Numerology for Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller – 11:11 Soulmates helping Maui recover from wildfires

Surfing legend Kelly Slater is an 11:11 Angel! He’s in a personal 11 or 2 year so Sept 2023 is BIG for his career. Enjoy this post? Comment on the Facebook or Instagram post – thanks in advance!

Latest Maui wildlifes post by Kelly Slater with charities he and Kalani recommend, including Global Empowerment Mission, Lahaina Ohana Venmo, Maui Fire Lahaina Ohana Relief, People’s Fund of Maui, Chef Hui (who I have donated to) and Hawai’i Community Foundation. Links from this article

11 facts about Kelly Slater’s inspiring numerology:

1) Born 11 Feb 1972, Kelly is a 1+1+2+1+9+7+2 = 23/5 life path (LP) Rebel, here to heal his throat (5th) chakra and find his voice. Find your life path

2) At 5, his childhood turning point, he spent hours on the beach each day, studying waves.

3) At 23, his adult turning point, he had a huge time. Just after his birthday, as he was about to introduce Pamela Anderson to his family, she married Tommy Lee.

Pam is a 31/4 LP Heart Healer so she and Kelly had a 9 energy relationship (often past life, teaching surrender). I just watched her Netflix show, will write on her soon.

4) The same year, a Divinely timed high-five with Rob Machado helped Kelly win the 1995 Pipeline Masters. Rob is a 28/10/1 life path pioneer, here to be a black sheep and ‘new age’ male.

Daughter Taylor was born 1996, so she’s part of his turning point. (I was born when my Dad was 32 and he is a 32/5 life path! 5 is about healthy commitment). More on my telepathic Dad

5) No 4-5-6 in his DOB grid shows a late bloomer/ non-conformist, who will disrupt toxic family patterns. Often self-employed. An all or nothing type person.

6) An 11 birthday and 11:11 name give him Starseed energy, he’s a future bringer who will see repeated numbers. Note: He’s won 11 world championships and wears 11 (see pic). More on 11:11

7) Robert Kelly Slater has a 74/11/2 Destiny (vibration of ‘synchronicity’) with a 29/11/2 Soul Urge. I call Master 11 (don’t shoot) The Spiritual Messenger, e.g. look up his stance on Covid.

At 29, his Soul Urge shift, he was healing with his dying Dad (an alcoholic – see my post on the spiritual meaning of drinking), who finally came to a competition. He didn’t go to Kelly’s heats because he didn’t want ppl to see him cry with pride *bless*

9) Kelly Slater, his known name, adds to 41/5, matching his 5 LP. WYSIWYG.

10) He finished karma from 0-31 (the end of a retirement). 32 brought drama that impacted his root (1st) chakra.

Hard years incl. 32, 41, 50. All times he had shocks.

11) One of his best ages is 52 (2024)! See my post below on Kalani Miller, his Soulmate partner.

P.s. Thanks Justin Enjo for an interesting post that helped me to write this. See Kelly Slater by the ‘Supernatural’ Numbers Continued below…

11:11 Soulmates in action! Kalani Miller and Kelly Slater are raising relief for Maui after the fires.

Hawaii has a 33/6 Master Healer numerology. It truly is a heart sanctuary for the planet.

August is a turning point for 33s and 6s but I don’t think anyone expected the shift to be so lethal.

33 is the whistleblower for mass change and people power. Words like Prayer and Wake Up Call add to 33. I urge you to donate and send love to those affected.

11:11 means everyone is connected, there are no coincidences.

Who is Kalani? Born 25 July 1987, she is a rare 39/12/3 life path (LP) Artist, here to heal her solar plexus (3rd) chakra – courage, gut feelings, inner child and creativity. See MIKOH

She has a powerful DOB grid with 5 lines of strength (most people have 1 or 2). Great blend of logic, intuition and leadership.

With a ‘St Andrew’s’ cross in her chart, she’s a natural high flyer. I see this in many women leaders’ charts. Their relationships are private and profoundly deep.

Overall, Kelly has maverick numbers (see above post), while Kalani is a rock on which others build castles. She is focused, guided and protected.

Her chart shows an Ancient Soul who can be the Devil’s advocate. All her challenge numbers are 0, indicating free will and a Divine mission to serve.

Mikoh, the top swimwear brand she runs with her gifted sister Oleema (a 31/4 LP Heart Healer) has a 29/11/2 Spiritual Messenger Destiny. Kelly’s chart is full of 11s too. Love that!

Kalani is in a 39/12/3 personal year until July 2024, matching her LP. I predict a year of fast growth, especially in Sept 2023 (a turning point in Kelly’s career), Nov 2023 and Feb 2024. She’s still 3 years away from her 39th bday.

Kalani (3 LP) and Kelly (5 LP) have an 8 relationship (lifelong legacies). 2024 is 8 energy, which bodes well for them.

Best wishes x 888 amazing Souls.

Pics from @kellyslater and @kalanimiller on Instagram. I have sent this post to them for comment.
August update: Kalani wrote back to me with a thank you (yay). See below.


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