*NEW* Peaceful Sleep Meditation Track – Let the Trees and Stars Heal Your Heart (FAQs)

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Here’s some feedback:
‘It was extremely calming, I found it very good for de-stressing as it follows a logical process.’

‘I find it ultra relaxing and very beautiful. I had deep sleeps and a couple of times I fell asleep before the track ended. ‘

Also, ‘I am battling a heavy head cold at the moment and this was a welcome relief. I really enjoyed it. I fell asleep straight after it and didn’t toss and turn. I think it was fantastic, your voice is very soothing. Loved the music.’

Angel Meditation Track – Restore Your Wings and Connect to Spi
rit Now (FAQs)

Listen to a sample on YouTube or buy the track for instant download  ($15)

Here’s some feedback:
Love your Angel Meditation. My colors were red and yellow with streaks of blue and green…My halo was made of gemstones…and my angels…plural. ..were all angels of color. Very connected tonight. I’m amazed that each meditation brings about a different experience to/in/with me. Thank you. I’m so glad this meditation is at my fingertips!’

‘Your work is amazing and has been so helpful and comforting for me in the past month. Your Angel Meditation is divine, I used gold and Amma the Indian hugging mother as my angel. Just about to do it again before I go to work. Much love to you and thankyou x’


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