Xavier Rudd – His 555 Earth Angel Numerology – A 41/5 Life Path Rebel

Xavier Rudd is a 555 Earth Angel! Born 29 May 1978, he is a rare 41/5 life path Rebel and Freedom Seeker. Comment on the Facebook post or Instagram.

5 life paths teach us to use our voices for change rather than censorship. They have come to heal their own throat chakras and those of the collective. To foster ‘free spirits’. Many of them learn by doing, rather than theory and lectures. Find your life path

Interestingly, this week I hurt (or burned) my tonsils and have had trouble speaking.

With Aboriginal, Irish and Scottish ancestry, Xavier’s music is eclectic and globally healing, spanning many instruments and causes.

Xavier Rudd has a 9 Destiny name, bringing Old Soul vibes and a gift for music and mass activism.

Around his childhood turning point of 5 in numerology, Xavier took up surfing. At his adult turning point of 41, he was riding high from his album Storm Boy (about human and environmental kinship). Plus, ‘Walk Away’ won Song of the Year.

How did I end up in the front row* of his gig last night? I was at Wanderlust on the Gold Coast celebrating my 11:11 World Changers journey (open day call is 8 Oct, rsvps open). It’s been almost a year now of helping women leaders and healers step into the spotlight.

*My ticket ended up being half price, (the meet and greet was cancelled, unfortunately, so the organisers offered us some money back.)

Being near the stage felt scary, as I usually stay at the back. I get social anxiety and like to be near the exit at events. It took me a few goes to sit so close to the incredible speakers (more posts are coming). I kept getting a nervous cough.

In the end, I got up and boogied next to the stage. There was a little girl, Maisy, who’d never been to a concert, so I offered her and her mum my seat. That felt like a good compromise! Update: a friend of Maisy’s mum commented on my Facebook post. Small world 🙂

In summary, 5 lifepaths teach us:
-to dance when others sit still
-to sing when others bite their tongues or lose hope, and
-to walk away from violence into the arms of joy xx

P.s. I first met Xavier at a Deva Premal and Miten concert in Byron. Deva is a 5. I asked him to hold my umbrella while I talked to her, not knowing he was famous! Eeek.

P.p.s Dedicating this to my 5 life path mentors Caroline Byrd at Soulbyrds and Dr Toni Reilly

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P.S. This song is one of my favourites! Messages by Xavier Rudd

“You know some people
They just won’t understand
They just won’t understand these things
Thank you for your message
But I don’t understand
No, I just won’t understand these things…”

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