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NEW Class (Sept 2020) Click above to buy Develop Your Intuition, a 3 hour deep dive into your inner voice, inner critic and inborn psychic powers. Written by a former scientist and sceptic turned numerologist, this class takes through your gifts, gives you daily meditations, routines and clearing exercises to build confidence. It also busts dozens of superstitions you may carry around being ‘spiritual’ and ‘Go(o)d enough’.

The $99 package includes a video replay and 71 page notes package (with 40+ images and diagrams. Buy it now for instant download. Essential watching if you see the 11:11 repeating number prompts! Use Coupon code ITRUSTMYSELF for $33 off!! First 50 buyers only
NEW Class (August 2020)! Click on the child to buy Why Your Child Chose You – A Family Numerology Webinar. This eye-opening class explains the new children (born 2000-), their psychic abilities, lifepaths, compatibility with you and specific talents, as revealed by their DOB grids. This is an exclusive workshop with insights you won’t find anywhere else online. Includes detailed templates to do your own family numerology chart. This $66 package includes a 2.25 hour video and 80 pages of illustrated notes. Buy it now for instant download. Your children and partner will thank you for this Soul-level understanding of their journeys.
50% OFF from July 2020!! Click on the Swans to buy Your 2020 Numerology Forecast. Discover your 11:11, Numerology and Lifepath-specific Forecasts, Chinese and Western Astrology tips by month, Powerful Heart Meditations, and much more! Includes templates to do your own forecast by Universal and Personal Year. This $22 (was $44) package includes a 2.5 hour video and 68 pages of illustrated notes. Buy it now for instant download.
Click on the Butterfly to buy Your Life Purpose & Name Gifts Revealed – A Lifepath Numerology Webinar. Includes proven tips for making the most of your lifepath (1-9, Master 11, 22, 33 and 44) and name as well as tips on changing names after marriage and choosing baby’s names, from a professional who has read for 3, 000+ people since 2007. Includes templates. This $33 package includes a 2.75 hr video and 68 pages of illustrated notes.
But it now for instant download.
Click on the Turtle to buy 11 Secrets to a Successful Therapy Business. Includes high level energy boosting tips and visualisations for supercharging the energy of your business, from someone who’s earned over $400K as a psychic and counsellor, and co-raised millions in income for charities. Includes templates to analyse your business name numerology. This $55 package includes a 2 hr video and 64 pages of illustrated notes.
Buy it now for instant download.
Click on the image to buy my Meditation Triple Pack. Includes an Angel Meditation to clear and protect your energy as well as receive Spirit Guidance, a Detox Relationships meditation to release emotional pain and understand your relationships, and a Sleep Meditation to extinguish worry and restore your deepest reserves and peace. This $30 package includes a 3 x MP3 tracks (10-15min each) and is a 2 for 1 offer – each track retails for $15.

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