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Membership is AUD27.5/ USD20 a month (no contracts) including video mentoring calls and a Facebook group, plus events on the Gold Coast. Some spots are also available for less than this, as members come and go.

Want to know why you chose your mother at a Soul level?

Love to heal your relationship (whether she’s alive or in Spirit?)

Seeing 11:11, 111, 222 etc.?

Then buy Why You Chose Your Mother – A Family Numerology webinar, recorded 16 August 2021.

Launch price $88 (this is a saving of $11), use coupon code MOTHERPEACE for this special. Patreon price $77. 

For full details of what you’ll receive, including a 4+ hour class, notes, crystal sound healing and guided meditations, click here

This class led to my mother finally accepting my career change from scientist to psychic, after 13 years of questioning. It’s powerful!

Want to make 2021 the year your dreams take flight?

Looking for a month-by-month overview of numerology and astrology tips?

Love some life path-specific forecasts and meditations?

Seeing 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 or other repeating numbers?

Then check out this $77 package. It includes: 

  • An insight-packed 4 hour video replay with step-by-step tips to master 2021’s energy, which will give you goosebumps!
  • 11 meditation tracks (2 energy healings and 9 life path forecasts including affirmations and visualisations)  
  • 57 page full colour notes package (PDF)
  • personal years in numerology outline.
  • An attractive month-by-month 2021 poster planner. 

Ready to free yourself of outdated financial beliefs?

Want to create immediate, radical shifts in your physical and energetic fields?

Love to attract more money using ethical principles, numerology and meditation?

Then check out this $99 package that combines decades of research:

  • A transformative 3.5 hour video replay with practical, spiritual tips to overcome your blocks to receiving the credit for your good works.

  • Four meditations for money and energy generation and a 75 page full colour notes package (PDF)

  • How to recover from financial abuse (which occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases) and 9 daily ways to increase your material and energetic bank balances. Plus a YouTube playlist of spiritual money tracks. Note: a 2 hour followup to this call is in my Patreon

Feeling bowled over by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns?

Plans gone pear-shaped? 
Need safe ways to release anxiety?

Want to get back up again in 2021, a Universal 5 Year of Freedom?

Then check out this hugely discounted $22 package (was $55). This class reveals the spiritual lessons and gifts of 2020’s chaos. It includes: 

  • A 2.5 hour video replay discussing how COVID-19 has triggered consciousness, awakened empaths to their leadership potential and how you can navigate the global anxiety on a personal level. 
  • Two meditations – Bridge of Kindness (dissolves old fear – note: this track is sent to all new email subscribers for free) plus Past, Present and Future You (one of my most powerful tracks to date – reunite with your younger and older selves for ultimate self-trust). 
  •  And 62 pages of notes (with over 35 photos and diagrams).

Do you want to trust your inner voice 110%? 

Tired of second-guessing yourself and getting stuck? 

Looking for practical tools and guidance to develop your intuition and banish self-doubt? 

Then check out this $66 package. This class is the end result of 18 months of research and my work with over 4, 200 people to rediscover their life purpose and sixth senses (ESP) since 2007. It includes: 

  • A 3 hour video replay showing you how to access your own answers on a daily basis and build respect for your inner voice. Plus tips on Aura Control, affirmations for reducing overwhelm, removing Spirits, blessing rooms and so much more.  
  • And – five meditations for tuning in, tuning out your inner critic, reclaiming your energy, connecting with your wisdom and healing.
  • Plus 71 pages of notes (with over 40 colour photos and diagrams).

Do you have a child born 2000-?

Feel like your child is highly sensitive and/ or knowing for their age?

Keen to understand your family dynamics and create harmony at home?

Then check out this $66 package. This class will enhance your confidence and give you the education and energy to be a fantastic parent who can see the beauty in every aspect of their family’s journey. It includes: 

  • A 2.5 hour video replay with detailed tips on your child’s purpose and compatibility with others, based on their life path in numerology. I cover strengths and opportunities for life paths 1-9, 11, 22, 33 and 44 (with a focus on babies and children). 
  •  I discuss Lines of Strength and Opportunity (in the DOB grid), which can reveal your child’s learning style, physical energy and passions. Plus parent-child combos (your potential and greatest learnings.)
  • And a family numerology template plus 80 pages of notes (PDF). 

An older 2019 class about the various life paths in numerology and what your name reveals about you. This is a great beginner webinar if you have recently come across my work. Some of the material was  covered in Why Your Child Chose You (see further up), hence this class has been discounted. Note: It’s FREE if you are one of my Patreon members!

The $33 package includes: 

  • A 2.75 hour video replay with profound insights you can apply to yourself and others for better relationships and self-esteem. My system is easy to follow and has been tested with the help of thousands of clients since 2011.
  • Name numerology basics – how your birth and current name influence your career, mindset, relationships and life path expression. Hints for choosing baby names and changing names e.g. due to divorce/ marriage.
  • Template for name numerology analysis and 68 pages of notes. 

An essential set of guided visualisations for personal energetic healing. Receive 3 meditation tracks for the price of 2. Save $15!

This $30 pack includes:

Angel Meditation – connect with your guidance and heal your energy field

Detox Relationships – clear the karma and drama from your relationships. I have listened to this track hundreds of times (almost daily for years and before every reading). Itt creates massive consciousness and forgiveness in your interactions. Available free to my Patreon members.

Peaceful Sleep – release worry and sink into a deep relaxation

You can click on the track names above to listen to audio samples. For more background, see this blog post 
6 Myths About Meditation – Why It’s Easier Than Your Thinking. Happy healing!

Want to make crystal grids with confidence?

Ready to activate your intuition and multi-dimensional gifts?

Think you or your loved ones may be 11:11 Starseeds?

Then check out this $99 package. Deniz Akan from Dimensional Healing is an international therapist, who’s worked with 150+ of my psychic clients. She clears me, my family and our properties regularly.  The class includes:

  • A 3.5 hour video replay with step-by-step tips to master crystal clearing, activation and simple grid creation – for energy protection, intuition, abundance/ prosperity, and Starseeds.
  • Personal Clearing Method (the exact prayer Deniz uses in her powerful healing sessions – never before shared publicly!) 
  • 11:11 Starseed Channelling & Healing (23min track), and a
  • 33 page full colour notes package (PDF).

Do you want to start a successful therapy business?

Already working as a therapist/ reader/ coach/ healer?

Sick of being paid peanuts and feeling under-valued?

Tired of not trusting yourself to go to the next level?

Struggle with marketing and pricing your services?

Then check out this $55 package (discounted as some of the material was subsequently covered in Change for Good). The class includes: 

  • A 2 hour video replay with my best business, self-care and 11:11 based manifestation tips, Hands-on meditations, affirmations and visualisations to connect with your business and clear your blocks (demonstrated live in the webinar).
  • And  a discussion of business name numerology and how it attracts/ repels clients (including a template to do your own brief analysis and a look at my business name). Plus much more…

Welcome to the 11:11 fun!

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