachers of God are those who have heard the call. They belong to all religions and none…”

Marianne Williamson at Brisbane Town Hall, 24 July 2022

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Recorded on the Gold Coast on 17 Oct on the land of the Yugambeh/ Kombumerri peoples.

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