26/8 Lifepath Franziska Iseli on Self-Trust, Abundance and Being a Spiritual Boss

An interview with amazing Soul, Franziska Iseli, a 26/8 Boss lifepath in numerology whose wise words have shaped my confidence, and helped me to launch my career and family! Find your lifepath

Her bio: “Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, adventurer, author and the co-founder of BasicBananas.com, OceanLovers.com, MomentsofHumanity.com and TheBusinessHood.com. She was also NSW Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

Watch our 24min video on being an spiritually-minded entrepreneur and the important of being grounded and thinking for yourself.

FYI I am running a webinar, 11 Secrets to a Successful Therapy Business on 12 Dec. This includes a business name numerology analysis! Did you know? Basic Bananas has a 32/5 numerology (The Rebel), which is about futuristic ideas, ongoing world travel and shocking people awake. 2022 update – Check out Change for Good – A Spiritual Money for 11:11 See’rs (now half-price, $49.50)

A transcript with added links and comments is below:

(Start) The first time I met Franziska at a Basic Bananas workshop on small business marketing, the presenter drew a giant 11:11 on a whiteboard when I asked Spirit for a sign! More on 11:11 wake up calls

I did their Clever Bunch course in 2014-2015, to get a new logo (which didn’t end up happening as I used my face instead) and ended up falling pregnant the week I launched my first psychic apprentice course. Talk about fast-forwarding the bucket list! I think I finally felt confident enough to become a parent once my business started booming.

Even my coach at the time, the inspiring Susanne King, saw 11:11 (Head Facilitator at Basic Bananas and a Master Peak Performance Coach for Tony Robbins, who is a 29/11 lifepath). So I knew I was in the right place for change.

(1m24s) Franziska is a 26/8 Boss lifepath in numerology. At 8 years old, her childhood turning point, she met one of her Soul sisters, Daniella in her home country Switzerland (I got goosebumps or truthbumps – as my friend Bill says – when she said that). I talk about energy affecting the camera but it was probably the auto focus in hindsight – still, the goosebumps were real.

(3m24s) Franziska doesn’t feel lonely or ungrounded even though she travels a lot, because of the Soul partnerships she has with her friends. This makes sense as the 26/8 lifepath is about creating powerful connections through diplomacy (2 energy/ second chakra) and vision (6 energy/ sixth chakra) to break karmic patterns (8 energy/ aura).

(4m4s) I talk about the struggles of being a sensitive child. Franziska talks about how her life turned upside down at 26 years old, her adult turning point. That was when her Dad passed away. She then quit her career in advertising to start her own business (Basic Bananas), as she knew she was here for bigger things. (Note: My voice occasionally changes when I’m interviewing as I do readings and calls from a different side of my brain)

(5m12s) I explain that our lifepath turning point age is an age of maturity when Spirit gives us our mission and the tools to achieve it. I’m a 29/11/2 Spiritual Messenger lifepath, here to build a bridge between the inner and outer worlds for peace. Find your lifepath

At 2, I was in conflict with my mum (also a 26/8 lifepath). At 11, I was at Parliament House when Clifton Moss drove through the doors (and ran over a student’s clipboard) – I later realised, ‘it’s easy to enter politics with the right vehicle’. At 29, I picked up numerology and was in the process of starting my psychic career/ moving out of fundraising. Note: This shift was prompted by my father getting cancer, which I didn’t think of on the call.

(6m40s) I explain that 8 looks like an infinity sign and is the vibration of words like God, Karma, Faith, Hope and Database (funny, when you consider I met Franziska at a marketing workshop). See my word-analysis system Franziska’s 8 lifepath is about playing God (or Good). The 8th chakra is the Aura/ Higher Self so 8 lifepath’s often have ups and downs in order to draw upon their strength and find their power.

(8m 14s) In my numerology courses, I teach that ‘you can’t lose with an 8 behind you, you can’t win with an 8 in front of you’. Don’t argue with an 8! I talk about doing readings where both people in a couple are an 8 and when they fight, the whole Universe stands still until they learn to take turns.

(9m4s) Franziska talks about self-reliance and how the only thing that got her back up after difficult times like her dad dying was listening to her intuition (rather than what people said to her).

I explain that 8 is the only closed lifepath and 8’s can’t be easily swayed – I just give them information and let them make up their own minds in their own time. That’s where numerology can help in a workplace – 8s may get angry if pushed so you have to respectful. My previous CEO was an 8 lifepath and I saw a ‘CEO 8’ licence plate the day I wrote this post! See pic

(11m24s) We talk about 8 lifepaths being stubborn, especially compared to other lifepaths. (Note: You can have 8s in many places in your chart, including your birthday, lifepath, name, pinnacles, DOB grid. Your lifepath is only 25-30% of the picture – see my lifepaths webinar to learn more)

(12m40s) Franziska talks about her Spiritual guidance and how someone said to her ‘you’re like almost borderline batsh*t crazy with the things you do (plant medicine, adventures etc) – at the same time, you are logical and have successful businesses’?!

Franziska and I talk about how this is the most important part of spiritual development – that the more practical you are, the more permission you get to lift off. It’s not safe to give someone a helicopter if they can’t even handle a tricycle! You have to prove yourself – with your body and responsibilities on the Earthly plane – otherwise why would Spirit give you a passport to screw up the passport?

One relationship is like all relationships – until you love yourself, you can’t transmit that to others. Higher Self-reliance is so important for leadership.

(15m18s) Franziska meditates everyday and has been drawn to crystals over the past few years more and more. Her spirituality helps her make big decisions in business. Her team might think her ideas are completely crazy at the time but eventually they understand why she has gone a certain way.

(16m15s) I talk about how visionaries (and we are all born visionaries) have to be able to hold the space between their vision and current reality. You will only get that confidence by testing your information/ intuition. It took me 1000 readings before I even believed in my own psychic abilities, due to my former scepticism/ religion/ training as a scientist.

(17m) I talk about other 26/8 lifepaths who have empires, like Sal Battaglia from Perfect Potion (see his reading), Lee Carroll who channels Kryon (see this post on Kryon and numerology) and Dan Millman (see his reading), who wrote the original lifepath numerology book, The Life You Were Born to Live. They all have a material and ‘weird’ side that gives them amazing clarity. It’s clear that 8 lifepaths have a real-world connection that makes them accessible to many people – and 8s excel with influencing groups.

(18m) We talk about how some people have Soul contracts to achieve enlightenment or success through practices like celibacy or certain diets. Maybe some people need to cut out certain food groups to balance their past lives or to reduce attachment, but I personally do better eating meat and a variety of foods (albeit I am gluten and dairy free – see this post on spiritual meaning of food intolerances). Eating meat makes me more capable at my job (and also keeps me linked to my culture and family roots). Part of being scientific is to be guided by trial and error and results.

(19m20s) Franziska says it’s important to listen to relearn to listen to yourself and what you need, instead of following what everyone else is doing. That’s the case in marketing, with what you eat and what you feel.

(19m45s) I talk about self-marriage and the sacred contract we have with our body. I used to have an eating disorder and broke that pledge. My life changed when someone said our bodies are like puppies, they need our help to do everything – to walk, to poop, to eat. So many people starve by denying themselves the help they need financially, emotionally, spiritually… They believe there isn’t enough for everyone…

(20m 47s) Franziska believes there’s only abundance. If we go through life in a conscious way, there’s nothing to be fearful of. I talk about those who see 11:11 and are part of a new way of thinking on the planet. See my post on 11:11 vs the old way In the Age of Aquarius, It’s healthier to have a basket of friends, interests and income-sources than to feel confined.

(22m) Franziska’s mission in life is to make an impact on entrepreneurship. Basic Bananas is marketing mentoring. She also has built other companies- you can see what she does and get connected at Franziska IseliShe is very generous and philanthropic, like all healthy 8 lifepaths tend to be.

(23m 25s) I believe that we could all use more ‘8’ energy in our lives – faith, hope and momentum. There’s a lot of people walking around who think they need to do everything themselves (as in, from their minds rather than their hearts). That’s a disease and we need to cure that disease!

There’s a big team working with us from the time we come to this planet to the time we go back to the spaceships in the sky (read more about 11:11 Starseeds). Thanks Franziska for being part of my team!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into Franziska’s life. She is a deep and beautiful Soul. After this call, I found out she also sees 11:11 and 1:11! A Lightworker for sure.

Early in my spiritual career, she told me ‘you’re more than a psychic’ and I’m so looking forwards to proving her right 🙂

I will be back with more interviews soon, it’s my goal in 2020 to introduce you to more of the people who’ve changed my life forever.

This post is dedicated to all the 8’s in my life, especially the 8 lifepath small business owners who I know bust their guts to create balance for the world!

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