Women, Technology & Your Inner GPS with Karen Jacobsen (a 31/4 Lifepath in Numerology)

Some say, she’s the only woman that men will take directions from! See my interview with Karen Jacobsen (the original Australian voice of ‘Siri’) from The GPS Girl below.

We cover:
-Her inspiring career in the difficult and patriarchal music industry
-The benefits of being rock-solid in your skill set before hitting ‘the big-time’
-Being a 31/4 Heart Healer (and Empire Builder) lifepath – the one who ‘knows the score’ and can be seen as a ‘bad cop’ who doesn’t tolerate lies. Losing friends because you won’t compromise or go ‘out of tune’ for them! Find your lifepath

-What it was like to leave Mackay for New York at age 31 (her lifepath turning point age) to launch her singer-songwriter career
-The power of quiet time and listening to yourself to build self-trust
-Why intuition is linked to early childhood experiences and love
-What is our Inner GPS, how to turn it on and keep it running
-How our relationship with our voice relates to our fear of, or faith in technology and being heard at the highest levels

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-How Karen learned to make music videos two weeks ago (at age 51!)
-Her new Patreon page (I just signed up!)
– Karen’s pioneering work with the I Touch Myself breast health campaign (a legacy of Chrissy Amphlett’s passing from breast cancer. She was a 32/5 lifepath, aka The Spiritual Rebel, here to heal her Throat Chakra. At her lifepath turning point age of 32, ‘I Touch Myself’ went to No. 1 in Australia. The band then went on a long break.)

Bio for Karen Jacobsen: You may have heard her voice in over a billion devices giving GPS directions worldwide and as the original Australian “Siri” in iPhones. She is an award-winning singer and songwriter, author of two books, and Harry Connick Jr. called her ‘hypnotic’ on his national talk show (see video below).

When she is not telling people where to go, she is practicing yoga or more likely playing ping pong with her 12 year old son. Karen is an entertainer from Australia, living in New York.

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Connect with Karen (Singer, Songwriter, Public Speaking, Guide):
Support her on Patreon
Website – The GPS Girl
Facebook – Karen Jacobsen – The GPS Girl
Instagram @ realkarenj

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I had so many syncs before Karen’s interview – my other clients today were a singer-songwriter and then someone who’s looking to do Patreon or something similar. Plus, Merendi Leverett sent me a photo of Chrissy Amphlett’s palmistry last night, posted by Charley Drayton on Facebook.

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