2022 Australian Election Numerology – A Video on Scott morrison, Anthony Albanese and Their Futures

Today is Election Day in Australia. What can we expect? Here’s my take on the date, energies and key players – Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese and more. Please excuse the late upload, I had a near-death experience driving this week and am still recouping. To be clear, the winner of the election is not obvious based on numbers alone, they are only our potential. Based on my research and psychic abilities, I’ve done my best to outline the potential outcomes.

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Background: With Mercury retrograde, a waning moon and Eclipse vibes, this election is about releasing frustration. People are sick of experiencing spiritual, financial, social and sexual blocks to freedom and flow. They’re tired of being told ‘father knows best’. The future is about power through and with others (11:11 Awakening) not just over them.

6 Things to Know About Today’s Election:

1) 21 May 2022 is a day for change. The date adds to 14/5 (2+1+0+5+2+0+2+2), bringing throat chakra healing, stronger voices, freedom, objectivity and a release from escapism. We have the choice between extremism and moderation. Will we choose to stay addicted to short-term fixes and ‘breaking karmic laws’ or embrace the middle path? Time will tell More on Karmic 14

2) It’s time to think better (not just bigger). 2022 is a Universal 6 Year of Visionary Leadership , inviting us to open our third eyes and think for ourselves. To move on from one-size-fits-all dictatorships, which harm women, children and the planet to collective evolution. All the key players in the election have 6 numerology for idealism, including Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese and Pauline Hanson. They are here to help us find the truth behind appearances. See The 11:11 Way

3) Casting a vote keeps YOU in power. Government has a 52/7 numerology, the same as Fathering (also gardening and depression.) It impacts our crown chakra and shows who we believe is sovereign over us. Election has a 38/11/2 numerology, the same as Energy and Healing. It’s a chance to polarise ourselves into rebirths and comes from a word meaning ‘God’s choice of someone for eternal life’. So voting much more than just putting pen to paper, it’s a ‘spell’.

Vote even has a 17/8 numerology, the same as God and Karma. It is a way to remind yourself that you have a choice in every moment, even though the system is flawed. I space clear the polling stations I visit, plus call in Angels. Tip: As you cast your ballot, take a breath and say ‘I ask for an outcome for the highest good, with harm to none’.

5) Scott Morrison is winding up something. He is a 33/6 life path Master Healer and Whistleblower in a 6 personal year, as is his wife Jenny. 6 personal years bring wake up calls for our mental health, marriages and connection to the planet. Find your life path and personal year

When I meditated, I felt Scott and Jenny are at a crossroads and he is not sure where to go next (hence his bowling over of a young boy this week!) His chart shows a fear of starting again, as he likes being ‘on top’. If he wins the 2022 election, he will need to overhaul his attitudes big-time to stay in leadership at home and work. His warlord tendencies are not helpful.

Note: With multiple Master Numbers in his chart (a 33/6 life path, 11/2 destiny and 33/6 soul urge name, plus an 11/2 pinnacle), Scott is prone to self-doubt and notoriety/ public life. So it’s no surprise he is Christian, as faith stabilises him. That said, with some of his mentors being found to be corrupt (e.g. Brian Houston – a 29/11 life path) Scott seems to have lost part of his direction.

The missing 7 in his chart shows a need for a variety of spiritual teachers to avoid loneliness and paranoia. After reviewing Scott’s chart and life in numbers, I see his mission as teaching ‘there is no God but what and who we choose to obey.’ Watch the video for more tips.

6) Anthony Albanese is coming into his own. He is a 24/6 life path Visionary in an 11/2 personal year. 2022-2023 is one of the hardest times in his life as it brings a 2 challenge period. He’ll be embroiled in negotiations and need to work closely with others (especially women), peaking from September 2022. Could this be a sign of a hung Parliament?

He is driven by love, especially for his late mother, partner Jodie and son Nathan. When I tuned into Nathan’s birth in 2000, I burst into tears. Nathan is a 13/4 life path Heart Healer and I feel Anthony is thinking about the future for his child and potential grandchildren when he pursues his left-leaning agendas. I did not get this impression from Scott Morrison – he seems more self-interested and logical (which could be both helpful and unhelpful depending on the situation).

Anthony has a 6 destiny and 33/6 soul urge so it’s possible he’d get along with Scott in different circumstances. They both want to be responsible and improve society. With a 22/4 pinnacle, Anthony is working towards legacy projects and success by late 2024.

Given the tumultuous past few years (his ex-partner walked out, he met a new Soulmate, had a near-fatal car accident, lost weight etc.) I’m not sure he’s ready to lead Australia but there is a possibility he’s about to find out.

His Spirit told me ‘this is my time’ when I tuned in. He’s amazingly patient e.g. it took him 9 years many attempts to get the same-sex couples super bill passed and I feel he’s determined to stay in the game whether he wins today or not.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these insights. I reveal more in the video, including my history of voting for Liberal, Labor and independent candidates in the past and the influence of Penny Wong and Pauline Hanson in my media, government and psychic careers.

As much as new agers pooh-pooh politics, money and religion, we need to stay engaged in these topics, so we can be the 11:11 Angels bringing the future to Earth.

P.S. My Guides tell me the theme song today is Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC!

P.P.S. A final tip: “When voting for someone, consider – would you let them hold your baby? Would you want them nursing you in retirement? Would you like them as a doctor? The Government determines the people in those roles. Are they in it for the money or also for service?”

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