Meet Yarraka Bayles, Mother of Quaden Bayles – A Family of 1 Lifepath Pioneers in Numerology!

Yarraka Bayles from BlackCard is one of the most switched on, inspiring and conscious parents you will meet. Mother of Quaden Bayles, she is an activist for Indigenous and disability rights from Brisbane.

Yarraka has been the subject of controversy since posting a Facebook video of Quaden’s distress after bullying at school. The video attracted 25 million views before it was removed. After it went viral, the family turned down a crowdfunded trip to Disneyland in lieu of donating to charities.

Yarraka turned down almost every news show in the world this year, including The Ellen Show. So far, she has only talked to NITV and me so our interview is a must-see. 

Unfortunately, they continue to face internet trolls who (falsely) claim that Quaden is an adult, or was coached in the video…

In this world exclusive interview, we discuss:

-Yarraka’s advice to people, especially single mums who feel alone
-How she’s learned more from Quaden in 9.5 years than in a lifetime
-How 1 lifepaths are pioneers who confront inequality and survival issues Yarraka and her three kids are 1s – Yarraka is a 28/10/1, Quaden is a 10/1 and her twin daughters are rare 46/10/1s. 11:11! Find Your Lifepath
-Her lifepath age turning point at 28 (falling pregnant with Quaden!)
-Their Reminder to be Kinder t-shirts – ‘what kind of ancestor will you be?’
-Aboriginal child-rearing’ focus on the child finding their own answers
-The family’s journey with Quaden’s suicide attempts and what they’d love him to experience when he turns 10 (his lifepath turning point age).
-How money (change) can heal the world and future generations
-My experience with the new kids who manifest miracles
-Yarraka’s tips for supporting Indigenous businesses

As Yarraka says “I’ve always known that I would be walking the path of my parents, my grandparents and my honourable ancestors, but just not this early. I thought I needed to be an Elder and that knowledge and wisdom would come to me…You’ve got very wise young people walking the Earth these days. It’s empowering to see and meet (them)…”

Connect with Yarraka Bayles
The BlackCard (cultural tours and workshops)
Quaden’s Worldwide Tribe (t-shirts that support Quaden)
Murri Menu (bush tucker inspired catering)
Supply Nation – Australia’s database of verified Indigenous businesses

Social media:
Instagram @ quaden_the_kid
Team Quaden/ Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism on Facebook

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Title photo: Includes Yarraka Bayles, Quaden Bayles, Aunty Rhonda Nicholls, Deniz Akan, Kris Anderson and Sarah Yip. FYI Deniz and Kris are also 1 lifepaths, talk about energy plus plus.

BTW, here is the photoshoot I mention to Yarraka regarding Forrest manifesting juices and cupcakes at Charlie’s Raw Squeeze!

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Seeing repeating numbers or at a turning point? Book a reading series with me. Around your birthday is ideal, as that’s when you change personal years.

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