Singer Lewis Capaldi – His Angelic Numerology, Predictions and 33/6 Life Path

Here’s my numerology and Tarot reading for singer Lewis Capaldi! Born 7 Oct 1996, Lewis is a 33/6 life path Master Healer and Whistleblower here to open his third eye chakra (insight, ESP) and to heal his mental health/ find work life balance. Cover photo: Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent
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This video covers:
-my numerology system (1-9, 11, 22, 33, 44) Find your life path
-Lewis’s Angelic/ Christ consciousness 33/6 life path, associated with perfectionist rockstars, geniuses, writers and priests.
He was born 7 October 1996 and 7+1+0+1+9+9+6 = 33/6. More on Master 33’s 
-His 14/5 name, which brings heart extremes (anxiety and a tendency to live fast/ have addictions) and a knack for publicity. More on Karmic 13, 14, 16 and 19
-Spiritual look at his Tourette’s syndrome and left shoulder tics (too many ‘shoulds’ e.g. I shouldn’t be feeling so much) I developed a tic filming this!
-His need for loyal companions, privacy and slow processing of grief.
-His HUGE turning points at age 26 (now) including major career changes in Sept 2023 and life shifts from October. With big surprises from 33yo.
-Why I see him and his girlfriend Ellie MacDowall with a ‘baby’ and/ or new life from now and feel he’s super connected to his mother. ‘Children are the loud speakers of their parents’ hearts’. Lewis is a brave Soul who’s come to break cycles of intergenerational pain. Watch How I’m Feeling Now on Netflix for his moving documentary.
-Plus further insights into this hilarious man of song and swear words.

Fun facts:
-I learned a Scottish accent for this, you can hear it at the end. All my clients lately have been Scottish and just before this, a man came up to say ‘Hi, I’m xx, I’m Scottish.’ SYNC. Then a week afterI posted this, I met a man from Glasgow 😀
-I have autism/ giftedness (with possible ADHD) and can relate to Lewis’s hyperactive, creative nature. Apparently he doesn’t read books. Yet he can absolutely read a crowd. I wonder if he is neurodiverse?! His mind is super busy and witty. 
-Lewis is famous for making people weep from his music. I didn’t believe it until I listened to his album and cried for 7 WHOLE DAYS. You have been warned. He taps into the collective consciousness.

Lewis – if you watch this – THANKS FOR THE MUSIC and mate, you owe me a truckload of Kleenex!

Dedicated to the 33 life paths out there learning self-love (a 33/6 phrase, see @VexKing) and to balance the high highs and low lows. Inspired by my Scottish husband Kris Anderson Tarot, loved ones, 11:11 World Changers, Patreon members, clients and author Michelle Worthington.

Big Lesson: Don’t should on others and they won’t should on you.

Feedback welcome! Great video below of Lewis singing below to unsuspecting passersby. 

Love Sarah and the 11:11 Angels

P.S. His latest interview was with Sean Evans from Hot Ones – Lewis is hysterically funny and it’s a great watch!! Scroll down. Sean was born 26 April 1986, making him a 36/9 life path Old Soul. 9s teach us surrender and help us rewrite history. They make great leaders and healers too. Interestingly, he just went through his big lifetime shift at 36. 

P.P. S. Some fascinating feedback from Linda Thackray, The Face and Body Interpreter (a teacher in 11:11 World Changers, my women’s leadership program)

“He is an incredibly gentle Soul. He has features which are conflicting, which means he needs to navigate them. High extrovert, high introvert. Two parts having two different stories and feelings. He struggles to communicate feelings. If he had a face reading he would already know a lot about what I would say about him.”

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Note: I tagged Lewis Capaldi in social posts and will try and send this to him. If you know him personally, please consider sending this reading to him. Thanks x 333 in advance!!

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