Adriano Zumbo Accused of Ripping Off Staff – A 27/9 Lifepath in the Firing Line

Celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo is in the firing line for allegedly failing to pay his workers a fair wage or overtime, and creating fake superannuation policy numbers, according to Channel 9’s A Current Affair. Watch the episode online. Note: This article has been passed to Adriano via his publicist (I do this with all my famous people posts).

July 2019 update: Adriano had a total reset in 2018, see this newspaper article. George Calombaris is also in the media for wage theft in his 8 Personal Year (!) Blog post to come.

As a professional psychic who does media interviews, I have mixed feelings about ‘news’ shows. Sometimes they get it so wrong (like when a reporter wore a secret camera for a reading, then edited the footage to make my employer look like a fake). In other cases (like this one), I love it when TV gives people a chance to speak up.

Numerology is the study of numbers and people – it’s an ancient science* which can tell us why things happen to us, and how we can best navigate them. *I am a scientist by training, who loves exploring numbers because they never lie. Let’s see what Adriano Zumbo’s numerology says about him.

3 Secrets Of Adriano Zumbo’s Numerology

1) He is a natural healer. According to Wikipedia, Zumbo was born 6/11/1981, making him a 27/9 Lifepath (Old Soul) in numerology. Find your lifepath. So he has come here to teach forgiveness and compassion.

Lifepath 9’s are often child stars, who attract early responsibilities and show us the incredible sacrifice required for success. Many 9’s become musicians (e.g. Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, Justin Bieber, Adele and Elvis and Lisa-Marie Presley), chefs (Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal), actors (Kirsten Dunst, Harrison Ford), and activists (Gandhi).

Lifepath 9’s want to reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Music, food, the arts and politics give them the platform/s they need to become popular leaders. 9’s typically succeed, and fail, in a big way – often in the public eye. Their resilience is always inspiring, even if you don’t agree with their individual choices.

For example, Lance Armstrong overcame cancer and won the Tour de France seven times, before being banned due to drug use. Yet he still rides non-formally. Adele has been open about post-natal depression and stage fright, which has won her even more fans. Justin Bieber has visibly cracked under pressure many times, yet still makes new records all the time.

To his credit, Zumbo has released a statement saying all outstanding superannuation payments and overtime will be paid immediately. Some say this is too little, too late, as many staff have already quit, but I still think it’s a positive outcome.2) He was always going to be tested this year. Based on his birthday (6/11), he’s in a Personal 8 Year of Power. Find your personal year. An 8 Year in numerology brings chances to create and share wealth, restore justice and overcome difficulties. Adriano is certainly living these themes right now.

Our 8th Chakra is our connection to God/ Source (GOD, KARMA and FAITH each add to 8 in Pythagorean numerology – see the system). When we go through an 8 Year (or have an 8 lifepath etc), we get to ‘play God’ and openly receive the rewards (or challenges) for our choices over the previous 8 years. Just look at the 8 – it’s like an infinity loop standing up, i.e. ‘what goes around, comes around’. Zumbo is being prepared for his Personal 1 Year of Beginnings at age 37 (when he changes Pinnacles/ seasons of life).

The Universe is showing him where his time/ money/ energy are out of balance (literally!), so he can cross a finish line before moving on in 12-24 months. Maybe he will get married/ have kids/ focus more on his health and home life* from then on.

*Zumbo’s chart reveals that he went through a ‘personal success and meeting soulmates’ month in September 2016. Interestingly, that’s when his girlfriend Nelly Riggio started working at his patisserie in Sydney!

As a note – during my Personal 8 Year (2014), I worked a month straight and almost burned out. The reason for this was that I took a week off when my nephew was born, which meant I had to do readings back-to-back upon my return. I simply hadn’t planned for any holidays. As a result of this experience, I changed my bookings process to a $100 deposit upfront (it used to be the full amount) and started taking better care of myself.

I also approached VIPs I admired (see my readings for Ian White and Natalie Cook), to discover their tips for happiness. As a result, I not only recovered from anorexia, I fell pregnant in my Personal 9 Year of Healing, gave birth to Forrest in my Personal 1 Year of Beginnings, and got married in my Personal 11/2 Year (2017). So, the struggle in my 8 Year was worth it – it was a wake-up call to stop hurting myself and my business.

Adriano Zumbo may be heading for a similar recovery. I get the impression that the underpayments occurred because he’s been so busy with his TV Show Zumbo’s Just Desserts (with chef Rachel Khoo – also a 9 lifepath). This meant that he took his eye off things. It was basically a case of ‘growing pains’.

3) His name has a 13/4 karmic debt in numerology, which is about keeping (or breaking) promises. Contrary to public perception, 13 is not unlucky – it’s the number of magic. It’s about the ethical use of ‘3’ energy (Solar Plexus Chakra) – words, power, discipline and intellect to create ‘4’ energy (Heart Chakra) or more love in the world. The ‘1’ in front of the ‘3’ simply means we have free will in this regard.

When out of balance, 13/4 energy turns into workaholism, denial, and addictions such as eating disorders (I should know, I have a 13/4 birth name!). How interesting that Adrian creates sugary desserts – often the medicine for people who are self-critical. When in balance, 13/4 energy gives someone the gift of manifestation – an ability to turn their ideas into gold for the good of humanity. It’s a fine line.

In Conclusion
I believe that, chefs and musicians are becoming our real spiritual teachers, in these times of diminishing confidence in politicians and athletes. Society is moving away from ‘yang’ success (winning at all costs) to ‘yin’ success (where intimacy, pleasure and creativity are the goal).

Whenever I meet entrepreneurs, or those with home-based businesses, I’m always struck by their passion for life, and especially, their love of food and cooking. There is definitely a link between watching what you eat and your mindset.

Adriano Zumbo is part of a movement of leaders, who are teaching us that fame brings huge challenges, and that it’s important to look after people first, and our bank balances second. After all, money comes from relationships, right?

BTW, Adriano is not the only chef in the firing line right now – MasterChef judge George Calombaris (a 30/3 Lifepath or Artist/ Communicator) has also been making headlines for underpaying (and in some cases, overpaying) his staff.George’s numerology reveals that he is in a 5 Personal Year of Risk (peaking May – July 2017). Due to his 5 Destiny or birth name number, this is a time of peak change in his career (his company is going through many ownership overhauls).

Looking at the big picture, I wish Adriano, his team and ex-employees a quick recovery from this scandal. Well done to his staff for banding together to fight for their pay. They may look young, but I have no doubt, they’re old Souls on the inside. I guess, it takes one, to teach one. Or should that be – it takes a 9 Lifepath, to catch a 9 Lifepath? You be the judge.

2017 is a Universal 10/1 Year of Beginnings in numerology – it’s all about standing up for ourselves and taking action. As someone who spent years working in the restaurant and catering industry for $6-20 an hour, I’m glad to see these issues of underpayment getting airtime. Who wants to eat food made by exploited workers? That’s a recipe for indigestion!

True Story: I was inspired to write this post after walking into the lounge room tonight, just as this image flashed on screen during Adriano’s news segment – 11111111. See photo. As you know, I research people who see 11:11 and repeating numbers.

11:11 is about creating equality on the planet. So this was a sign I needed to blog this topic, asap. I hope you’ve enjoyed the result.

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